Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Janet Jackson Vevo: Janet Jackson- Come Back To Me

Source: Derik Schneider via Photobucket- Janet Jackson in concert-
Source: Janet Jackson Vevo: Janet Jackson- Come Back To Me

It's been a while since I've seen new JJ videos. But Come Back To Me is part of Janet Jackson's 1986-87 Control album. Her first album as an independent musical artist. Janet, is 20-21 at this point, but if you see her face you think she was 13-14. A classic baby-faced sweetheart who'll always still seem like a kid and be able to come off as a girl instead of a grown woman. If you're familiar with the song The First Night from Monica, which I believe came out in 1998 it sounds very similar to Come Back To Me. Both songs are about new romances with the woman trying to tell her new boyfriend that they should wait and not get down right away and spoil whatever they may have working for them. Which is easier said than done when you're talking to a guy in his teens who cam't wait to get down especially with a beautiful girl he's just met and is getting involved with. And Come Back To Me could easily have been delivered from a 15-16 girl, 17-18 even, but it's coming from a 20 year old woman. But again to go back to Janet Jackson she's always seemed a lot younger than she actually is in actuality. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Joe Jetson: Ted Kennedy and The Chappaquiddick Tragedy- 7/18/1969

Despite this horrible tragedy, Ted Kennedy made a very successful and productive life for himself afterwords. Ted Kennedy, was basically still a frat boy in 1969 even at 37. He was married and already had kids, but wasn’t very serious about his marriage and liked other women. He was still dealing with the assassination of his brother Bobby and perhaps Jack as well. He simply wasn’t ready for the national spotlight and people to be looking at him as the future leader of the country. Because he was still trying to grow up, something that he didn’t really accomplish at all until the mid or late 1990s when he was already in his sixties with grandchildren. Up till then he was still trying to balance his personal life which could be chaotic and his professional life as a U.S. Senator.

If you watched the 2009 HBO documentary about Ted Kennedy which really was Senator Kennedy in his own words I really think you see how responsible and hurt he was from his own childish and immature actions that cost the life of a young women Mary Joe Kopechne. First of all, he’s driving this women home instead of his wife from this party. Which I believe is a big clue there. And driving her home when he’s had too much to drink. Ted, was still dealing with alcoholism in his early sixties. He drives the car into a lake and the first thing that comes to his mind is his personal survival. And the second thing his is professional survival. Not the women who was in the car with him. That came after it looked like he might be held personally responsible for her life.

Of the three Kennedy brothers that served in Congress and had successful careers in politics, Ted Kennedy had the best and longest career. Even though he was never president. But compare his Congressional record with his brothers and most people who have ever served in Congress in either the Senate or House and Senator Kennedy is in the first class, whatever you think of his politics. And all of this despite his lack of maturity and personal responsibility. He was never built to be President of the United States. By the time he was personally ready for that and to even make a strong run at that, he was in his early sixties. And Bill Clinton was already president and the Democratic Party was moving away from Senator Kennedy’s more social democratic politics. But Senator Kennedy, once he finally grew up became a great man and a great senator.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

ABC News: Video: Style: Good Morning America: Tight Skinny Jeans Health Risk: Fashion Trend Might Cause Nerve Damage

Yeah but they'll be around as long as guys like to check women out in skinny jeans. Whether they are denim or leather skinny jeans.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jack Hammond: Students For a Democratic Society- To Change The World

Source: Jack Hammond- The 1960s New-Left-
Source: Jack Hammond: Vietnam War- Students For a Democratic Society

I actually believe as a current affairs blogger that todays Occupy Wall Street movement was born in the 1960s as part of what was called the New-Left. Because if you look at where Students For a Democratic Society were for back then and what they are trying to accomplish then and today, the end of war and that basically means all war, this movement is exactly what a person whose called a dove looks like and is. A dove is someone who tends to take a soft approach when it comes to areas like national security and foreign policy. Law enforcement, areas where government sometimes involves itself in the personal lives of individuals.

Doves were around pre-1965, but they really came alive in the 1960s with the Baby Boom Generation. And some of their kids today that is part of the New-Left who actually grew up, are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement today that’s again anti-war period. But also believes in things that Social Democrats call social justice. Creating an economic system that of course is government based that would work to see that there’s economic equality throughout the country. That no one has too much and no one has too little.

Pre-1965 or so even Progressives in the Democratic Party were cold warriors. People who were anti-communism and authoritarianism across the board. But progressive to socialist on economic policy. President’s Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson all come to mind. And there were the so-called doves in the party that became the New-Left. The Henry Wallace’s of the world, but they weren’t as vocal and didn’t have the numbers that the Liberals, Social Democrats and Conservatives even back then.

The Democratic Party did have a right-wing, but this all started to change in 1965-66 and so did the Democratic Party. The New-Left emerges and became what I and others call the Far-Left of the Democratic Party. People who are more socialist on economic policy, but non-interventionist across the board when it comes to national security, foreign policy and law enforcement. “That force and violence are never an answer and can never be a replacement for reason and understanding.”

Today thanks to the New-Left the Democratic Party is still a very diverse political party. And one of the reasons why we are the largest political party in America if not the world. Because we represent so much of the country, but we are a mixture of Liberal Democrats such as myself, Social Democrats, people who tend to be called Progressives, socialist on economic policy, but again dovish or soft in areas like national security and law enforcement to use as examples. And then we have Centrist Democrats, or people who are Moderate Liberals and that all happened as the New-Left emerged in the 1960s. That makes up what we see from Occupy Wall Street today.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

BaltimoreOrioles1954: Orioles Magic: 1983 Baltimore Orioles: Redemption!

The Orioles finally come through and win another World Series after being contenders ever since they won their last WS in 1970.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

BaltimoreOrioles1954: Orioles Magic: 1979 Baltimore Orioles: Orioles Magic is Back

The 1979 Orioles are one of the best teams to not win the World Series

Monday, 21 January 2013

Mr. Holt History: Video: Martin Luther King Jr. On Love and Nonviolence

There were at least two reasons for Dr. King's message of non-violence. One, that he actually believed in it. And I'm not trying to suggest that he didn't, but the other had a political component to it. He knew that for him and his movement to accomplish what it wanted which was equality and civil rights for all Americans, that he needed more than just African-Americans behind him. That he needed Americans of other races. Because he was facing a simple numbers game.

That African-Americans at least to this point were a relatively small minority. And that they couldn't go up against even just Anglo-Saxon Southerners who had most of the power down South, on their own. And that he also need positive media attention and not look like violent radicals, or anarchists. But serious intelligent people that had a message for the entire country and that they needed their support. Which is how he was able to bring in so many non-African Americans to his movement.

I'm not trying to say that Dr. King was a true pacifist and that if America was under attack from another country, that it shouldn't fight back and that would be just one example. But he did have a pacifist approach when it came to the civil rights movement. He directed his people and marchers to simply just take it, for lack of a better phrase. Put up with the violence which help get out the message of what his movement was facing from the Anglo-Saxon racist establishment in America. Especially from the South. That way to fight back was to show the opposition for what they really were. Which were radical violent racists and win legal and policy battles.
Equal Rights Leader

Orioles Baseball : Orioles Magic- 1982 Baltimore Orioles: The Earl of Baltimore

Source: Baltimore Orioles-
Source: Orioles Baseball: Orioles Magic- 1982 Baltimore Orioles: The Earl of Baltimore

The 1982 Orioles one of the best teams not to make the MLB playoffs

Unexplained Files: Jim Morrison in New Haven Arrested in 1967

Source: The Doors-Jim Morrison- 
Source: Unexplained Files: Jim Morrison Arrested in New Haven in 1967

The way this went down is that Jim Morrison and his some times mistress (Patricia Kennealy) were backstage at the New Haven Arena the night of this concert, making out. A New Haven cop a patrolman catches them in a closet making out and I guess doesn't recognize Jim Morrison and certainly not Pat Kennealy and orders them both out. Morrison tells the officer that they're doing nothing wrong and the cop shouldn't worry about it and I'm paraphrasing. The cop is not satisfied with that and orders them out again. Morrison once again refuses and the cop gets physical and pushes Morrison and Morrison pushes back the cop sprays Morrison and gets him out of the closet. This is all going down literally moments before this concert started. And Morrison ends up going out on stage with this spray in his eyes. The concert starts out normally, but then Morrison after one song goes silent and instead starts talking and cursing about the cops and explains his side of the story of what happened to him and his part-time girlfriend. The New Have cops have enough of that, interrupt the concert and arrest Jim Morrison on stage and remove him during the middle of the concert. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

ESPN: Video: 1996 Piece on Earl Weaver Before HOF Induction: Tribute To The The Earl of Baltimore

Former Baltimore Orioles great manager the winningest manager in Orioles history and I believe the best manager. In Major League Baseball in the 1970s and one of the best managers of all time, died today at the age of 82. But his memory and legacy will live forever as long as there's Baltimore Orioles baseball. Because he taught the Orioles how to win not just for one season but how to win season after season. He built the foundation with the players he had on how to win each game and win each season. And his philosophy was so fundamentally sound because it was all about fundamentals. You win baseball games by beating your opponents not by beating yourself. You pitch and execute your pitches well, you play good defense and you get timely hitting. You don't win games by consistently leaving runners in scoring position or by giving your opponents. Extra outs or by hanging hittable pitches in the strike zone and because of this there might of been. A more fundamentally sound baseball manager in MLB history because The Earl's message was all about. Fundamentals and his players knew that if they didn't execute, they didn't play.

The Orioles didn't win so much and so often in the 1970s and 80s because they had so much more talent. Then their opponents but because they were so much more fundamentally sound then their opponents. When other teams were relying on great talent to win games and relying on a handful of players to win. The Orioles were relying on their whole team because of their great depth and because they had so many players who knew how to play the game the right way. And avoided making big mistakes. Which is something the Orioles got way from in the last decade and are finally. Getting back to now.

NFL Films: NFL 1971: AFC Semifinal Playoff: Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs: The Longest NFL Game Ever Played

I'm not sure that one team won this game but that the Kansas City Chiefs finally ran out of gas first. This game was historic and important for several reasons. The last playoff game for the Chiefs until 1986 and their last shot at winning another Super Bowl. Which they did just two seasons before and the last playoff game at Kansas City Municipal Stadium. Before the Chiefs moved into Arrowhead Stadium which is perhaps the loudest outdoor stadium in the NFL right now. After this game the Chiefs went into a decline where they became pretty mediocre and at times very bad. Before the mid and late 1980s when the Chiefs became contenders and winners again. This game is also important for the Miami Dolphins because they won their first playoff game in franchise. History in 1971 and put them in the AFC Final where they won their first AFC Championship and played. In their first Super Bowl after the 1971 season where they lost to the Dallas Cowboys but 1971 is where. The Miami Dolphins go on course to being a great team and playing in three straight Super Bowl and winning two of them back to back.

So this 1971 AFC Divisional Playoff is historic and important but for many reasons. Yes its the longest game in NFL history but also because of the two teams that were involved. Two teams where one was on the rise the Miami Dolphins and the other team in decline playing what turned out. To be the Kansas City Chiefs last shot at being a contender and their last shot at playing for. Another Super Bowl Championship, with the Miami Dolphins just starting to learn how good they could be.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

NBA-TV: NBA 1990: Denver Nuggets @ Dallas Mavericks: 12/30/1989

The Dallas Mavericks heading towards being one of the worst teams in the NBA at this point

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

ABC Sports: MNF: NFL 1978: Miami Dolphins @ Houston Oilers: Highlights: Frank Gifford With The Call

Bob Griese as Dr. QB with those thick bifocals

NBC Sports: NFL 1987: AFC Wild Card: Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Oilers: Marv Albert and Joe Namath With The Call

The Oilers just starting to become very good again in 1987

NFL Films: NFL 1978: Houston Oilers Highlights

The Oilers went from playoff contenders in 1977 to Super Bowl contenders in 1978

Sunday, 13 January 2013

St. Louis Steamers TV: MISL 1986: St Louis Steamers @ Baltimore Blast: 1/22/86

The St. Louis Steamers in a battle just to make the MISL Playoffs in 1986

Friday, 11 January 2013

Death by Execution The Robert Andrew Lookingbill Story

The slow wait to die on death row in America

Thursday, 10 January 2013

NHL Video: NHL 1978: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres: 12/22/77

The Penguins uniforms look like the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL

NHL Video: NHL 1982: NHL Playoffs: Long Island Islanders @ Pittsburgh Penguins: Rick Kehoe Scores Overtime Winner

A classic NHL playoff game between the Islanders and Penguins

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MISL Video: MISL 1982: St. Louis Steamers @ New York Arrows: 2nd Half Highlights: 3/26/82

The St. Louis Steamers giving up a shorthanded goal which is a no no in indoor soccer or hockey

MISL Video: MISL 1992: San Diego Sockers @ St Louis Storm: 1st Half: 11/22/91

The San Diego Sockers the Los Angeles Lakers of the MISL

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Monday, 7 January 2013

NASL Video: NASL 1976: Seattle Sounders @ St. Louis Stars: Geoff Hurst NASL Debut: 4/17/1976

The MLS should be in St. Louis which has always been one of the best pro soccer markets in America

NASL Video: NASL 1977: Dallas Tornadoes @ Los Angeles Aztecs: George Best Scores

George Best scoring a bunch of goals for the Los Angeles Aztecs

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

MISL Video: MISL 1985: MISL Finals Game 5: Baltimore Blast @ San Diego Sockers: 5/28/1985

This is sorta the Celtics-Lakers matchup of the MISL as far as how successful the Baltimore Blast and San Diego Sockers have been.