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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hockey Videos: Video: CBC Sports: NHL 1982-Stanley Cup Finals-Game 4-Long Island Islanders @ Vancouver Canucks: Highlights

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The NHL and NBA are the only leagues where you’ll see a great team with a great record, great talent and coaching, versus a team that just barely made the playoffs and play each other in the league championship. And made the playoffs with a losing record and made the playoffs basically because more than half of the teams in each conference make the playoffs. The 1982 Islanders, were truly a great team, which is why they won their second straight Stanley Cup. But another reason why they won their second straight Stanley Cup in 1982, is because they played the Canucks. That only won 30-80 games in 1982 and got hot in the playoffs. Had they played a good team like the Edmonton Oilers or someone else, maybe they don’t win their second straight Stanley Cup in 82. They probably would’ve, but it would’ve been a much better Finals and looked like a real Stanley Cup Finals.

Public Domain 101: Video: NFL 1958: NFL Championship: Baltimore Colts @ New York Giants

The most important game in NFL history because of all the attention it brought the NFL. And the teams that were involved with how good they were and how well they played and the fact the game. Was on national TV and really brought pro football into the homes of millions of Americans. And brought them to the stadiums and wanting to watch more pro football games as well. Not the greatest played game but the most important game ever played in the NFL.