Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

CBS: Early Show- Anthony Mason Interviewing Patti Smith on Jim Morrison

Source: CBS-Anthony Mason & Patti Smith-
Source: CBS: Early Show- Anthony Mason Interviewing Patti Smith on Jim Morrison

I'm guessing Jim Morrison inspired a lot of fellow baby boomers. Patti Smith saying that Jim Morrison was a great poet, I don't know about that not being a poetry fan, or someone who knows much if anything about poetry other than words in poems tend to rhyme. But I do believe The Lizard King was a great writer and a great performer. Roadhouse Blues, I believe is The Doors best song and I believe would give Eric Clapton a run for his money when it comes to blues and blues rock. The Doors were not a hippie band, but a 1960s baby boomer (except for Ray Manzarek, born in 1939) blues rock rock and roll band. And Jim Morrison was their star and leader and without him and you replace The Lizard King with a solid vocalist and entertainer, you still have a very good rock band. But they would be like Aerosmith without either Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Very solid, but unless the replacements were also great, nothing really exceptional about the band. Morrison was the franchise player for The Doors. 

GridIron By Cinema-ABC Sports: NFL 1976-MNF-Cincinnati Bengals @ Oakland Raiders

The Raiders wanted to beat the Bengals in 1976 on MNF to play the Steelers in the AFC Playoffs