Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 22 July 2012

STUDY: "Obesity Depleting Earth's Resources?": How Obesity Negatively Affects Our Healthcare System

I'm not going to use this post to bash obese people or make fun of them in anyway, other to make my point. But the fact is that obese people consume a lot more then what they need to survive in life when it comes to food to use as an example. And later on in Healthcare and in a lot of times Healthcare that they can't afford, so they consume extra food that they don't need, that could go to. People who don't get enough food, like people who are on Food Assistance and don't get enough food, so my point is that obesity just doesn't just hurt the people with the condition but also people who have to pick up the tabs of their obesity. As it relates to their Healthcare but it means that there are less resources for people who don't get enough of those resources. So obese people not only makes their own lives tougher and a lot of times they do it by choice. Sometimes its genetic or how they were raised, their parents served them a lot of unhealthy food and too much food in general growing up. As well as not stress exercising when they are kids and they take these bad habits with them as adults, as well as their obesity.

But a lot of times obesity is a preventable condition or disease, however you want to label it. People don't have to eat fast food everyday or on a regular basis, people don't have to choose not to exercise or take the elevator or when they could just climb on level of steps. To give you an example of that, during Memorial Day Weekend 2011, a good friend and I went to an airplane museum. We were going to the next floor, we had a choice of climbing one level of steps or taking the elevator. I'm a hiker and a biker and keep my legs in shape and bike ride everyday year round, it seemed foolish to me to wait for an elevator when I can get up those steps in roughly ten seconds. And I wasn't even running my normal walk, not trying to brag plenty of people do this everyday. My friend whose obese and probably only walks when he has to, waits for the elevator and I'm upstairs waiting for him.

My point to all of this of course some people are obese, because they are a victim of genetics and how they were raised. But life is about choices and consequences and the better the choices you make in life, the better the consequences that will come from the choices that you make. Obesity a lot of times is a choice that someone makes, they've chosen to live unhealthy and as a result they as well as the rest of society are paying for those bad choices.