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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 6 October 2012

SECNetwork: Gameday Central: Starkville vs Kentucky

The Bulldogs look like they are for real

Current TV: Gavin Newsom: Rosario Dawson, Working With Voto Latino

The Latino vote is just example of why President Obama is going to get reelected, because Mitt Romney will be lucky to get 30% of that vote. And that won't be enough for him to win the Presidential Election.

AlterNet: Top 10 Excuses Right Wingers Are Already Making For Losing The Election

Top 10 Excuses Conservatives Are Already Making For Losing The Election | Alternet

When you lose and election, don't blame it on your candidates or those crazy Neoconservatives that Mitt Romney. Has to try to appeal to, to have any shot at winning the Presidential Election, but blame it on the easiest target in politics, the media. Thats the State of the GOP in 2012.