Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mickey Mantle Interview by Bob Costas: A Man Who Lived a Great Life But Not to its Fullest

When you look at the career of former New York Yankees outfielder Mickey Mantle as a baseball fan. Its hard not to be impressed by what he accomplished on the field, 6-7 World Series Championships. 550 or so career Home Runs, 1500 or so Runs Batted In, a 298 career Batting Average, three Most Valuable Player Awards and many other accomplishments. A casual baseball fan, even a Boston Red Sox or Baltimore Oriole fan, could not help but be impressed from the accomplishments of Mickey Mantle. But for anyone who knows Mickey better then that, at least what he accomplished in his career. You might say and this is the camp where I fall in but Mickey could've accomplished even more then that. I personally consider Mickey Mantle to be the best all around Center Fielder of all time but a lot of that is based on his talent and the potential that he had. Actually thats first with me and then what he accomplished on the field second. I like most people at least consider San Francisco Giants Willy Mays to be the best defensive Center Fielder of all time. But part of that has to do with what Mickey Mantle could've accomplished but didn't because of lack of personal discipline that he had.

Mickey Mantle wasn't a five tool player, someone who can hit for average, hit for power, run throw and field. He was a player with five great tools, he didn't hit for average, he would hit 300 plus, fifty Home Runs and drive in 120 plus RBI, he won the Triple Crown at least once. Which is Batting Average, Home Runs and RBI, he didn't hit for power, his Home Runs would be hit out of Metropolitan Areas into other big cities. He didn't run, he could run like a horse, you see Mickey Mantle running, its like watching a blur and he didn't throw the ball, his arm was like a Rocket Launcher. Mickey Mantle did strike out 2000 plus times but part of that had to do with how hard he could swing the bat, because of his physical strength and his sick eye hand coordination. And the belief that he could hit any pitch thrown by anyone as far as he possibly could and generally he was right but not always.

But Mickey Mantle could've accomplished a hell of a lot more, there shouldn't be any question of whose the greatest Center Fielder of all time. Mickey should clearly have that title, because of everything that he accomplished in baseball, was done on basically one leg if that and sometimes with one arm. Because he didn't take care of himself as a person and picked up a lot of serous injuries as a young man, that he should've been able to of avoided. Had he just took care of himself and not of become an alcoholic.