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Monday, 4 March 2013

Bluedude Sportstalk: 2013 American League East Preview: Look For a Three Team Race in the AL East

bluedude sportstalk: AL EAST Preview 2K13...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Re...: The American League East will be the Top-Heavy Division in the Show for 2K13 as any of the Five are capable at least on paper of winning the...

This should be an interesting season in the AL East with the defending AL East champion New York Yankees. Looking older and no longer dominant and a team that could actually miss the AL Playoffs in 2013. Relying on players who are now pushing forty and coming off of injuries, like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. Other then CC Sabathia, whose another great or even solid and reliable starting pitcher on this staff. Their closer Mariano Rivera the best closer of all time but who almost didn't pitch at all last year after breaking his leg. Again another Yankee pushing forty and coming off of a serious injury. Robinson Cano of course is solid and perhaps one of the best all around hitters in MLB. Mark Texerria, the Yankees never really know what they are going to get from him who has a knack for starting off. The season slowly, the Yankees lost Nick Swisher who was a solid power hitter and run driver to free agency. Don't count the Yankees out but don't be surprise of they miss the AL Playoffs in 2013.

The Tampa Rays always deadly and talented, well at least since 2008 and they were adding talent before that as well. But a team the last five years thats been pretty good everywhere but they aren't a great team and a contender without Evan Longoria. The Toronto Blue Jays are still the Blue Jays of the last ten years or so until they can prove they are better then an 85-90 win team and make a real run at the. AL East and AL Playoffs but this may be their year, I'm going with the Orioles not because I'm an Oriole. Fan but of course I would like to see them win the AL East for the first time since 1997. But because they have the fewest questions that really just get down to two very key players for this team. Brian Roberts, does he stay healthy and gets back to his 2004-09 level, if he does you are talking about one of. The best leadoff hitters in MLB and the other question is Jake Arrietta who has all of the physical tools. To be an ace pitcher in Major League Baseball but hasn't put those tools together yet.

But even without a solid Jake Arrietta the Orioles still have four solid starting pitchers in Jason Hammel, Wen Chi Wong, Chris Tilman and Miguel Gonzalez. As well as one of the best bullpens in all of Major League Baseball. With Jim Johnson and Pedro Stropp at the backend two relievers who can both close. And putting Brian Matusz in the bullpen gives them another lefty they could count on along with Troy Patton. As well as a very good lineup that can hit with anyone in baseball and B Rob would just make them a great lineup if he's healthy. To go along with Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Matt Wieters, JJ Hardy and others. The Boston Red Sox are still the Red Sox until they prove 2012 was a fluke.

If I had to make a prediction today, I got the Orioles winning the AL East with around 95 wins perhaps more then that. And this is based on Jake Arrietta and Brian Roberts performing and if the club as a whole stays healthy. As well as how the Yankees and Blue Jays turnout as well but the Orioles look like the most solid team in the AL East for 2013.