Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bad Mood Guy: Point Blank 1967- Night Club Scene: Walker Kicks Ass

Source: Bad Mood Guy- Lee Marvin & someone else-
Source: FRS Daily Journal Plus

Except for the guy screaming in the background, even though I actually liked the sound of the music, this was a great scene in a great movie that had a lot of great scenes in, that being Point Blank. Walker played by Lee Marvin shows up to this nightclub because he wants to know where his sister-in-law is. Not because he loves her or even likes her, but because she goes with a guy who owes Walker money. And Walker wants his money back. Walker’s former crew knows that Walker is back in town and wants his money back and that he might show up at this club. And they send two of their henchman to the club waiting for Walker to at the very least beat the hell out of Walker. But come up way short as Walker takes on both them and kicks their ass instead.
Bad Mood Guy: Point Blank 1967- Night Club Scene