Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

BreakingNews: Larry Hagman Dead at 81: I Dream of Genie Actor, J.R. Ewing Character

Even though Larry Hagman's career was more then Major Tony Nelson on I Dream of Jeanie and JR Ewing on Dallas. He did other TV and some movies, including playing a late entry Presidential candidate in the movie Primary Colors from 1998. When I think of Larry Hagman, I think of the clever and witty, I apologize for my language, prick who could make people laugh. While being a prick, including the people he was being prickish to, the JR Ewing character had this incredible. Ability to size up people he was dealing with and know exactly where they were most vulnerable and where. To hit them if he felt the need to do so, which is I guess is a great characteristic to have in business where JR Ewing. Was a very successful Dallas oilman, he could be a prick and make you laugh at the same time, because when he was critiquing someone. A lot of times he was accurate and not pulling things out of hot air or making things up but simply speaking the truth about. Who he was talking about, which is a great skill for anyone to have, to be able to size people up.

Celia Munoz: The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl, 1968- Spanish Caravan

Source: Celia Munoz-Jim Morrison-
Source: Celia Munoz: The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl, 1968- Spanish Caravan

Spanish Caravan is not one of my favorite songs, even from The Doors. But their 1968 performance at the Hollywood Bowl, is very memorable. And part of that being that Jim Morrison was little off his game and acting somewhat distracted. Perhaps because his girlfriend Pam Courson shows up at the concert with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, but you would have to ask them that. Morrison's voice and delivery was somewhat off, but he was still The Lizard King in this performance. Showing up in his favorite skin-tight brown leather jeans and concho belt and starting off the concert with an Indian vest. Rare you see The Lizard King in his brown leather jeans for a concert performance, a 90 minute performance in color. He generally wore his black leathers when performing in color. If you watch the PBS film When You're Strange about Jim Morrison, the narrator Johnny Depp, was talking about Morrison's wardrobe. And said that he put together his own wardrobe. Including the leather jeans and said that Morrison wore the the leathers and concho belt, to accentuate his crotch. You watch this concert and you'll see what that is exactly about with all the closeups upfront of The Lizard King.