Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Oscars: 1955 Oscars- Grace Kelly Receiving an Oscar For Contry Girl

Source: Oscars-
Source: Oscars: 1955 Oscars- Grace Kelly Wins Best Actress For Country Girl

Never seen The Country Girl, or have even ever heard of The Country Girl. I’ve seen country girls and of course have heard of country girls. And I love them generally, because they tend to be very healthy women physically, who take care of themselves and love how they look and present themselves. But as far as commenting on that movie, it would be like a blind man trying to land a 747 in someone’s driveway. Why bother risking that, with all the potential fallout that could come as a result. But I’m familiar with Grace Kelly, the Amazing Grace and It can easily see why she won an Oscar for a movie I’ve never heard of. She’s The Amazing Grace after all, who could making talking about the weather sound fascinating. Because that is how great of a voice she had and how great of an actress she was.

NBC Sports: NFL 1981: AFC Final: San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals: "The Freezer Bowl": Dick Enberg & Merlin Olson With The Call

You have to give anyone credit just for showing up and be willing to play in a game like this, where its. Like trying to play football in Antarctica or something and especially having to play the game on a frozen astroturf fie
ld. That must of been like trying to play football on concrete parking lot or something. They had to play at Riverfront Cincinnati in January, the Bengals were better equipped to play this game. Because they were a ball control power running offense, that got big pass plays with QB Ken Anderson off of play action. Whereas the Chargers had that vertical spread offense, where they were always looking for big pass plays and ran the ball. Well because of their deep passing game but when that passing game was taken away like in frigid weather. They became easier to defend and the Bengals were also in better position to win this game, because they had a better defense.

The Bengals didn't have to score thirty plus points to win, whereas the Chargers gave up almost as many points as they scored. If the weather was even decent, this wouldn't of been a blowout that it turned out to be but the Bengals. Were in better position to win in January because they more of a complete team that could play well in either good or bad weather as we saw in this game.