Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 19 January 2013

NFL Films: NFL 1971: AFC Semifinal Playoff: Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs: The Longest NFL Game Ever Played

I'm not sure that one team won this game but that the Kansas City Chiefs finally ran out of gas first. This game was historic and important for several reasons. The last playoff game for the Chiefs until 1986 and their last shot at winning another Super Bowl. Which they did just two seasons before and the last playoff game at Kansas City Municipal Stadium. Before the Chiefs moved into Arrowhead Stadium which is perhaps the loudest outdoor stadium in the NFL right now. After this game the Chiefs went into a decline where they became pretty mediocre and at times very bad. Before the mid and late 1980s when the Chiefs became contenders and winners again. This game is also important for the Miami Dolphins because they won their first playoff game in franchise. History in 1971 and put them in the AFC Final where they won their first AFC Championship and played. In their first Super Bowl after the 1971 season where they lost to the Dallas Cowboys but 1971 is where. The Miami Dolphins go on course to being a great team and playing in three straight Super Bowl and winning two of them back to back.

So this 1971 AFC Divisional Playoff is historic and important but for many reasons. Yes its the longest game in NFL history but also because of the two teams that were involved. Two teams where one was on the rise the Miami Dolphins and the other team in decline playing what turned out. To be the Kansas City Chiefs last shot at being a contender and their last shot at playing for. Another Super Bowl Championship, with the Miami Dolphins just starting to learn how good they could be.