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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

WJZ-TV: Sports: Via AP: Howard Fendrich: NFL Super Bowl 47: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers: Ravens Win SB 47 34-29

Ravens Are Super Bowl Champs! Take Close Win Over The 49ers 34-31 « CBS Baltimore

Not trying to sound like a physic here because I promise you I'm not. But I had a feeling that the Ravens were going to win this game because of three things going in. They had the hot QB in Joe Flacco, a QB whose not only played like the Super Bowl MVP which he won tonight. But has been playing like since the NFL Playoffs started like the NFL Playoff MVP, as well as the NFL MVP for two months now. Four more TD passes tonight, hasn't thrown an interception since the Denver Broncos game back in early. December and really has been the best QB in the NFL since and of course the Ravens have the hot defense right now as well. And then you throw in all of their experience and all of those Ravens to go along with Joe Flacco all playing well now when they have to. All of the big game experience, a chemistry of very good young players, like WR Torry Smith and TE Daniel Pitta, RB Ray Rice. NT and I hate trying to say his name because I can't but Halote Notta is my best shot right now. And then you got the very good veteran players now in their prime like safety Ed Reed and rush end Terrell Sugs. And of course the aging but still productive veteran LB Ray Lewis.

The Ravens today going into the game and in the second half had the hot QB and the hot defense. Hot head coach and hot offensive coordinator in Jim Caldwell who might of just earned another shot at. Being a head coach again with the job he's done in the playoffs and Super Bowl. Plus you throw in all of that big game experience from the last five years and before that with guys like. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs and then you throw in the fact that they were playing a very talented and good. Football team in the San Francisco 49ers but lacked the thing that teams almost need to have most in games like this. Which is big game experience, most of the 49ers team are only in their second playoff season. Going up against a team that only got healthy when they needed to and only now playing their best football. With all of the big game experience they've had in the John Harbaugh era and this game was setup for the Ravens to win even close but for them to win at the end.

CBS Sports NFL analyst Bill Cowher of course former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers said this himself or something very close to it. In the pre game show and later at the halftime show. That he had a feeling about the Ravens in this game because they had the hot QB and hot defense at the right time. Not trying to take anything away from the San Francisco 49ers who played a great sencond half at least on. Offense but the power outage is what I believe gave them the opportunity to get back in the game. It took the Ravens off momentum and bought the 49ers time to regroup.

The Daily Beast: This Week In Punditry- February 3rd, 2013

Source: The Daily Review Plus- Sean Hannity, Chis Matthews & Bill O'Reilly. The assholes of the week!
Source: The Daily Beast: The Week in Punditry- February 3rd, 2013

This week in punditry. Lets see where should I start. Well we just had a week with plenty of punditry in it, oh you want more than that. Not sure why, but here it is if you want it, you’ve been warned. Well we had a Secretary of State step down, because she has better things to do than manage our foreign policy. I know right, what’s more important than that. Well she has another book to write and needs to decide if she wants to be President of the United States, or not. Wait, that’s more important ,but of course it's her decision.

And I wish Secretary Hillary Clinton well with her new Gabby Giffords look in how she where’s her glasses. And I congratulate her with her service to the country the last four years by leaving Congress and not running for President and taking on President Obama. And the Democratic Party thanks her for that as well. Let's see what else happened, oh yeah we had a Secretary of Defense confirmation hearing, as if it’s not interesting enough that we would have a Progressive Democrat nominate a Conservative Republican for Secretary of Defense. But the fact that Chuck Hagel forgot to put caffeine in his morning coffee, or forgot to go to bed the night before and forgot to bring his memory, because not all of Chuck Hagel was at that hearing.

Did I also mention that Fox News claimed to be a serious news organization. No seriously I know when have they ever reported any news at all and that Fox News still remains the most trusted name in news. Well for the Republican Party anyway, but don’t take that very seriously. Because they also believe that it’s still 1955 and that President Ronald Reagan never raised any taxes. And that homosexuality was invented ten years ago and that Barack Obama is an African Muslim Socialist from Kenya. So take all of that for what it's worth, borrow a dollar if you have to. Or use that money to actually buy something of value. But Fox News is as much of a news organization as Pat Robertson is a supporter of gay rights in America. And to be fair MSNBC is not much of a news organization either, but two cable networks that serve as mouthpieces for the two major political party’s in America.

What else happened this week. Oh yes Rush Limbaugh who apparently still hasn’t died from a heart attack yet, declared that since the mainstream media won’t cover the real news in America, ( you know, anything negative towards Barack Obama and other Democrats and if you can’t find something, make something up, because of course there’s always negative info about Democrats. It just hasn’t been found yet ) that if the mainstream media doesn’t do a job on Democrats, that Rush and his allies will.

Rush Limbaugh is about as much of a reporter as Ron Paul is a Socialist, it’s simply not believable. But the good thing for Rush is that as much as he may hate it, as well as the rest of the country may hate having Rush living in America, he lives in a liberal democracy with freedom of speech and beliefs. That's the way it is as Walter Cronkite the famous CBS News anchor always said to close the Evening News. A big week for a lot of people and more evidence of why we need to fully fund mental health care in America. And have a better public education system with all of the nutty and ignorant people we have on both sides of the aisle.

Steven M: RFK Assassination as it Happened

Its pretty clear why President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He was a strong liberal cold warrior, strong anti-Communist, who wanted Fidel Castro out of power in Cuba even by force. Who was a strong warrior against organized crime as well, despite having connections with that community. But his brother Bobby, pushed strong against the Italian Mafia in America and he supported him. Communists and organized criminals, saw Jack Kennedy as a threat to him. But one of the tragedies of the RFK Assassination, was that there wasn't any clear motive or reason. For why Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.

RFK was murdered by Sirhan Sirhan a Palestinian living, or staying in America. Senator Kennedy, didn't have any strong, or controversial positions towards the Israeli-Palestinian issues. Senator Kennedy's, main focus when it came to foreign affairs had to do with the Vietnam War. Where he was one of the strongest critics of it. A war that Sirhan didn't have much if any position on it, at least not a position he made public. Both Kennedy assassinations were definite tragedies, but I believe for different reasons. And I'm not saying one was more tragic than the other, but they were different. To focus on Bobby Kennedy, he at least at the time as a Senator represented what became the New-Left in America. As someone who was anti-war, but I don't believe he was ever as Far-Left as the New-Left.

The New-Left, a social democratic, or even communist  movement in some circles in America. That was anti-war and big believers in social insurance and what government could do for the people as it related to social welfare. Big believers in the New Deal and Great Society and if anything would've gone much further. But what separated Bob Kennedy from most of the New-Left, Students for a Democratic Society and others, was that Kennedy had a healthy amount of realism to go with his idealism. And believed that America still had a long way to go to create what Social Democrats call a just society. But Senator Kennedy also understood what could be done and worked under that.

I consider Bobby Kennedy to be the first responsible member of the New-Left social democratic movement in America. It would be Robert Kennedy or Dr. Martin King people who understood what needed to be done in America. But also understood what can get done and that fighting the good fight and not winning is not always the best course of action. That being a Progressive is also about making progress and is something that Progressives need more of today.