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Life is a Highway
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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NBC Sports: Video: NFL 1980-AFC Final-Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers: Dick Engberg Intro

Dick Engberg with a real good intro here. Not his best, but I believe he was one of the better announcers at the intro. Because of his voice, his passion for sports, perhaps especially football and he knew what he was talking about as well. So he brought a realness to his work. As far as this game, I wish I could’ve found something more than just this intro, but this was all that was available at this time. But the Raiders-Chargers AFC Final was a classic matchup of a very good and talented, well-coached intelligent team in the Raiders. Against a very explosive offense especially in their passing game in the Chargers. Who also had a good running game, but never played enough defense to get actually get to a Super Bowl. And still have only been to one Super Bowl in their entire history.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Joey Teefizz: Video: MISL 1982-Baltimore Blast @ New York Arrows: First Half

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The New York Arrows were around in the early days of the MISL. Late 1970s to mid 1980s or so. Pro indoor soccer has never caught on in New York. Which is a shame, because New York is a great sports market. A great pro soccer market and the biggest sports market in America. And indoor soccer is a great sport when played well and is a very exciting fast-paced game. But only the New York Red Bulls of the MLS an outdoor soccer league has ever caught on and done well in the New York/North Jersey area. Unlike the Baltimore Blast, that have been around since I believe day one in the MISL, which was 1979 and are still in business today. And like the San Diego Sockers are the class of American indoor soccer. As far as the type of fan support that they’ve had and all the championships that they’ve won.

NBC Sports: Video: NFL 1976: Super Bowl 11: Oakland Raiders vs Minnesota Vikings: Full Game

The Raiders simply overmatched the Vikings upfront on both sides of the ball in this game.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Joey Teefizz: Video: SportsChannel: MISL 1985-12/22/84-New Jersey Cosmos @ Los Angeles Lazers: Highlights

Two of the better clubs and better markets in the MISL. If soccer can’t succeed in Los Angeles and the New York/New Jersey area, it won’t make it in America, period. Because those markets are so big and they are very good soccer markets anyway for both soccer and arena soccer. I think the MISL knew this even back then, but for whatever reasons were never able to market their clubs very well. Similar to what the NHL went through up until the 1980s or so and a big reason why it took them forever to expand and become a big league. Which they didn’t do until the early 1970s. But the NHL figured it out and almost forty-years later the MISL is still struggling just to survive. But having successful clubs in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, to go along with their traditionally strong markets would help a lot with that.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Merv Griffin Show: Video: U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy Interview: Civil Unrest, Vietnam War, in 1967

Bobby Kennedy who wasn’t a Baby Boomer, more of a depression baby, doing a good job speaking for the Baby Boom generation. Not the whole generation, but certainly the New Left that came of age in the 1960s and early 1970s. Whose parents were from the Silent Generation and World War II, who saw America except for the Counter-Culture Movement as just fine the way it was and were happy with the status quo. Because that is what they grew up with and all they knew. Now seeing their kids as people who came of age during the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. And seeing all sorts of poverty in America and thinking they could get involved in these things and change America for the good. Who saw the status quo in American life as not worth conserving. And wanted to create a new America for themselves.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NBA-TV: Video: NBA 1971-NBA Finals- Milwaukee Bucks vs. Baltimore Bullets: Highlights

The Bullets never seemed to be able to get into sync either offensively or defensively against the Bucks in the whole 71 NBA Finals. The Bullets were either getting stopped and turning the ball over, or giving up big buckets to the Bucks. The Bucks big three especially of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson and Bob Dandridge. And the only question about the Bucks would be, who was a bigger part of the big three. Kareem or Oscar, because you could make a good case they are the two best players who’ve ever played. As well as the best center and point guard of all-time.

The Bullets were really on defense all four games of this series. Because the Bucks were doing what they wanted to do really the whole time. They knew who get to the ball to and when on offense and who to stop on defense. Let Oscar run the show and hit Kareem deep in the post, where the Bullets had no one who could handle him. And when the Bullets spend too much attention either trying to defend Kareem or Oscar, because there wasn’t really much they could do against, the opened up things for Dandridge.
The Big O

Monday, 22 April 2013

Joey Teefizz: Video: MISL 1986: MISL Finals Game 6: San Diego Sockers @ Minnesota Strikers

Two of the best franchises in indoor soccer playing for the championship

Wilt Chamberlain Archive: Video: MSG: NBA 1973-ECSF-Game 1-Baltimore Bullets @ New York Knicks: Highlights

The Bullets-Knicks rivalry in the 1970s, was one of the best rivalries in the NBA and represents something that has almost disappeared in the NBA, which are rivalries. The 1970s and 80s, you had the Celtics-Lakers, Celtics-Knicks, Celtic-76ers, 76ers-Bullets, Bullets-Knicks and perhaps a few other great rivalries in the NBA that you don’t see that much anymore in this league with the great history that it has. Baltimore and New York are roughly two-hundred miles from each other and these were two of the better franchises in the NBA in the early 1970s.

The Bullets were one of the better franchises in the NBA in the 1970s period, both in Baltimore and then later in Washington, actually Landover, Maryland to start the 1974 season. They relocated to Landover thinking they could hold onto the Baltimore market and capture the Washington market, but thats a different story. And for the Bullets to achieve a lot of the success they had in that decade, four conference championships and winning the NBA Finals in 1978, they had to beat the Knicks to do that.
Baltimore Bullets

Wilt Chamberlain Archive: Video: ABC Sports: NBA 1971-NBA Finals-Game 4-Milwaukee Bucks @ Baltimore Bullets: 2nd-Half

With both Kareem and Oscar on the Bucks team, the greatest center of all-time and arguably the greatest player and all around point guard of all-time in Oscar Robertson, that was too much to deal with for even a very good Bullets team. Especially with injuries that they were dealing with, like with key forward Gus Johnson. The Bullets lost to a team that was better than them in the 1971 NBA Finals. The only time they made it to the NBA Finals in Baltimore. The Bucks weren’t a deeply talented team with a tone of great players in 71. But they had Kareem and Oscar and a very good supporting cast around them.

If anything the Bullets perhaps peaked too soon in 71. With the New York Knicks failing to get back to the Finals after winning the NBA Finals in 1970. The Boston Celtics were in somewhat of a transition in the early 1970s, transitioning from the Red Auerbach/Bill Russell era of the 1960s and transition back to being an NBA Finals contender in the mid-1970s, where they won the Finals in 1974 and 76. The Philadelphia 76ers were awful in the early 1970s. So that opened up the door for the Bullets in the Eastern Conference in 1971.
Baltimore Bullets

Johnny Unitas: The Unitas Legacy

What makes John Unitas the greatest quarterback of all-time is that he was able to do things in an era where the rules benefited the defense that are considered amazing today. In an era where the rules benefit the offense like driving his team down the field in a couple of minutes to win the game. Perhaps with just one or two timeouts if any. Pass after pass, completion after completion. And the other thing being that Unitas called his own plays. And had to make all the decisions as well. So he had both great physical skills with his arm and mobility, as well as vision. But also great mental and leadership skills in knowing what plays to call and when to call them.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hockey Videos: Video: CBC Sports: NHL 1982-Stanley Cup Finals-Game 4-Long Island Islanders @ Vancouver Canucks: Highlights

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The NHL and NBA are the only leagues where you’ll see a great team with a great record, great talent and coaching, versus a team that just barely made the playoffs and play each other in the league championship. And made the playoffs with a losing record and made the playoffs basically because more than half of the teams in each conference make the playoffs. The 1982 Islanders, were truly a great team, which is why they won their second straight Stanley Cup. But another reason why they won their second straight Stanley Cup in 1982, is because they played the Canucks. That only won 30-80 games in 1982 and got hot in the playoffs. Had they played a good team like the Edmonton Oilers or someone else, maybe they don’t win their second straight Stanley Cup in 82. They probably would’ve, but it would’ve been a much better Finals and looked like a real Stanley Cup Finals.

Public Domain 101: Video: NFL 1958: NFL Championship: Baltimore Colts @ New York Giants

The most important game in NFL history because of all the attention it brought the NFL. And the teams that were involved with how good they were and how well they played and the fact the game. Was on national TV and really brought pro football into the homes of millions of Americans. And brought them to the stadiums and wanting to watch more pro football games as well. Not the greatest played game but the most important game ever played in the NFL.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Kelly Loves Beauty: Fall Outfit of The Day- Skinny Denim Jeans in Boots

Source: Kelly Loves Beauty-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus

“Okay so yeah, except for this girl, like totally sounding like a total valley girl, right,” I liked this video. I liked how she looked in this video and for a valley girl or at least someone who sounds like a valley girl, she looks really good in that outfit. Like a woman who can fill out a sexy pair of skinny denim jeans, because she eats real food and takes care of herself and doesn’t starve herself. Which to say the least aren’t common stereotypes if not characteristics of valley girls. Which means that there are even sexy athletic looking valley girls. Britney Spears comes to mind real fast.

As far as this outfit and to be completely serious, nothing new or no new or real risk taking here. Not to put Kelly down, but skinny jeans in boots have been around for about ten-years now. A common look for sexy women especially in the fall and winter for both practical as well as stylish reasons. The practical reasons are perhaps less obvious. They keep women warm in bad cold weather. Their legs that is especially the skinny denim because how tight they are and do not leave much in any room for cold air get air to get in. And the boots are great to walk around in bad weather, because you get better traction.

The stylish reasons are obvious. I mean seriously what better way for a sexy women to show off her legs than in skinny jeans. Whether they are denim or leather, because again how tight they are and how they show off your legs. And then you throw in boots either over or under the jeans and you have a very sexy stylish look, that will make women who aren’t as sexy or dressing much more conservatively jealous. And have guys checking you out especially when you’re on the move.
Kelly Loves Beauty: Fall Outfit of The Day- Skinny Denim Jeans in Boots

ESPN: Video: June 17th 1994: The OJ Simpson Ford Bronco Chase

I remember this very well, because I had just graduated from high school. And was in Delaware vacationing with my family and I believe I was watching the NBA Finals on NBC. And then of course NBC News breaks in with live coverage of this chase which was different from other Los Angeles car chases. Which of course aren’t rare in Los Angeles, but what made this care chase different was that it involved a celebrity and NBC News and other news organizations breaking into a championship series, or whatever they were showing and stopped showing, to cover this tabloid story. Is just another example and perhaps the biggest example of what news has become in America. At least TV news, where its not what’s important to cover that is important, but what is popular to cover and how you make the most money. Covering that story to spend so much time and energy covering one murder trial. Not that it shouldn’t of been covered, which of course the supporters of the coverage will say. But to cover it basically at the expense of every other news story thats going on.

So-called reality TV, which of course isn’t reality TV, but tabloid TV, didn’t start in the late 1990s or 2000, with Survivor on CBS. It started in the mid 1990s in 1994 with OJ Simpson. And his famous duel murders and his Trial of The Century. Before social networking and before Google, but right in the early days of cellphones and the Internet. And when cable news was becoming very important with the 24 hour news cycle. You also have to remember that OJ, was not just an actor, but an accomplished one and perhaps not someone you want doing your taxes for you, but smart enough and with the personality to get people’s attention and put the focus on him. He knew he was going to jail and perhaps never coming out and had money and a gun in his truck. And I guess was going to make a run for Mexico, but perhaps smart enough to know he probably wasn’t going to make it.

The Ford Bronco Chase, was the ultimate publicity stunt and so-called reality TV. But it wasn’t what is called reality TV, which is not reality TV, but tabloid TV. Where producers of those shows encourage people to act out to get the most ratings possible. But this chase was real reality TV. A grown man, who up to this point was a very well-liked and respected man. Who had a Hall of Fame NFL career and one of the top 5-10 running backs of all-time. Who put together a solid sportscasting career with NBC Sports and acting career and did commercials. Who was going through a horrible time, I imagine and perhaps feeling horribly guilty about his two murders and perhaps lost it and didn’t know what to do about it. But again, we are talking about an actor here and this could’ve simply been a publicity stunt. But this was real reality TV and not made up.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Doors Vevo: The Doors Live 1968

Source: The Doors-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus

I’m thinking the cameraman, or perhaps the camerawomen, really liked Jim Morrison and was really attracted to him. Because in the first two minutes of this show alone, you see several closeups on Jim Morrison’s leather legs and leather suit, sitting on the stool with his legs sticking out in his skin-tight black leather jeans and black leather jacket, with his concho belt. It has been said that Morrison, wore the skin-tight leather pants, leather jeans really, with the concho belt, because he wanted to highlight his crotch. Which makes a hell of a lot of sense, because if you watch this show, or Live at The Hollywood Bowl, or The Doors in Copenhagen, or The Doors in London, The Doors on Ed Sullivan, just to use as examples, there are several closeups upfront of Morrison in his leather suit and right on his legs, butt and crotch. I mean if you’re actually attracted to the man, watching all of this footage is a great way to see him.

As far as this show, I think it’s The Lizard King as it his best. Just wish this show was in color and since it was done in 1968, that would’ve been a fairly easy thing to do. But with Morrison, you get great vocals and his role-playing and acting and moving around and the dancing. And Ray Manzarek, if anything who had a better singing voice than Morrison, at least singing blues, doing a great job on the keyboards. When The Music is Over, and Love Me Two Times, I think are their best songs in this show. Love Me Two Times, comes with a great music video as well. And you have Morrison going off the cuff and doing a little story telling as well. And they finish with, well The End, what else. Which is their great war song, even though it wasn’t written directly for the Vietnam War. But considering this was 1968, the timing of this song was simply perfect.

As what can be said about a lot of The Doors performances, I just wish they were shot in color. Which is one reason why Oliver Stone’s version of The Doors, whatever you think of the movie, is actually very important. Because it gives you a very good idea of what The Lizard King was like in color. Even with Val Kilmer, being a much larger and taller man than Jim Morrison. But it would be nice to see a colorized version of a lot of these performances. But the sound of these performances and how Morrison sounded and how the band played, is very good, even in black and white. Which doesn’t affect the sound of these shows. But the shows would’ve been better had they been done in color. Like with The Hollywood Bowl, Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers, Jonathan Winters. And maybe a colorized version of this show, will be available at some point.
The Doors Vevo: The Doors Live 1968

Monday, 15 April 2013

John F Kennedy: Video: CBS News: Walter Cronkite Announces The Death of President John F. Kennedy

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on WordPress

Newscasters and journalists in general are trained to never show their feelings and give commentary. That old Joe Friday saying of just the fact. For all of you Dragnet fans, but these people are exactly that, people and they have feelings too. And when you’re reporting on the death and not just death, but the assassination of someone you personally know, like, respect and even admirer, all things that Walter Cronkite felt about John Kennedy and then throw in the fact they were the same age and from the same generation, how you not show your human side in this situation.

And you’re reporting on the assassination of someone who is just 46 and you’re same age, to go along with all the other factors, I would’ve been disappointed had Cronkite not given people at little into what he was feeling about this horrible tragedy. Cronkite was at the top of his game during CBS News’s coverage of the JFK assassination that he anchored. And part of Cronkite’s greatness was that he was a human being the whole and not afraid to let others know that.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tiger Stadium Fan: Tiger Stadium: Tribute to Detroit's Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium was one of the few attractive big ballparks where the fans were on top of the action that had a real ballpark feel. Rather then feeling like you were watching a baseball game at a football stadium.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

WJZ-TV: Sports: Hicks, Minnesota Twins Rally To 4-3 Victory Over Orioles

Hicks, Twins Rally To 4-3 Victory Over Orioles « CBS Baltimore

Another bad loss for the Orioles and losing a series to a team thats predicted to finish last in the AL Central.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Friday, 5 April 2013

ABC News: Special Report- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination- April 4th, 1968

Source: ABC News
Source: ABC News: Special Report- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated- April 4, 1968

The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King the leader of the American civil rights movement, was tragic for so many reasons. But the biggest reason why it was so tragic because of the time he died and what left he had to contribute not just to the African-American community, but the American community in general. Because at 39 and with everything he had to accomplish he still had a lot more to accomplish. Which would've started with the upcoming poor peoples march and the poor people's movement.

The Poor People's Campaign, had an opportunity to be a real campaign against poverty that would seek to actually end poverty. And not just create new programs to help people live in poverty, but actually empower people to get themselves out of poverty. Through things like education and job training and really going past the New Deal and Great Society. Not saying that this movement would've developed like this had Dr. King survived. But had he and Senator Robert F. Kennedy survived, this movement would've had an opportunity to develop.

Unfortunately as it turned out, Dr. King, didn't die from some illness he had picked up. Or from some crazy person out their mind who probably should've been in a mental hospital. But he was killed by an escaped convict, a lost soul who had absolutely nothing going right in his life. Who was a career criminal and a loner who was simply looking to be noticed. To paraphrase Dan Rather from CBS News. Dr. King, wasn't even murdered by a professional assassin, or a mobster hit man. James Earl Ray, was at best professional thief. Who wasn't even very good at that and had been in and out of prison most of his life.

CBS Sports: NFL: Pete Prisco: Carson Palmer Still Has Arm, Smarts to Lead Phoenix Cardinals to NFC Playoffs

Palmer still has arm, smarts to lead Cardinals to playoffs - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy

The Cardinals trading for Carson Palmer could be the steal of 2013 in the NFL

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Travel Clips: Biography of The Rat Pack

Source: My Travel Clips-
Source: My Travel Clips: A& Biography- The Rat Pack 1999

A group of some of the best and funniest entertainers of all-time. In Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, you’re talking about two of the top singers and certainly comedic actors ever. Guys who were also great at dramatic comedy as well. Men who were also two of the top vocalists of all-time. And when you add their off the cuff humor and dramatic ability, to go with the singing and you’re about guys who were born to entertain and act. Guys who combined many different role and styles of entertainment, in their entertainment routine. Of singing, acting and comedy. That is how you get the title of Chairman of The Board, as Frank Sinatra more than earned. Because he was the top man in Hollywood and the entertainment business.

Add Peter Lawford, who was a tall muscular 6’2, I would add better looking Frank Sinatra. Who was perhaps the best all around actor in this group that also had Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis in it and you’re not just talking about good friends and partners. You’re talking about Hollywood’s real-life version of the firm, or an exclusive private club which they were. Where it doesn’t take being at the top of your game to get in. But the top of the Hollywood game. To not be in your prime, but to be the best of the best in Hollywood. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, are probably the two most famous and successful members of this club. But this was a club, a great club, where every member more than deserved to be part of.

And of course Sammy Davis. A great and talented musical comedian, who was great at both, who was only a little man in physical stature. Who accomplished so much in a fairly short life. Despite being a horrible victim of racial and ethnic discrimination, because he was both African and Jewish. Who lost business and work opportunities, simply because he married to a Nordic-Swedish women, May Britt. But the fact that a guy like Sammy Davis is part of The Rat Pack, is two credits to The Rat Pack, but also Sammy. Sammy being good enough to be part of this group. But that The Rat Pack, was a business and the only color that good business’s are interested in is the color green. And I’m not talking about the Irish, but the color of money. Race, ethnicity and color, were not of interest to The Rat Pack.

Actor/comedian Joey Bishop, who I’m not as familiar with and that’s probably my fault, was also a great member of this group. If you watch The Rat Pack movie Ocean’s Eleven, not a great movie, but a very good movie and certainly better than all the Ocean’s that came after it, Joey Bishop was very good in that. Playing the right-hand man of the guy who puts their casino operations together. This group also had honorable members to it. People who weren’t official members, but did a lot of work with them and close friends of them. Actress Angie Dickinson, one of the top Hollywood Goddess’s of all-time both physically, but a hell of an actress, (and Police Women as well) was one of the non-official members of this group.

Of course Ava Gardner, was also part of this group as an honorable member and add Lana Turner to this list, Janet Leigh at least to some extent. The Rat Pack truly was a whose who of Hollywood. People who were very talented and very successful, but also all came with a lot of baggage. Where it almost looked like they lived the lives of people they played in films. Or others played in films. They literally lived made for Hollywood lives. Perhaps especially Frank, Ava and Lana. The Rat Pack was their own talent agency. If you’re just friends and associates of this group, you knew you made it. Because only people who’ve already made it, or in Sammy Davis’s case had a great talent that simply was overlooked (for whatever reasons) by Hollywood, were going to be part of this group.

To paraphrase in what he said early in this video. The Rat Pack defined cool in Hollywood. They were what cool was in a time where that word generally wasn’t used in pop culture terms that it is today. And generally just used to describe one's laid back personality. They defined what cool was, because they set the trends and were the only people that they knew how to be which was themselves. They did what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it and how they wanted to do it. The classic individuals in a very collectivist trendy industry where performers were supposed to all be a certain way and always act that way. Or risk losing work. But no one owned The Rat Pack except themselves. And they were very successful at being themselves and always doing what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it. And they could get away with that, because of how good and popular they were.

NBC News: Video: Meet The Press: Dr. Martin Luther King in 1965

Equal Rights Leader

Dr. Martin Luther King and his movement, wasn't marching for the exercise, or the fresh air of it. But they were marching for freedom and to have the same constitutional rights and freedom as Americans who were born in America. As any other American that they already had under the U.S. Constitution.But weren't getting their constitutional rights enforced equally under law. As Caucasian-Americans and that is what they were marching for. For equal rights and equal treatment under law and were very successful with their movement.

African-Americans, in the 1960s, were marching for their freedom. That every other American had under the U.S. Constitution, but under law as well. That government discriminating against people based on race like forcing people to go to poor schools and sit in the back of the bus and not be able to eat at certain restaurants, being denied the right to vote and so-forth. Was simply unconstitutional and that they were mad as hell so to speak and weren't going to take it anymore and were going to fight back in a nonviolent manner.

1964-65 was the Martin L. King's wing of the civil rights movement's peak. When they were at the top of their game, so to speak and were pushing the ball and on the offensive. With the anti-equal rights supporters on the defensive at every point. In the courts, in the media and even in Congress. With the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. After those two laws were passed, the MLK movement sort of went off in different directions. And talking about the Vietnam War and other issues. Instead of putting the full focus on equal rights and fighting poverty.

NFL Films: Video: NFL 1979, Baltimore Colts Highlights

The Colts were already in decline in Baltimore by 1979 even though they still had pretty good talent at least on offense. QB Bert Jones and RB Joe Washington in the same backfield and Roger Carr, Don McCauley to throw the ball to. But there was a big reason why Bert Jones only played nine seasons for the Colts. He couldn’t stay healthy, but when he was healthy, he was about as good as any QB in the NFL in the 1970s. And had he stayed healthy the Colts are perhaps still a playoff team in the late 1970s and into the 1980s and perhaps the fortunes change in Baltimore. And Baltimore is more open to building the Colts a new stadium which they definitely needed. As great as home field advantage as Baltimore Memorial Stadium was, it was a financial hole that needed to be replaced.

WUSA-TV: Sports: Capitals Top Long Island Islanders in Shootout, Take Division Lead

Capitals Top Islanders in Shootout, Take Division Lead « CBS DC

Great win for the Capitals!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Union Solidarity: Video: Dr. Martin L. King on Labor, Wealth and Inequality

Social Democrat
Economic policy, is the part of Dr. Martin L. King's message that I disagree with. And where he was lacking, because he sort of took this social democratic view that came out of the New Deal, or Great Society. That judged what we were doing to help the middle class and low-income people based on how much we spent on them. "That if we spend a lot of money to reduce poverty, that poverty will go away, because we'll have all of these government programs to take care of people."

I mean, if you listen to this video, you'll see clip from one of his speeches where he says, "we now have the resources that we need to wipeout poverty". You could spend a trillion dollars a year in America, or anywhere else to reduce poverty and right now the United States is not that far from that. And you'll still have poverty in this country if that money is not being spent to empower people to get themselves out of poverty. Because government no mater what it spends, or any private organization for that matter can't get people out of poverty by themselves. The people in poverty have to do that for themselves. What government and the private sector can do is empower people to get themselves out of poverty.

I love both men, you know platonically, but where I give Malcolm X an advantage over Dr. King is when it came to economics. Minister X's message was about education and self-reliance when it came to economic policy. Economically, Minister X was closer to Barry Goldwater than Lyndon Johnson, or Franklin Roosevelt. He wanted to empower the African-American community to get themselves the tools that they needed to be economically independent, self-reliant in life, making it on their own.

Which is why he believed in education so much and personally knew what life could be like as a young man. Who didn't have one and educated himself as an adult partially in prison. Which is how Malcolm X was educated. Dr. King's message, was about wealth redistribution. Taking from the wealthy in America through high taxes to take care of the low-income people. A very different message from that of Minister X which was about empowering people to be able to create their own wealth.

I give Reverend King the edge when it came to the civil rights movement. Because without the message of non-violence, the civil rights movement would've never have gotten as far as it did, not even come close. Because this movement would've been seen as a bunch of thugs, criminals, terrorists by the so-called mainstream media. But taking it a next step forward post-civil rights laws of the 1960s. I give the edge to Malcolm X as far as what African-Americans should now do with the freedom they finally have under law.

ABC Sports: Video: NBA 1970: NBA Finals Game 7: Los Angeles Lakers @ New York Knicks: Willis Reed Inspiring His Team

The Captain giving his team the inspiration that they needed to win the game

NFL Films: Video: NFL 1965: One For The Books: The 1965 Baltimore Colts

Would've loved to see the Colts play the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Playoffs in the 1960s. But even after the NFL expanded its playoff format in 1967. They only did that by adding division play in the Eastern and Western Conferences and the wildcards didn't come in until 1970 after the NFL-AFL merger.

WUSA-TV: Sports: Gio Gonzalez Homers as Nationals Beat Miami Marlins 3-0

Gio Gonzalez Homers as Nationals Beat Marlins 3-0 « CBS DC

Another shutout for the Nationals to start off 2013

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

NFL Films: Video: NFL 1976: Game of The Week: Oakland Raiders @ Chicago Bears: The Original Tuck Rule Game

Da Bears weren't very good in the 1970s for the most part but they were very competitive. Especially after they drafted RB Walter Payton and hired head coach Jack Pardee.

WDVE-FM: Sports: NFL 1975: Super Bowl 10: Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh Steelers Radio Coverage

One of the top 5-10 Super Bowls of all time with the top two NFL franchises of the 1970s. With all of the Pro Bowlers from both teams with the great offensive and defensive players of both teams.

CBS Sports: NFL: Pete Prisco: "Carson Palmer So Much More Than Matt Flynn"

Palmer so much more than Flynn -

I've always liked Carson Palmer as an NFL quarterback but have never like the teams he's played for as far as giving him the opportunity to be successful. Other then a couple seasons with Cincinnati Bengals, he's basically had to carry the load by himself. Either lacking a solid offensive line or a running game or multiple wide reseivers that he could throw to. And has had to carry the load by himself a lot, which is why his carrer to this point has looked pretty mediocre. Carson Palmer is not the problem with the Oakland Raiders but a lot of the pieces that they have around him is the problem.

WUSA-TV: Sports: Ovechkin Leads Capials Past Carolina Hurricanes 5-3

Ovechkin Leads Capials Past Hurricanes 5-3 « CBS DC

Capitals getting a much needed win

WJZ-TV: Sports: Wieters, Davis, Jones Power Orioles Past Tampa Rays

Wieters, Davis, Jones Power Orioles Past Rays « CBS Baltimore

Nice win for the Orioles to start off 2013 with a solid team win especially offensively. With Jason Hammel and the bullpen holding the Rays down.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Pigskin Academy: Video: NFL 1960-San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Colts: Intro

Interesting matchup between a good veteran San Francisco 49er team who were pretty solid in the 1950s and had the wildcard been around back then, probably would’ve made the playoffs several times. But back then only the regular season conference champions made the NFL Playoffs. Against the two-time defending NFL Champion Colts who were going for a three-peat. And got off to a great start in 60 at 6-2, especially when that was only an eight schedule back then. But had serious competition from the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and yes the San Francisco 49ers who were looking for their first conference championship. So this was a good matchup between two good teams. And an opportunity for the 49ers to show they were as good as anyone at least in the Western Conference.

CBS Sports: Video: NFL 1979: Super Bowl 14: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Rams

One of the best Super Bowls of all time with perhaps the best announcer of all time calling the game in Pat Summerall.

Baltimore Orioles 1954: Video: MLB 1989: Opening Day vs Boston Red Sox

This is a game I remember very well that started a long run for the Orioles in first place in the AL East before they lost the divisional lead late in the season.

WUSA-TV: Sports: Jack Pardee, Former Redskins Player And Head Coach, Dies At 76

Jack Pardee, Former Redskins Player And Coach, Dies At 76 |

A very good football player who played for very good Chicago Bears defensive teams in the 1960s as a linebacker. And then later for the Redskins in the early 70s under George Allen. Who later on became a successful but not a great head coach in the NFL. Someone who was very successful in the regular season because he knew how to shut opposing offenses down. He had very good defenses in Chicago, Washington, and the later Houston. And in Houston as well as in the USFL he not only knew how to shut down opposing offenses but how to score a lot of points with the run and shoot offense. With QB Warren Moon and always had a very good offensive line and running game as well to go along with his. Pressure defenses but not a great head coach because he wasn't very successful in the playoffs even though he. Generally got his teams there and lost a bunch of games he should've won with his team either having a big lead or leading late in the game.