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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 19 January 2013

ESPN: Video: 1996 Piece on Earl Weaver Before HOF Induction: Tribute To The The Earl of Baltimore

Former Baltimore Orioles great manager the winningest manager in Orioles history and I believe the best manager. In Major League Baseball in the 1970s and one of the best managers of all time, died today at the age of 82. But his memory and legacy will live forever as long as there's Baltimore Orioles baseball. Because he taught the Orioles how to win not just for one season but how to win season after season. He built the foundation with the players he had on how to win each game and win each season. And his philosophy was so fundamentally sound because it was all about fundamentals. You win baseball games by beating your opponents not by beating yourself. You pitch and execute your pitches well, you play good defense and you get timely hitting. You don't win games by consistently leaving runners in scoring position or by giving your opponents. Extra outs or by hanging hittable pitches in the strike zone and because of this there might of been. A more fundamentally sound baseball manager in MLB history because The Earl's message was all about. Fundamentals and his players knew that if they didn't execute, they didn't play.

The Orioles didn't win so much and so often in the 1970s and 80s because they had so much more talent. Then their opponents but because they were so much more fundamentally sound then their opponents. When other teams were relying on great talent to win games and relying on a handful of players to win. The Orioles were relying on their whole team because of their great depth and because they had so many players who knew how to play the game the right way. And avoided making big mistakes. Which is something the Orioles got way from in the last decade and are finally. Getting back to now.