Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Kerry Kellermeyer: Video: NFL Films, The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Highlights

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This is going to sound simplistic, but it is so true and important that I have to say it anyway. The difference between the 1966 Kansas City Chiefs and the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs, is that the 69 Chiefs won the Super Bowl. And why do I say that? Because the 69 Chiefs knew what it was like to lose a Super Bowl on national TV and most of the players on the 66 team were also on the 69 team. The 69 Chiefs knew that just getting to the Super Bowl was not enough. Or just getting to the Super Bowl and playing a good first half was not enough. That if you didn’t actually win the game, you failed and didn’t accomplish your ultimate goal which was to win the Super Bowl. There is no second place in the Super Bowl. You either win it or you lose it and that was one of the motivators that served the 69 Chiefs very well in Super Bowl 4.

NBC Sports: Video: NFL 1974: Super Bowl 9: Pittsburgh Steelers Versus Minnesota Vikings

SUPER BOWL 9 - YouTube

Unless you absolutely love defense more then anything else in football. This was one of the dullest Super Bowls of all time and a reason why they changed the rules in 1978 to open up the game more.

NBC Sports: Video: NFL 1978: Super Bowl 13: Dallas Cowboys Versus Pittsburgh Steelers

SUPER BOWL 13 - YouTube

The best Super Bowl of all time if you consider the matchup, the two teams that played in that game. How great of a season the NFL had in 1978, with so many very good teams, even teams that didn't even make. The playoffs in that other years would've made the playoffs and what they were playing for. Which was who would be the NFL team of the 1970s. Both teams playing for their third Super Bowl championship.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Daily Beast: U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann's- Most Outrageous Comments: Wait, There's More!

Source: The Daily Beast-
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Some people may think George W. Bush is the Democratic Party’s favorite punching bag. But the fact is President Bush has been out of office for over four years now. ( Thank God! ) And he’s looking pretty good compared with today’s GOP. So he’s not as much fun to take shots at and make fun of, except when old videos appear about his presidency and some of the less intelligent things that he said. During that long and felt like indefinite presidency with one disaster after another, like going to war on bogus ( to be kind ) intelligence.

And President Bush trying to change the reasons that we went to war and certain weapons of mass distraction, I mean destruction weren’t found shortly after the invasion. Or Hurricane Katrina, the financial and economic meltdown of 2008. I could go on but there’s actually something else I would like to talk about. To come up with the most outrageous statements that Michele Bachmann has ever made even in her little over six years of service in the U.S. House of Representatives, is a tall order.

This is a little difficult for me because that’s like coming up with best plays that Larry Bird ever made playing basketball. Or the best passes that Joe Montana has ever thrown, or the best home runs that Hank Aron ever hit and so-forth. Also I don’t live in Representative Bachmann’s House district or state, ( thank God ) otherwise I would’ve moved or been kicked out of there, whatever came first. And I’m not in Congress myself so what I hear about her is from the national media or from blogs. But I can limit it two or three as someone who follows politics closely and has big annoyance when it comes to political hypocrisy and contradiction.

When Representative Bachmann announced for President in the summer of 2011, as I and every other blogger and comedian were celebrating about all the new material that was going to come our way free of charge and at her expense coming from Michele herself, she announced she was in favor of two constitutional amendments. One was to outlaw pornography and the other was to outlaw same-sex marriage both at the federal level. Keep in mind, this coming from someone who calls herself a constitutional conservative.

Also keep in mind this coming from someone who knows as much about conservatism and the U.S. Constitution as a fish knows about Wall Street. During her fortht month presidential campaign she also came out against big government. Well that makes sense because that’s an issue she knows a lot of about with all of her positions in support of big government. Michele has a habit of bashing things she’s in love with, well take big government to use as an example. And claiming to love and support things that she says she loves. Take well the U.S. Constitution to use as an example.

What if I were a Republican today? Frst of all I would ask myself why am I a Republican today and if I could answer that question and I was still a Republican, I would want George W. Bush back leading the GOP. And prey that he learned something from all of his dumb mistakes as President and didn’t repeat them. Because GWB looks like a God compared with today’s GOP and Michele Bachmann represents the intelligence and information gap in the Republican Party. And why they can’t win elections they are supposed to win easily going in.
The Daily Beast: U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann's- Most Outrageous Moments

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cix Deuce: Video: Raw Jeans


Beautiful sexy women

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Doors Ceara: Additional Scenes From The Doors 1991 Movie

Source: The Doors-
Source: The Doors Ceara: Additional Scenes From The Doors 1991 Movie

If you watch The Doors 1991 DVD, which I recommend there's a documentary on it about about the 1991 Doors movie, but also about the real Lizard King Jim Morrison. They interview Doors piano player Ray Manzarek and he essentially says, "Jim Morrison was more than a wild man in skin-tight leathers." Which of course was true, but his rocker/cowboy wardrobe and attitude was a huge part of The Lizard King and attitude. During that 1966/67-69 period Jim Morrison was seen everywhere in his black and sometimes brown skin-tight leather jeans, cowboys boots and concho belt, as well as his black leather suit jacket that he wore with his leather jeans. He obviously performed practically everywhere in that outfit, he did interviews, he partied, he traveled, in his free time he wore those pants and boots. That is what Oliver Stone picked up upon when he put together his 1991 movie about Jim Morrison. He has about a hour of footage in a two-hour and twenty-minute film about Jim Morrison, with Val Kilmer playing Morrison, in his patented skin-tight black leather jeans and cowboys boots, as well as concho belt. Performances, interviews, parties, even at weddings and churches. You see The Lizard King in his famous Lizard King uniform. The superhero of rock and roll.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Bluedude Sportstalk: 2013 American League East Preview: Look For a Three Team Race in the AL East

bluedude sportstalk: AL EAST Preview 2K13...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Re...: The American League East will be the Top-Heavy Division in the Show for 2K13 as any of the Five are capable at least on paper of winning the...

This should be an interesting season in the AL East with the defending AL East champion New York Yankees. Looking older and no longer dominant and a team that could actually miss the AL Playoffs in 2013. Relying on players who are now pushing forty and coming off of injuries, like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. Other then CC Sabathia, whose another great or even solid and reliable starting pitcher on this staff. Their closer Mariano Rivera the best closer of all time but who almost didn't pitch at all last year after breaking his leg. Again another Yankee pushing forty and coming off of a serious injury. Robinson Cano of course is solid and perhaps one of the best all around hitters in MLB. Mark Texerria, the Yankees never really know what they are going to get from him who has a knack for starting off. The season slowly, the Yankees lost Nick Swisher who was a solid power hitter and run driver to free agency. Don't count the Yankees out but don't be surprise of they miss the AL Playoffs in 2013.

The Tampa Rays always deadly and talented, well at least since 2008 and they were adding talent before that as well. But a team the last five years thats been pretty good everywhere but they aren't a great team and a contender without Evan Longoria. The Toronto Blue Jays are still the Blue Jays of the last ten years or so until they can prove they are better then an 85-90 win team and make a real run at the. AL East and AL Playoffs but this may be their year, I'm going with the Orioles not because I'm an Oriole. Fan but of course I would like to see them win the AL East for the first time since 1997. But because they have the fewest questions that really just get down to two very key players for this team. Brian Roberts, does he stay healthy and gets back to his 2004-09 level, if he does you are talking about one of. The best leadoff hitters in MLB and the other question is Jake Arrietta who has all of the physical tools. To be an ace pitcher in Major League Baseball but hasn't put those tools together yet.

But even without a solid Jake Arrietta the Orioles still have four solid starting pitchers in Jason Hammel, Wen Chi Wong, Chris Tilman and Miguel Gonzalez. As well as one of the best bullpens in all of Major League Baseball. With Jim Johnson and Pedro Stropp at the backend two relievers who can both close. And putting Brian Matusz in the bullpen gives them another lefty they could count on along with Troy Patton. As well as a very good lineup that can hit with anyone in baseball and B Rob would just make them a great lineup if he's healthy. To go along with Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Matt Wieters, JJ Hardy and others. The Boston Red Sox are still the Red Sox until they prove 2012 was a fluke.

If I had to make a prediction today, I got the Orioles winning the AL East with around 95 wins perhaps more then that. And this is based on Jake Arrietta and Brian Roberts performing and if the club as a whole stays healthy. As well as how the Yankees and Blue Jays turnout as well but the Orioles look like the most solid team in the AL East for 2013.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

RFK Must Die: RFK Campaign For President 1968 Ad- The Environment

The environmental movement in the late 1960s, which was just becoming big to the point today and perhaps even twenty-years ago that national Democrats at least couldn’t win without them. Especially if they were running for president, but they couldn’t win in Congress without the environmental community unless they represented a very rural state, or district that was heavily dependent on oil, gas and coal. States like West Virginia, to use as an example. America changed a lot politically in the 1960s where the Democratic Party started truly becoming the liberal or progressive party and the Republican Party starting to become the conservative party. With both parties still have moderate factions in them, but just not as big as they use to be.

Senator Kennedy, made the environment a big part of his 1968 presidential campaign. But it was more about regulations of energy industries and not so much about his own national energy policy. And had he been elected president in 1968, we probably get an EPA and perhaps an Energy Department as well. Instead of President Richard Nixon creating the EPA and President Jimmy Carter creating the Energy Department. It was also President Nixon that pushed for the idea of a national energy policy and getting off of foreign oil and gas. President Gerald Ford and President Carter, wanted to do the same thing, but differently at least in President Carter’s case. But making the environment a real issue was still very new when Bobby Kennedy ran for president in 1968.

Divinity: Video: Martin L. King: I Have Been to the Mountaintop Full Speech

I don’t believe there are many people perhaps in the history of the world, but certainly in the history of the United States who had better timing than Martin L. King. And I say that for a few reasons, but just take when Reverend King gave this speech and when he died. Which was the next day in 1968 and then look at, or listen to what Reverend King said in this speech and what was in it and what he had to say. Which I at least believe was vision for what the civil rights movement was all about.

And what it meant to be an American no matter your race in a liberal democracy such as the United States. Where we all under the United States Constitution are to be treated equally under law with the same constitutional rights and freedoms as any other American. That we aren’t supposed to be treated better, or worse by law in this country. And that’s just one reason why the way African-Americans were treated in America prior to the civil rights laws of the 1960s was simply unconstitutional. Because African-Americans were treated worse than Caucasian-Americans under law in this country.

What Reverend King was saying in this speech was that he’s seen the mountaintop of where all Americans were being treated equally under law. That this vision is real where no American has to live in poverty. Without the basic necessities and skills to be able to live well in life. That we aren’t there yet and you might not see him there with you, but this vision is real and we can get there together as a people. If we keep moving forward as a people and a country to build this society where no race of people is treated worse under law simply based on their race.

That we can accomplish this and get there together if we keep up the fight and struggle for equal and human rights in this country until we finally reach the mountaintop. And finally accomplish what we’ve struggled for all of these years. Thats what this speech was about as far as I’m concern at least and what Reverend King was telling his supporters. That even if you don’t see him there with you, he’s already seen the vision of what we are fighting for. And know we can get there if we keep on moving the ball forward until we get there.
Dr. MLK & Rev. Ralph Abernathy 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ms. Moonlight Drive: The Doors- Spanish Caravan: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Source: The Wall Street Journal- The Lizard King Jim Morrison-
Source: Ms. Moonlight Drive: The Doors- Spanish Caravan: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Certainly one of the most memorable concerts from The Doors. Because it was in Hollywood, at The Hollywood Bowl, it was in color, summer of 1968. Part of a very crazy and chaotic year and chaotic decade (at least the late 1960s) and The Doors, certainly Jim Morrison represented this era, time and generation as well as it could be represented. America was in transition in the 1960s from the Leave it To Beaver 1950s where men were expected to work, get married, have kids and continue to work. Where women were expected to just get married and then stay home and raise their kids. But by the 1960s the Baby Boomers started coming of age and becoming young adults. And didn't want their parents Leave it To beaver lifestyle and didn't see everything in black and white, including most of the entertainment. And wanted to break out and create their own American culture and lifestyle. Ways of doing things and living and Jim Morrison I believe almost perfectly represents what this generation was going through back then. 

The Doors Experience: L.A. Woman Live- From 2010

Source: The Doors Experience-
Source: The Doors Experience: L.A. Woman Live in Zurich

My main issues with The Doors Experience as a cover band for Jim Morrison and The Doors, is that they come off as more as a punk band as far as appearance than a blues rock band. Which is what The Doors were.

The Doors weren't a classic rock band and certainly not a hard rock band, but a blues rock band that mixed in rock & roll with blues and even rhythm and blues. They were similar to Elvis Presley who came before them and Eric Clapton who came out about the same time in the late 1960s as The Doors.

Also, the Jim Morrison cover is a big tall man. Looks like an NFL quarterback or even linebacker. Jim Morrison was built more like an NFL kicker, at least a stereotypical NFL kicker. Average height (at best) and slender.

But The Doors experience does a really good job as far as sound and the music and sound like The Doors. The Jim Morrison has The Lizard King's wardrobe and act down. The tight black leather jeans, the big concho belt, the cowboy boots, a lot of black shirts. So in this sense The Doors Experience does a very good job as The Doors. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Baltimore Sun: Sports: Jeff Zebreic & Aaron Wilson: Ravens, QB Joe Flacco Agree to Terms on New Contract

Ravens, Joe Flacco agree to terms on new contract

Huge news for the Ravens in resigning QB Joe Flacco because this means they now have their franchise QB locked up for the near future. And thats exactly what Joe Flacco is and what his potential was when the Ravens drafted him in 2008. They were looking for a franchise quarterback that they could build their offense around that would stabilize that key position for them. So their offense could match their defense and not only make them a Super Bowl contender. Which they already were on defense especially but with a solid core on offense as well that they didn't have with all of the QB's they went through prior to Big Joe. Coming to Baltimore in 2008 and now the Ravens have locked up their key and most important position. And won't have to worry about that for a while with the resigning of one of the top 5-10 big game QB's in the NFL. Who in 2012 added the last two things remaining from his resume which was winning a conference championship and winning the Super Bowl.

Now the question is can the Ravens resign WR Anquan Boldin not only their best WR but still one of the top 5-10 WR's in the NFL. Who was big for them especially in the AFC Playoffs in 2012 and gave Joe Flacco that go to WR that he could count on when the Ravens needed to move the chains. With Flacco now the top paid QB in the NFL, that will make resigning Boldin tougher who will command top WR. Money but if they do that, they'll be in position to compete for a repeat right away if they don't lose any key players.