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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, 19 October 2012

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: True or False: Miami, Saban, and more

Miami Florida will always be in position to be a power in football, as long as they are located in South Florida. Way too much talent in that area, as well as resources for the Hurricanes to not be contending for conference and national championships.

SECNetwork: Countdown to Kickoff: South Carolina vs Florida

South Carolina has to bounce back and win this game, to have any hopes of getting to the SEC Championship

Salon: Why Most Celebs Are For President Obama

Why most celebs are for Obama

Its pretty simple and at risk of over generalizing, Barack Obama is considered cool in Hollywood and Mitt Romney is not. When the make appearances with President Obama, it helps celebrities careers and brings them more attention, when they hangout with Mitt Romney, their fans wonder why they are hanging out with. Him, Mitt Romney is like so yesterday, or however they would put it.