Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, 12 December 2014

Gingery Oddity: The Newsroom- Maggie: On Michele Bachmann and Christianity

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Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

What the Maggie character from The Newsroom didn’t mention and perhaps didn’t think of, is that perhaps Representative Michele Bachmann’s whose career in Congress will be over in just a few weeks, (counting the days, can’t wait) that perhaps Michele believes her own propaganda.

See, I’m not sure if the distinguished Representative from Minnesota is an escaped mental patient, someone who should be committed, but because she’s married to Markus Bachmann who perhaps should be committed as well, or is not smart enough to see that her dear wife needs professional help. Or is a complete idiot who believes her own, lets say propaganda about, “God wants me to run for President”.

You know not all politician’s are liars. Which is as difficult to believe that it never snows in Minnesota, or the New York Yankees aren’t from New York, or there isn’t a lot of oil in Texas. But there are politician’s that are simply flat nuts or complete morons, or perhaps in Michele Bachmann’s case a case of both. And yes there are politician’s that lie, well their mouths off, who the only way to know what they think and know about anything, at least important is to always have them on truth serum. I’m just throwing it out there that there are politician’s who are nutty or dumb enough to actually believe their own words and aren’t always lying.
Gingery Oddity: The Newsroom- Maggie: On Michele Bachmann & Christianity