Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

NFL Films: ESPN: Super Bowl 3 Highlights: Baltimore Colts vs New York Jets

This is perhaps my favorite time of year, its either the holiday season or the start of summer which. For Marylanders is late May, because I love football history, pro football and otherwise and I have a lot. Of these games at least the highlights of them in my DVD library and out of all the games in Baltimore pro football history. Whether its the Colts, Stars, Stallions or Ravens which I put all into one history, its this game right here. We'll never know this for a fact but lets say Colts QB John Unitas, who I and a lot of others believe is the great QB of all time. Including my father, is healthy for this game, the Colts beat the Jets by the amount that they were favored to. They probably either cover the seventeen point spread or come close to it, this wouldn't of been the biggest blowout. In Super Bowl history, the Jets did have a very good if not great team in 1968, I'm not taking anything away from them. But just look at the game, look at those two touchdown passes that Colts QB Earl Morral missed, one of them went for an incompletion. The other fell short for an INT, Morrall misses a wide open Jimmy Orr in the end zone for a td pass early in the game.

The Jets in the first half came up with a couple of scores to take control of the game but then played. A bend but don't break defense, where they should've broke for at least two touchdowns, one of them. Again falling for an incompletion that led to chip chop missed field goal and the other falling short because. Earl Morrall didn't put enough air under the ball and falls short for an INT, two passes that John Unitas would've hit for touchdown passes. The Jets played very well but they also got some big breaks, like not having to face the best QB in pro football. Until the second half when he wasn't at full strength and the Colts simply not playing well as they. Should've and leaving two touchdowns on the field, as well as another touchdown in the second half.