Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 1 September 2012

FRSCitizenJournal: NFL Films: NFL's Best Ever Teams, The 1970s: The Best Decade in Pro Football History

Sometimes I wish I was about ten years older because that would've made me old enough to watch the National Football League. For almost the entire decade of the 1970s, because from what I've seen and read, from both my DVD and book collection of that decade, this was the toughest as far as the players. And also the best as far as its quality of play, the only thing I didn't like about this decade, was the cookie cutter stadiums where you had baseball teams that shared stadiums with football teams. So the stadium would be too big for baseball and the seats would be too far away for baseball, not good for fans of either sport and of course they all played on astroturf. Which is basically a thin green rug over a concrete ground that you would see in a parking lot, like in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati to use as examples. But playing under these conditions and also in arctic weather starting in November or December, the Pittsburgh Steelers produce four of the best teams of all time. All in the 1970s, 1974, 1975, 1978 as far as I'm concern the best Super Bowl Champion of all time and the 1979 Steelers as well. But what made the Steelers even better is that they had an arch rival in the Oakland Raiders that were always pushing them starting in 1972. So both teams could be the best that they could be.

The NFL had three great franchises in the 1970s, you could make a case that they had four. With the Minnesota Vikings but even though they won three Conference Championships in this decade, they also lost three Super Bowls. But three great franchises for sure in that decade, the Steelers obviously winning four Super Bowls and four Conference Championships and played in two other Conference Finals. The Cowboys the franchise of the National Football Conference, who won two Super Bowls, five NFC Championships, lost to the team of the seventies in the Steelers twice. The second best franchise in the AFC in the 1970s, the Oakland Raiders, winning a Super Bowl in 1976, as well as an AFC Championship in that decade and played in six AFC Finals in this decade. Including five straight from 1973-77, there were also other good franchises in this decade like the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams and Washington Redskins as well.

The only thing that I would change about the 1970s NFL besides the cookie cutter stadiums and the astroturf. Is that instead of changing the NFL Pass Blocking Rules in 1978 and the Illegal Contact Rule, same year, I would've done that in 1970, so battles between OL and DL, WR and DB would've been fair. And the players who would've won these battles would've been the better players, rather then having a unfair Rule Advantage but this was a great decade with some of the best and toughest teams of all time.

NBC Sports: MLB 1973: World Series: Game 3, Athletics @ Mets

Two good teams in this World Series, the Athletics just had a better all around team

JKSportbrief: Replacement NFL Refs Will Suck! Bring the Real Refs Back!

If the Redskins or Ravens lose any games this year because of a bad call from a Replacement Referee. I'm going to be really pissed and write a long blog about. You'll all been warned.

AlterNet: Romney Campaign Didn't Vet Clint Eastwood, Shocked By His Wacky Speech

Romney Campaign Didn't Vet Clint Eastwood, Shocked By His Wacky Speech | Alternet

Too bad for Mitt Romney that Clint Eastwood was the highlight of his own convention