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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, 9 November 2012

Salon: Rick Pearlstein: "America Didn’t Vote For a Grand Bargain”

America didn’t vote for a “grand bargain”

Progressive Americans didn't vote for a grand bargain, thats true but they would never support any reforms to. Entitlement programs or other social insurance programs, as we saw with welfare reform back in 1996, Americans voted for. Both parties to work together and judging by what President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid said following the elections. They heard that message as well, as a Democrat I would've prefer that Democrats won back the House to go along with the seats they added to their. Majority in the Senate as well as President Obama being overwhelmingly reelected in the Electoral College but. The fact is the country doesn't trust either party enough right now to give either one of them all of the power, which forces them to work together. To get anything done, which means both sides have to give, the President has already acknowledge the need for entitlement reform. Speaker Boehner has opened the door to new revenue in the form of tax reform by closing tax loopholes. We've already cut waste in the defense budget and could go further, thats what a grand bargain looks like.