Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, 7 December 2012

The Doors Experience: People are Strange- Live and In Concert

Source: The Doors Experience- As Jim Morrison & The Doors-
Source: The Doors Experience: A Retrospective

People Are Strange, that could really sum up Jim Morrison and The Doors. Jim Morrison the vocalist, who for at least a 2-3 year period was almost always seen in public in his famous and stylish black leather suit. The man looked like a leather rock god in that leather suit. The black leather jacket, the lambskin and sometimes snakeskin skin-tight black leather jeans that would be called skinny leathers today as far as pants. And of course black and sometimes brown cowboy boots. And his silver concho western belt. He wore his skin-tight leathers and concho to accentuate his crotch (and this is a direct quote) and sometimes brought too much attention because his leather jeans were so tight and he always had his shirt tucked in to his leathers so you that plus his belt sticking out and wore a short leather jacket so again women especially could check out his midsection and rear.

Expect for perhaps the concho belt which is really more a of a western cowboy and straight women look that women like to wear with their denim jeans and look western, Morrison leather suit and boots today would be very rock and roll. But back in the late 1960s that look on anyone man or woman would look strange. But Jim Morrison being The Lizard King pulled it off. To the point that his fans perhaps especially female wanted to his him in that outfit and especially performing in that outfit.

But Morrison just didn't perform in his leather suit. Most of his public appearances he was in his leather suit with concho and cowboy boots. As well as when he was out casually and seen in public. He did his interviews and traveled in that outfit. A big part of being The Lizard King for Jim Morrison was being a leather clad rock god. That seemed strange back then but is very mainstream in rock and roll today and has been for about thirty-five years now.