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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 18 November 2012

NBC Sports: NFL 1985: NFL on NBC: AFC Final: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

The Patriots simply had a better all around team then the Dolphins in 1985

CmoreBmoreRavens: NBC Sports: SNF: Ravens @ Steelers: Another Jacoby Jones Return for a Touchdown

The play of the game so far

Wet Leather Biker: Erbo Rocker Leather Jeans

Source: Wet Leather Biker-
Source: Wet Leather Biker: Erbo Rocker Leather Jeans

Rocker leather jeans? They look more like cowboy leather jeans that cowboys and other westerners wear, including cowgirls when they're are their horses, ranches, and involved in other western activities.

With the chain wallet that the man is wearing in the photo and video, those are very common with biker men and to some extent biker women. Who wear chain wallets both with their leather and denim jeans and they're out on their bikes. For obvious reasons and style is one of them, but to protect their wallets when they're on the road, as well as around other bikers and people involved in biker culture.

Leather jeans of course are very common in rock and roll culture. People in that community can thank Jim Morrison from The Doors for that. But leather jeans, leather jackets, leather boots, and other leather clothing, have been a big part of rock culture at least since the early 1980s with the heavy metal wave, if not the late 1970s. Jim Morrison from the late 1960s was really the first famous rocker to wear a leather suit that included black leather jeans, black leather jacket and black cowboy boots.

WJZ-TV Sports: Maryland Terrapins Could Possibly Join Big Ten Conference

Maryland Terps Could Possibly Join Big Ten Conference « CBS Baltimore

The Maryland Terrapins are already in the perfect conference for them as far as academically, recruiting, rivalries and geographically. Its a school thats in great position to do very well both athletically, as well as academically, because of its size. Location and resources and even though they could compete well in the Big Ten, the idea of them being in a Midwest conference, at best seems weird but more accurately would. They would look out of place, they should be playing Penn State every year, that would be a great border war. But they don't have to be in the same conference to do that.

BaltimoreOrioles1954: 1966-1971: The Orioles Dynasty

Two World Series championships, four AL titles and three AL East titles from 1966-71