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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ms. Moonlight Drive: The Doors- Spanish Caravan: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Source: The Wall Street Journal- The Lizard King Jim Morrison-
Source: Ms. Moonlight Drive: The Doors- Spanish Caravan: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Certainly one of the most memorable concerts from The Doors. Because it was in Hollywood, at The Hollywood Bowl, it was in color, summer of 1968. Part of a very crazy and chaotic year and chaotic decade (at least the late 1960s) and The Doors, certainly Jim Morrison represented this era, time and generation as well as it could be represented. America was in transition in the 1960s from the Leave it To Beaver 1950s where men were expected to work, get married, have kids and continue to work. Where women were expected to just get married and then stay home and raise their kids. But by the 1960s the Baby Boomers started coming of age and becoming young adults. And didn't want their parents Leave it To beaver lifestyle and didn't see everything in black and white, including most of the entertainment. And wanted to break out and create their own American culture and lifestyle. Ways of doing things and living and Jim Morrison I believe almost perfectly represents what this generation was going through back then. 

The Doors Experience: L.A. Woman Live- From 2010

Source: The Doors Experience-
Source: The Doors Experience: L.A. Woman Live in Zurich

My main issues with The Doors Experience as a cover band for Jim Morrison and The Doors, is that they come off as more as a punk band as far as appearance than a blues rock band. Which is what The Doors were.

The Doors weren't a classic rock band and certainly not a hard rock band, but a blues rock band that mixed in rock & roll with blues and even rhythm and blues. They were similar to Elvis Presley who came before them and Eric Clapton who came out about the same time in the late 1960s as The Doors.

Also, the Jim Morrison cover is a big tall man. Looks like an NFL quarterback or even linebacker. Jim Morrison was built more like an NFL kicker, at least a stereotypical NFL kicker. Average height (at best) and slender.

But The Doors experience does a really good job as far as sound and the music and sound like The Doors. The Jim Morrison has The Lizard King's wardrobe and act down. The tight black leather jeans, the big concho belt, the cowboy boots, a lot of black shirts. So in this sense The Doors Experience does a very good job as The Doors.