Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Doors Alive: Roadhouse Blues

Source: The Doors Alive-
Source: The Doors Alive: Roadhouse Blues

The Doors Alive at least to me looks like the 1969 version of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Starting with the Miami concert scene where Jim Morrison shows up late and drunk, with a full-fledge beard. And that not concert never really takes off because The Lizard King is drunk and short-tempered, sounds awful and not even able to remember the lyrics of the song Five To One. And stops singing all together and stars yelling and cursing at the audience.

And Morrison goes as far as asking the people there if they want to see his dick and tells them that he he'll show them it. Makes it look like he's pulling down his leather pants, but never actually goes that far. At least from all the available evidence we've sees so far. Jim Morrison ends up being arrested at the concert arena and charged with foul language and indecent exposure. Both with could well-argued are unconstitutional in America.

But there are a couple differences between the Jim Morrison of 1969 and the guy playing Morrison in the band The Doors Alive. One, Morrison didn't wear his concho belt with his black leather jeans when he had that thick beard. He went to denim jeans and other non-leather pants after the Miami concert with the thick beard. He also stopped wearing his leathers both black and brown after the Miami concert.

This might just be a sign of the times with thick beards coming back into style with young men. And Morrison cover in Doors Alive not believing he has to look exactly like Jim Morrison. Just as long as he has the outfit and the sound down. But I don't believe you're going to find any images of Jim Morrison with a thick beard or any beard, with him wearing his leather jeans and concho belt. The Miami concert is really the only time you see Morrison wearing his leathers with a beard at any point. 

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