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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Daily Beast: Video: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Filibuster: Ted Cruz Cruising to be King of Hot Air

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Senator Ted Cruz is one of the biggest sore losers in Congress both physically and personally. Not to know that he doesn’t have the votes to get what he wants that he’ll be forced to give up the floor on Wednesday when the Senate officially comes back into session if he doesn’t do that before. Because there are probably 10-15 Senate Republicans along with all fifty-four soon to be fifty-five Senate Democrats, who’ll vote to move forward on the vote to kill the House passed government spending bill that defunds the Affordable Care Act. 
Apparently Senator Cruz is either delusional, so high on pot you would need the Star Trek Enterprise to bring him back to Earth, a lonely bachelor with nothing to do, but to stay up late not watching home shopping channels, but standing on the floor of the U.S. Senate past midnight talking to one person, the presiding officer who is snoring in the chair, or is just a cruel person who enjoys wasting people's time including his own. There's nothing for him to gain here, other than making it on late-night TV as a national joke.

Big TMLB: Brewers TV: MLB 1987-4-15-87: Baltimore Orioles @ Milwaukee Brewers: Full Game

Brewers @ Orioles
Big TMLB: Brewers TV: MLB 1987-4-15-87: Baltimore Orioles @ Milwaukee Brewers: Full Game

The Orioles still had some talent in 1987, but their pitching was awful and their defense wasn’t much better. Interesting to hear about all the all-star free agents like Tim Raines and Ron Guidry to still not be playing in April of that year. Because they still are not under contract. The Milwaukee Brewers were interesting in 1987. Led the AL East for the first part of that year starting the season with like a 10-0 record. A very good power-hitting team, but once you got past Teddy Higuera, not enough pitching to keep pace with the Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays and even New York Yankees in 87.

I think the collapse of the Orioles where they went from being an annual World Series contender that made the AL Playoffs practically every year in the 1970s, that won three World Series from 1966-83 and six AL Championships and six AL East Championships in that time period as well, can be traced to their inability to maintain their pitching. Especially their starting pitching where by 87 if not 86, they really only had Mike Bodicker that they could count on as a starting pitcher. The defense was also a big problem for them in 87-88 even though offensively they could still score runs and hit the ball out of the ballpark with Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken, Larry Fred Lynn, Larry Sheets and perhaps a few others.