Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, 22 August 2013

CBS News: Person To Person- Edward R. Murrow: Interviewing Marilyn Monroe, April 8th, 1955

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus

Edward R. Murrow was sort of the Mike Wallace of the 1950s, or perhaps Mike Wallace was the Ed Murrow post-Murrow. But what I mean by that is Murrow was a very intelligent and great journalist and interviewer who preferred hard news, but was so great at what he did and such an intelligent interviewer, that he could interview practically anyone important that is. And entertainers are important, not as important as I believe they should be and definitely not as important as others people seem to believe they are. But they are important in society and life wouldn’t be worth living as much without them.

As much as Ed Murrow could interview anyone and that probably included pro athletes as well, hard news was his steak and potatoes. What kept him fed and what kept in journalism. If it was his choice, he probably doesn’t take Person to Person and make that his show. Which was sort of late night TV back in the 1950s, perhaps a prime time version of The Today Show or Good Morning America. Shows that are generally about making people feel good and telling them about things that they follow in their free time and generally not hard news shows.

But Murrow was also if not the most popular figure at CBS in the 1950s, certainly one of them news or otherwise and CBS was going to use him as much as possible to help their network. And they knew how good of an interviewer he was and how he and Person to Person could help their network. And that Murrow also had See it Now as part of CBS News, so he was going to do his hard news show anyway. That is why someone who was the quality journalist of an Ed Murrow, is interviewing the Goddess of Hollywood at the time Marilyn Monroe in 1955.
CBS News: Person To Person- Edward R. Murrow: Interviewing Marilyn Monroe, April 8th, 1955

TYT Sports: Ravens Pass Rush Tandem

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus: TYT Sports: Ravens Pass Rush Tandem

A reason why the Ravens pass rush will be better in 2013, pass rush . As great as winning the 2012 Super Bowl is, they could’ve been so much better had they been healthy. They got hot in December, because they got healthy and got guys like Ray Lewis back. And as a result they were essentially they team that had to be more offensive-minded, because their defense was no longer dominating every week. Because they didn’t have Ray Lewis and nose tackle Haloti Ngata, they had to score more points. But even when they were healthy they didn’t have that same pass rush and same defensive dominance that Ravens we’re use to since John Harbaugh became head coach in 2008. Elvis Dumervil will help that a lot. Because you’ll have one dominant pass rusher like him on one side. And Terrell Suggs on the other side. With Haloti in the middle and hopefully healthy.

CBS News: CBS Evening News- Conservationists Fight to Save Giant Panda in China

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This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus

The cutest pound for pound animal in the world. The high school girl in this video, said that the Panda is to China what the Bald Eagle is to America. That they’re not just some beautiful animal, but they’re a symbol of the country. And at least in some way represents what the country is about. In America’s case, the Bald Eagle tends to represent individual freedom and our individualism as a country. The Panda, I’m not an expert on China, but I imagine it represents to Chinese sweetness. I believe anyway the Panda is the cutest pound for pound animal in the world. They have their baby faces from the time they’re born until they die. Similar to Corgis when it comes to dogs in that they can pass as babies even when they’re ten years old or older. And when you have animals that represent so much to one country and the good things that the country represents, I believe you have a moral obligation to see that they’re always protected and can live healthy lives.