Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Baltimore Orioles 1954: Video: MLB 1989: Baltimore Orioles "Why Not?"

The Orioles literally came out of nowhere in 1989 to be AL East contenders after having one of the worst teams of all time in 1988. Which is one of the reasons why they were so successful in 1989 because they surprised so many people. But a lot of their success started in 1988, by calling up pitcher Bob Milacki and trading for power hitting catcher Mickey Tettleton. And in the offseason of 1988-89 by trading their best player in Eddie Murray to the. Los Angeles Dodgers but getting 1B Randy Milligan and OF Mike Deveraux who both contributed to the. Orioles success of 1989, as well as in 1992 and the 1989 Orioles weren't really great anywhere except. On defense but they had three reliable starting pitchers they could count on in. Jeff Ballard who only had one good year in his entire MLB career but that year was 1989. To go along with Bob Milacki and Dave Schmidt and Dave Johnson came up during that year and won like twelve. Games for them and they had a solid bullpen that could hold leads with Greg Olson closing out games. And 2-3 hitters in their lineup they could rely on to hit big home runs and drive in runs. Cal Ripken, Mickey Tettleton and Craig Worthington and Phil Bradley at the top of the lineup.

The 1989 Orioles were a lot of fun to watch and it made going back to Memorial Stadium fun again. Because you knew that the Orioles had a good shot at winning again and without 1989, the Orioles would've had a harder time getting Oriole Park at least when they did. And their financial situation in the 1990s would've looked at lot different. Having to play at Memorial Stadium for perhaps another five years with Baltimore still trying to land a pro football. Franchise so 1989 was critical for the Orioles success.