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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

HBO: The Newsroom Editorial- Jeff Daniels: Rinos Are The Real Republicans: The Tea Party Are Fundamentalists

Source: HBO-
Source: HBO: The Newsroom- Jeff Daniels: Rinos Are The Real Republicans

I'll be honest, I'm not a regular viewer of HBO's Newsroom, but I've seen a few scenes of it. And what I've gotten out of it, is the anchor of this Newscast, is an admitted Republican. A Conservative Republican even, but a Republican in how the Republican Party use to be. People that Neoconservatives meaning what the Tea Party has become, call these Republicans Rinos, Republicans in name only. People who they probably view as Moderate Republicans or in their minds (or lack of them) as even worse, than Moderate Democrats.

People like Richard, Lugar, John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Judd Gregg even, that haven't challenged Scott Brown in Massachusetts. And that could be viewed as, well "Massachusetts, is a purely leftist Democratic state, so it's better to have a Republican in name only up there", again in their minds only. But what the anchor of the Newsroom is saying, these so-called Rinos, are the real Republican Party. The party that produced Abraham Lincoln, Barry Goldwater, Gerry Ford, John Rhoades, Ron Reagan, Bob Dole, Howard Baker, Bob Michael and many other great Republican leaders. That this is how the GOP was strong and in power and didn't have an approval rating that was low as today's Congress.

I haven't heard an editorial from the Newsroom on what a "real Republican" is. But if we are actually going to label what "real Republicans" are and yes the Tea Party started this discussion and again I'm an unapologetic Liberal as well as Democrat and proud of, but I believe in having two strong political parties, at least two strong, but that's a different discussion, but as someone whose viewed the GOP past and present, this is what a "real Republican" is to me. Someone whose both an economic and fiscal Conservative, who believes in limited government, but not just limited government as it relates to the economy, but limited government period.

And limited government includes social policy. For example a real Republican seems to me wouldn't try to arrest someone for watching an adult movie or playing a role in one. Or trying to ban adult language in movies and music or wouldn't care if two men or two women involved in same-sex romances and are involved with each other or living together, adopting kids or even marrying each other. That this is not the business of the Federal Government, but that government is there to protect innocent people from the harm of others, not protect people from themselves.

Real Republicans believe in limited government, that government should only do for the people what the people can't do for themselves, or can't do for themselves as well. And that the best government, is the government thats closest to the people. Real Republicans aren't Progressives, to put it mildly ,but they are Conservatives in the classical form. And when you have limited government, you keep taxes down only have regulations that are there to protect the innocent from the abuse of others.

And that states rights is about allowing the states to govern themselves and dealing with the issues that are close to home, as they see fit, as long as they are within the U.S. Constitution. And that the Federal Government's role is supportive. Rather than directive, but that limited government also applies to national security. That America has to be strong at home and abroad, but we also have to mind our own business.

The Republican Party that I just laid out, a conservative party, people who I would describe as real Republicans, is a party that use to exist, just as short as 20-30 years. But that party has died off and that started when the Religious-Right came in about the mid and late 1970s and into power in the 1990s. And then combined themselves with Neoconservatives in the late 90s. And last decade and that's how the GOP went from being a conservative tarty to a Far-Right populist religious. At least at the grassroots level.

SECNetwork: FBS SEC: Gameday Central: Tennessee @ Georgia

An absolute shootout that looked more like an arenaball game, rather then a football game

Alex Dos Santos: State of The World- Janet Jackson

Source: Alex De Santos- Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation tour-
Source: Alex Dos Santos: State of The World- Janet Jackson

A great sexy performer, who can sing and dance and an absolute pleasure to watch perform. Whether you're a fan of Janet Jackson or not and I like some of her songs and not a fan of others, she always gives you more than your moneys worth in concert and when she performs. I could watch her dance and perform with the sound down or being there live but death and still enjoy her performance. She's a great dancer and always has great energy and I believe is perhaps at least the best performer when it comes to both dancing and singing at the same time. She has a great ability to sing while in rhythm and what I mean by that is she sings while she's in motion and I believe brings more to what she's saying with her movement. You can't hope but to check her out when she's singing because she moves so well and is so great to look at. A beautiful baby-face woman with a great body and great style and you can't help but check her out when she's performing. Assuming you're attracted to women anyway. And to sing her sing a song that I really like, like Black Cat or Love Will Never Do, just makes her that much better for me. 

Strange Days: The Doors Tribute Band- Light My Fire Live

Source: FRS Daily Journal Plus
Source: Strange Days: The Doors Tribute Band- Light My Fire

The Lizard King cover looking like the Leather King in those leather jeans. But this cover is the best I've seen so far when it comes to The Doors. They have the look, sound and act, they've studied The Doors very well.

As far as the Jim Morrison cover, the hair is too long unless you look at Jim Morrison in 1969 when his music career was basically over. His alcoholism basically took over his life and he became very angry at almost everything he saw in life. And he grew a very long thick beard which you don't see on this Jim Morrison cover. And in early 69 Morrison was going downhill physically and emotionally and that lead to his horrible performance in Miami where he ends up in jail for his bad behavior. He was even accused of exposing himself at that Miami concert. Jim Morrison in his prime had a somewhat short but thick dark haircut. The guy you see in this video has a hairstyle has a long haircut that was common with headbangers in the 1980s. But not with a blues rocker like Jim Morrison from the 1960s. 

Mike Din NYC: Jim Morrison & The Doors- Blue Sunday: Touch Me

Source: Mike Din NYC- Jim Morrison & The Doors's cover band Blue Sunday-
Source: Mike Din NYC: Blue Sunday- Touch Me

In real-life Jim Morrison was maybe 5'10-5'11 and perhaps more like 5'9 and maybe weighed 160 pounds or so. Sort of an average height slightly built man. Most of the Jim Morrison covers I've seen have been at least 6'0 and generally taller than that and have been tall muscular men. The lead vocalist from the Strange Days band would be an exception if not the only exception to that. So most of the Jim Morrison covers haven't looked like Morrison other than the dark hair, the tight leather jeans, the cowboys boots, and concho built. They have his outfit down and some of them even have his moves and sound down very well as well. So if you're looking for a Morrison cover that looks a lot like Jim Morrison, this is not Saturday Night Live where they have people who who look a lot like the men they're playing like with Phil Hartmann playing Bill Clinton back in the day. The Morrison covers tend to be much taller and larger men, but a lot of them do a really good job playing The Lizard King as far as the wardrobe, sound and presence. 

Mike Din NYC: La Woman- The Doors

Source: Mike DIN NYC-
Source: Mike DIN NYC: LA Woman- The Doors

I guess this a Doors cover band that calls themselves LA Woman. Which of course is one of the most famous and popular songs that was created by Jim Morrison and The Doors. Which I believe came out in 1968, but you can fact-check me on that if you want.

That is common of Doors cover bands to do which is to use the name of one of The Doors songs as the name of their band. There's a band called Peace Frog. Another band called Strange Days. Have yet to see or hear of a band called Light My Fire or The End, or Roadhouse Blues, but they may exist as well.

I mean not every Doors cover band could call themselves The Doors, for obvious reasons. Or Jim Morrison and The Doors, again for obvious reasons. Because you would have a hard time extinguishing from one to another. Or even, "this is The Doors Cover Band" as someone is introducing them. The way to tell each of these bands apart is by their name of course, but also accuracy. Who looks, sounds, and plays the part the best, or even does a good job.

SECNetwork: Gameday Central: FBS: Missouri Tigers @ Central Florida

The Missouri Tiger in the Southeast Conference, just seem wrong to me for several reasons

TNT Dallas 2012 First Look: Its Never As Good As The Original

I saw a few episodes of TNT's Dallas and it looks like a good show and has the potential to be a better show. But without JR Ewing played by Larry Hagman, having the starring role instead of more of a part time supportive role. Its just not the same a
nd of course Larry Hagman is in his early eighties now and probably doesn't want to act full time anymore but you don't replace a Larry Hagman. On a show like this and only a few others of the former cast members are back, like Patrick Duffy whose very good and Linda Gray, who still looks great but Larry Hagman was the franchise player. Of this show and he only has a part time role and they don't have anyone who can fill his build. So the show is somewhat lacking and the new cast is simply not as good, much younger then when the original cast was on the show, perhaps most if not all of them looking for that breakout role. That leads to bigger roles, so the new Dallas still has some ways to go, to becoming a great show like the old one.