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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, 14 September 2012

NFL Films: Oakland Raiders: Return to Glory

The Oakland Raiders returned to glory in the early 2000s that ended up with them winning their first AFC Championship since 1983. And winning their fifth AFC Championship overall and going to their fifth Super Bowl in 2002, because they got back to Raider football, which was about the Vertical Offense. Big strong Offensive Line, power running game and a tough defense that not only gets the ball back but punishes opposing offenses. And this was put back together by Al Davis and Jon Gruden because they both understood what Raider football is really about, something they got away from in the 1990s. When they couldn't decide who their Head Coach or QB should be, they kept changing their offenses and they were never able to build on what they started in the early 1980s. They never replaced QB Jim Plunkett, they already had one of the top 3-5 RB's in the NFL in Marcus Allen. And yet they traded for another one in Bo Jackson who breaks his hip and is out of football all together by 1991 and then they let Marcus Allen go for nothing after completely misusing him in the prime of is career.

Al Davis might be the most brilliant NFl Executive who ever lived but he certainly wasn't perfect. And made some serious mistakes in the 1990s, that kept the Raiders in the black hole for a lot of that decade and then made some mistakes after the 2002 season that has kept the Raiders. Down ever since that they are still struggling to get back from but what they were in the early 2000s, was a result of returning to Raider football.

Salon: 1980-watch: It’s “Obama is Carter” day for Right-Wing Press

1980-watch: It’s “Obama is Carter” day for right-wing press

The problem the GOP has with this argument is that they have Tom Dewey or George H.W. Bush running for President and not Ron Reagan. In an election where they should be in positioned to win, they are writing a five part series of books in how to lose Presidential Elections, that will win them National Book Review awards. For their ability in how to lose Presidential Elections.