Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

TYT Sports: Video: Lebron James 4th Quarter: Celtics Take Game 5: A Teams vs Stars and The Team is Winning

My definition of a great player is pretty simple, a great player dominates on both ends of the court. Someone who doesn't present himself as a weakness on either defense or offense and is a player that plays his best when the game matters most and in the biggest games. A guy who scores 30 points after three quarters but does nothing in the fourth quarter is not a great player. But a guy who consistently scores 20 points and even goes for 30 at times and makes several shots, when the game matters most, close game in the fourth quarter, towards the end of the game. And in the biggest games, Playoff games Championship games, which is what the Conference Finals are to decide . Who represents the Conference to play for the NBA Championship the Larry O'Brien Trophy in the NBA Finals, Kevin Garnett is 35 years old, in his 17th NBA Season but he's still a great player. He dominates on both ends of the court and is still a great rebounder and makes his biggest plays when the game is on the line, thats what great player do. Not a guy who scores 30 points as his team loses by twenty.

The reasons that I just laid out of why Kevin Garnett is still a great player to go along with Forward Paul Pierce of the Celtics, is why Lebron James is not a great player. Another Fourth Quarter, another MIA for Lebron James, this time he managed not to foul out but he might as well have, because once again it was Dwayne Wade making all the big plays for the Miami Heat. Lebron James was suppose to be the next Michael Jordan, the guy who was going to replace Kobe Bryant, Michael didn't take Fourth Quarters off, especially in a Conference Final and neither did Kobe, you didn't have to explain to them what he situation was, they knew it by heart. And if anything knew it better then their own Head Coach, which is a lesson that Lebron James hasn't learned yet. Which is something he's going to have to learn quickly, because once again the favorite to win the NBA Finals, are at the brink of elimination.

The Miami Heat haven't been eliminated yet, the Celtics still have to beat them one more time, which they'll have an excellent opportunity to do back in Boston. And maybe Lebron will prove all of his critics wrong and step up and have a great game and the Heat will beat the Celtics. But with the last three games, there isn't much evidence of that as the Heat a team of a couple stars and guys who watch them, are losing to a very good team.