Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 25 August 2012

FRSCitizenJournal: Home Run Derby Mickey Mantle vs. Harmon Killebrew: The Ultimate Slugfest

Back in the late 1980s or early 90s or perhaps both, ESPN had a show called Home Run Derby, well they showed the rebroadcasts of these shows. That were on in the 1950s or 60s, I watched this show during week after school around 4-5 PM and if you like the Home Run Derby at the MLB All Star game every year. Then you watch this show because, check it out on YouTube or ESPN Classic or something and you are interested this type of thing. Because this show was the ultimate slugfest, because they would invite two of the top power hitters in the game every week during the season. When these guys were healthy and playing everyday, so they weren't rusty or anything. And the idea was literally to see who could hit the most home runs on each show and it was a home run or nothing. Everything else was an out even a line drive off the outfield wall or something. I like this show so much that my friends in the neighborhood and little brother would imitate this show or try to. Someone would throw batting practice and each of us would get three outs instead of nine. We did it a little differently but they were real outs, except for the fact that all of our hits had to be home runs or they wouldn't of count. Three strikes per out that sorta thing.

This was a very exciting show unless you hate baseball or something, because it would have the top power hitters in the game competing in it. And back in the 1950s and 60s, that meant guys like Ted Williams, Willy Mays, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Harmon Killebrew. With a guy throwing batting practice, just lofting the ball over the plate and then its up to the hitter to hit a home run or he would be out. Unless he swings at a pitch thats called a ball by the umpire. Great show to see some of the best hitters in baseball every week.

Vovan Chel: Janet Jackson- Together Again Live

Source: Vovan Chel- Janet Jackson-
Source: Vovan Chel: Janet Jackson- Together Again Live

What I get from this song is how cute Janet Jackson sounds singing this song. The voice sounds like the voice of a little girl, but she sounds real good and looks real good singing. Like beautiful sexy women instead of a little girl. I believe that is just part of her being so adorable naturally where she can still come off as a little girl even in her forties. Very similar to Raquel Welch, when Janet is in her seventies she'll still come off as a very young woman. With her face, voice and body. Assuming she stays on course and continues to do such a great job of taking care of herself. Janet is the cutest R&B singer of her generation. And yet she's also one of the best if not the best, because she has such a sweet voice as well as a good message and is able to be very entertaining and sexy and yet communicate a great message of love and tolerance. In an era where America is so divided where you have one part of the country that is use to running everything on their own, with so many other different American emerging and ready to take their claim and be part of America as well. With the old guard not ready to lose power even as they are. 

FRSCitizenJournal: NBC Sports: NFL 1976: AFC Final: Steelers @ Raiders: Kurt Gowdy and Don Meredith With The Call

The Raiders finally knock the Steelers off their mantle

AlterNet: 7 Birthers Speaking at the Republican National Convention

7 Birthers Speaking at the Republican National Convention | Alternet

Birhers and perhaps other escaped Mental Patients will be invading the 2012 RNC

Janet Video: Janet Jackson- That's The Way Love Goes & If- Live 1993

Source: MTV- Janet Jackson & crew, at the 1993 MTV VMA's-
Source: Janet Video: That's The Way Love Goes & If- Live 1993

Janet Jackson is a beautiful baby-faced adorable woman who have never looked more than half her age (at least according to her face) with a great body and has always been proud of that. That is what I get from this 1993 performance of her. With basically wearing nothing more than a bra, to go with her tight denim jeans and wearing black leather boots as well. With dancers wearing the same thing. A very common look today with musical performers especially beautiful women, but Janet doing this in the early 1990s and not only looking this way, but showing herself off on stage in front of her audience and I bet in front of a lot of young men as well. Janet's sexuality has always been a big part for her shows, because she's always been a very sexy woman and she loves to dance and combines those two characteristics very well. A very beautiful sexy woman with a great personality, to go long with a lot of talent as a performer. And is someone who always gives her fans more than their money's worth. 

NFL Films: Crunch Time

The NFL aint for pussies