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Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

WJZ-TV: Sports: Via AP: Howard Fendrich: NFL Super Bowl 47: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers: Ravens Win SB 47 34-29

Ravens Are Super Bowl Champs! Take Close Win Over The 49ers 34-31 « CBS Baltimore

Not trying to sound like a physic here because I promise you I'm not. But I had a feeling that the Ravens were going to win this game because of three things going in. They had the hot QB in Joe Flacco, a QB whose not only played like the Super Bowl MVP which he won tonight. But has been playing like since the NFL Playoffs started like the NFL Playoff MVP, as well as the NFL MVP for two months now. Four more TD passes tonight, hasn't thrown an interception since the Denver Broncos game back in early. December and really has been the best QB in the NFL since and of course the Ravens have the hot defense right now as well. And then you throw in all of their experience and all of those Ravens to go along with Joe Flacco all playing well now when they have to. All of the big game experience, a chemistry of very good young players, like WR Torry Smith and TE Daniel Pitta, RB Ray Rice. NT and I hate trying to say his name because I can't but Halote Notta is my best shot right now. And then you got the very good veteran players now in their prime like safety Ed Reed and rush end Terrell Sugs. And of course the aging but still productive veteran LB Ray Lewis.

The Ravens today going into the game and in the second half had the hot QB and the hot defense. Hot head coach and hot offensive coordinator in Jim Caldwell who might of just earned another shot at. Being a head coach again with the job he's done in the playoffs and Super Bowl. Plus you throw in all of that big game experience from the last five years and before that with guys like. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs and then you throw in the fact that they were playing a very talented and good. Football team in the San Francisco 49ers but lacked the thing that teams almost need to have most in games like this. Which is big game experience, most of the 49ers team are only in their second playoff season. Going up against a team that only got healthy when they needed to and only now playing their best football. With all of the big game experience they've had in the John Harbaugh era and this game was setup for the Ravens to win even close but for them to win at the end.

CBS Sports NFL analyst Bill Cowher of course former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers said this himself or something very close to it. In the pre game show and later at the halftime show. That he had a feeling about the Ravens in this game because they had the hot QB and hot defense at the right time. Not trying to take anything away from the San Francisco 49ers who played a great sencond half at least on. Offense but the power outage is what I believe gave them the opportunity to get back in the game. It took the Ravens off momentum and bought the 49ers time to regroup.