Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Monday, 8 October 2012

RT Sports: Alex Ovechkin Adds One Assist as Moscow Dynamo Secure 4th Straight Win

Good to see Alex Ovechkin playing Pro Hockey, just wish he was playing for the Capitals in the NHL

Chrissy Ozioma: Janet Jackson- Black Cat Remix

Source: Etyyy Qishunli- Janet Jackson's Black Cat live-
Source: Chrissy Ozioma: Janet Jackson- Black Cat Remix

A great version and you really get to see Janet Jackson's versatility in her music adding classic rock to her rhythm and blues sound. Black Cat really is a classic rock if not hard rock sound that is performed by a rhythm and blues band. But where you also get Janet's performance and dance team. You generally don't see classic rock and hard rock bands with dancers and with vocalist dancing around on the stage and doing rehearsed dances. It's generally a lead vocalist singing on stage and moving around to some extent and moving with their bandmates, but you generally don't see them dancing around together.

Blues rock is where you mix in classic rock like say something from Aerosmith and mix that in with rhythm and blues. Like something from Janet Jackson, to use as an example. The Dave Matthews band does that, Bruce Springsteen does this, Eric Clapton does this, Elvis Presley did that, Jim Morrison and The Doors did that combination. But with Black Cat you get a classic or hard rock song and sound played by r&b band with an r&B singer. And they did a great job with that.

Guns N' Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine Official HD Music video

The best GNR song of all time, pure and simple and it all started with Slash just ripping on guitar.