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Life is a Highway
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Friday, 1 March 2013

Baltimore Sun: Sports: Jeff Zebreic & Aaron Wilson: Ravens, QB Joe Flacco Agree to Terms on New Contract

Ravens, Joe Flacco agree to terms on new contract

Huge news for the Ravens in resigning QB Joe Flacco because this means they now have their franchise QB locked up for the near future. And thats exactly what Joe Flacco is and what his potential was when the Ravens drafted him in 2008. They were looking for a franchise quarterback that they could build their offense around that would stabilize that key position for them. So their offense could match their defense and not only make them a Super Bowl contender. Which they already were on defense especially but with a solid core on offense as well that they didn't have with all of the QB's they went through prior to Big Joe. Coming to Baltimore in 2008 and now the Ravens have locked up their key and most important position. And won't have to worry about that for a while with the resigning of one of the top 5-10 big game QB's in the NFL. Who in 2012 added the last two things remaining from his resume which was winning a conference championship and winning the Super Bowl.

Now the question is can the Ravens resign WR Anquan Boldin not only their best WR but still one of the top 5-10 WR's in the NFL. Who was big for them especially in the AFC Playoffs in 2012 and gave Joe Flacco that go to WR that he could count on when the Ravens needed to move the chains. With Flacco now the top paid QB in the NFL, that will make resigning Boldin tougher who will command top WR. Money but if they do that, they'll be in position to compete for a repeat right away if they don't lose any key players.