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Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Kerry Kellermeyer: Video: NFL Films, The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Highlights

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This is going to sound simplistic, but it is so true and important that I have to say it anyway. The difference between the 1966 Kansas City Chiefs and the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs, is that the 69 Chiefs won the Super Bowl. And why do I say that? Because the 69 Chiefs knew what it was like to lose a Super Bowl on national TV and most of the players on the 66 team were also on the 69 team. The 69 Chiefs knew that just getting to the Super Bowl was not enough. Or just getting to the Super Bowl and playing a good first half was not enough. That if you didn’t actually win the game, you failed and didn’t accomplish your ultimate goal which was to win the Super Bowl. There is no second place in the Super Bowl. You either win it or you lose it and that was one of the motivators that served the 69 Chiefs very well in Super Bowl 4.

NBC Sports: Video: NFL 1974: Super Bowl 9: Pittsburgh Steelers Versus Minnesota Vikings

SUPER BOWL 9 - YouTube

Unless you absolutely love defense more then anything else in football. This was one of the dullest Super Bowls of all time and a reason why they changed the rules in 1978 to open up the game more.

NBC Sports: Video: NFL 1978: Super Bowl 13: Dallas Cowboys Versus Pittsburgh Steelers

SUPER BOWL 13 - YouTube

The best Super Bowl of all time if you consider the matchup, the two teams that played in that game. How great of a season the NFL had in 1978, with so many very good teams, even teams that didn't even make. The playoffs in that other years would've made the playoffs and what they were playing for. Which was who would be the NFL team of the 1970s. Both teams playing for their third Super Bowl championship.