Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Monday, 1 April 2013

WUSA-TV: Sports: Jack Pardee, Former Redskins Player And Head Coach, Dies At 76

Jack Pardee, Former Redskins Player And Coach, Dies At 76 |

A very good football player who played for very good Chicago Bears defensive teams in the 1960s as a linebacker. And then later for the Redskins in the early 70s under George Allen. Who later on became a successful but not a great head coach in the NFL. Someone who was very successful in the regular season because he knew how to shut opposing offenses down. He had very good defenses in Chicago, Washington, and the later Houston. And in Houston as well as in the USFL he not only knew how to shut down opposing offenses but how to score a lot of points with the run and shoot offense. With QB Warren Moon and always had a very good offensive line and running game as well to go along with his. Pressure defenses but not a great head coach because he wasn't very successful in the playoffs even though he. Generally got his teams there and lost a bunch of games he should've won with his team either having a big lead or leading late in the game.