Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

CBS News: CBS Evening News- Evolution of Gay Rights From 1967 To Today

Source: CBS News- A 1967 CBS News documentary-
Source: CBS News: CBS Evening News- Evolution of Gay Rights from 1967 To Today

The 1960s especially the late 1960s, was a very good decade for homosexual Americans. Because the country was becoming freer and more liberal as a country. We were becoming more free to express ourselves as a country, unlike the 1950s where the country was very conservative culturally. And where homosexuality was considered a sin, or a disease. We were sort of a big government statist country back then. Especially for a country thats supposed to be a liberal democracy.

But the 1960s changed that with the Baby Boomers coming of age and Hippie Culture coming into our culture. Where people including gays were encouraged to be who they were and no longer hide who they were. That there was nothing wrong with being gay in public. That there was nothing wrong for men to be attracted to men and for women to be attracted to women. And for men to be feminine and for women to be masculine. That Americans gay, or straight, should be who they are. Which of course pissed off Christian-Nationalists in America who have this very narrow view of what it means to be an American. And that has nothing to do with being gay and today have to expanded that to being that Islam is Un-American as well.

Freedom for homosexuals just expanded in the 1970s and 80s, where it became more acceptable and where you would see men wearing pink shirts in public. And women dressing butch in public and to the 1990s where we saw gay pride parades. And that discriminating against homosexuals because of their sexuality was considered wrong. Just look at where the country was ten years ago on same-sex marriage. Where the whole notion was considered some fringe idea, to by 2004 states like Hawaii and Massachusetts were passing same-sex marriage laws.

Vermont passed civil union Law in 2003-04, to today where roughly half the country, little more, or less supports the idea of same-sex marriage. Where even now the President and Vice President of the United States now support marriage equality. We've come thousands of miles in just the last few years when it comes to tolerance for homosexuals. I say all of this as a straight Liberal man who believes that all people have a right to tolerance and respect under law in this country. Until they lose that right by hurting other people. But as long as we are all good people, we should be treated as such, rather than by who do we sleep with and are attracted to the opposite gender, or not. But instead we are treated by how we treat other people rather than what we do in our private lives.

CBS Sports: The NFL Today: Week 2 Postgame Show

Here's my NFL Week 2 Recap, the Ravens and Redskins both blew it, both had solid leads in the first and second half's. And both lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams by making critical mistakes at key points in the Fourth Quarter. In the Ravens case, the referee blowing a Pass Interference call and taking a touchdown away from the Ravens and in the Redskins case, blowing their. Cool and getting an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty, that knocked them out of a makable forty yard field goal attempt and pushing them into a sixty yard field goal attempt instead.

ABC Sports: FBS 1977: Alabama @ Southern California: Keith Jackson With The Call

A great rivalry in the 1970s

Salon: Richard Gere on Obama disappointment

Richard Gere on Obama disappointment

The Hollywood Left's disappointments with President Obama I believe mostly relates to the the President on Foreign Policy and perhaps some Social Issues. My issues with the President are pretty much exclusively have to do with the President as it relates to Social Issues, the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention, the War on Drugs. Where the President has been much more Centrist or even Statist for me as a Liberal but thanks to Mitt Romney and the Tea Party. The President is going to get reelected and perhaps even going away, the way the polls are looking now in some of the swing States, which would otherwise have President Obama in the fight of his life in fighting for reelection. Some time your enemies are your best friends as Barack Obama is finding out.

MASN Sports: Steve Melewski: Orioles Offense Comes Alive as They Take Series Finale at Oakland

Steve Melewski: O's offense comes alive as they take series finale at Oakland

Finally the Orioles Offense comes through in Oakland