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Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 22 September 2012

FRSCitizenJournal: NFL Films Crunch Time: Tough Guys of the 1960s & 70s

The only MLB I would take over Mike Curtis of the Baltimore Colts in the 1960s and 70s, would be Dick Butkus of the Chicago Bears. And maybe Jack Lambert of the Pittsburgh Steelers and I could go either way, thats how dominant of a defender that Mike Curtis was, not as great as Dick Butkus, who. I and a lot of other people consider to be the greatest MLB of all time but Curtis is in Butkus's class. Similar to Butkus, Curtis was big, strong, mobile, intelligent and tough and had one goal in mind and job, stop the guy with the ball and stop him before he made a good gain. Someone like Butkus, was dominant against both the run and pass, because of his size and mobility and. The ability to read offenses and not that the NFL is not tough anymore but back then the rules favored defenders over offenders, they had plenty of leeway that they could use to stop the guy with. The ball, which of course gave the defense a big advantage, offenses basically had to be able to run the ball well to be successful on offense. The Redskins of the 1960s being an exception to that but thats one thing that brought out the Mad Dog in Mike Curtis, because he could be himself and was expected to be tough.

Some of the rules that favored defenses over offenses, were definitely extreme by todays standards. And they probably had too much of an advantage based on the rules back then, like being able to trip and close line offenders and Offensive Lineman not being able to extend their arms. When blocking and the NFL fixed these problems in 1978, after the NFL had one of the most dominant years ever on defense in 1977, with handful of teams scoring 300 points or more. But they went to far with the Illegal Contact rule that give offenses an automatic first down, even though its only a five yard penalty, that sorta thing. And the NFL needs a better balance going forward with the rules for offenses and defenses.

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School of Roch: Thome: "You want to be a part of what they're doing"

Orioles continue to role thanks to Thome Power and beat the Boston Red Sox again at Fenway