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Life is a Highway
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Friday, 8 March 2013

WJZ-TV: Sports: Mark Viviano: Despite What Experts Say, Orioles Believe They’ll Be 2013 Playoff Contenders: Preview of The 2013 Baltimore Orioles

Despite What Experts Say, O’s Believe They’ll Be 2013 Playoff Contenders « CBS Baltimore

If I had to choose between being overrated and underrated, I would go with underrated all the time. Because thats probably the easiest way to win games in any sport. Because you are playing up to your ability while your opponents. Don't think much of you and not playing up to their's and slack off and so fourth and you end up beating them. Which I believe is what happened to a lot of teams who played the Orioles in 2012 and what happened to teams who played the Ravens in the AFC Playoffs in 2012. And all got burned as a result thinking the Ravens team that they played in the AFC Playoffs and. Super Bowl were the Ravens team in the regular season that was inconsistent for the entire season especially. On defense where they looked like they had one of the worst defenses in the league for the first three months. And lost 3-4 games to end the regular season. When teams who played the Ravens in the playoffs apparently weren't aware that the Ravens just got healthy when they needed to and were a much different team.

I hope I'm not overrating the 2013 Orioles but what I've seen so far in spring training. Is a team that has the fewest questions marks that could potentially send three teams to the AL Playoffs including the. Orioles with the New York Yankees not being one of them relying on so many aging injury prone players and not adding to their talent in the offseason. But with the Orioles you have a young nucleus where not one player is in their prime yet, with a very good young pitching staff as far as starters and. Bullpen especially if Jake Arrieta who has the best stuff of any of their starters but was awful in 2012 and never put it together and if. Jake bounces back in 2013 and pitches up to his capability, at least gives then thirty or more starts and 180 or more innings. That would give the Orioles one of the best pitching staffs in the American League if not all of Major League Baseball. Jake has all of the tools he just needs to execute them.

Offensively the Orioles will be able to hit from 1-9 especially if Brian Roberts and Nolan Reimold are and stay healthy. Who are the only questions in the lineup and if that happens you are also talking about a lineup that hits for power 1-9 with speed up and down the lineup. Except for catcher Matt Wieters and 1B Chris Davis and a team that should strike out a lot less. With Mark Reynolds who was a productive power hitter but who struck out way too much which hampered what the Orioles could do with their. Speed on offense, Reynolds is gone and Roberts and Reimold are back and hopefully stay healthy. And Chris Davis shows more discipline at the plate, we'll have to see about that. But the potential is not only there for the Orioles to win the AL East but I predict they will because they have a very good young. Team and the fewest question marks in the AL East.

I got the Orioles winning around 95 games give or take and the AL East but for that to happen. Brian Roberts and Jake Arietta have to stay healthy and be productive and Nolan Reimold bouncing back. Would give the Orioles one of the best lineups in baseball to go along with a very good pitching staff and defense.