Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, 29 November 2012

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS 1967: 1968 Orange Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Tennessee

Pre Barry Switzer Oklahoma

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mariah Carey Vevo: Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas is You

Source: Mariah Carey Vevo-
Source: Mariah Carey Vevo: Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas is You

Nobody sings this song better or as well, she actually makes it worth listening to. I've always thought Christmas music was pretty boring before Mariah Carey and saw it as a way to bring the 1950s back to life and return to the world of Leave it To Beaver or Father Knows Best, or whatever show from that era that wan't to use. But Mariah Carey with her incredibly sweet voice and overwhelming adorable presence and her R&B sound, makes Christmas music fun and worth listening to.

She's someone who can make ordinary material sound interesting and great material sound incredible. Because of her delivery, the fact that she writes her own music and produces her own music, there's this strong feeling of realness and genuineness with her that you don't get from other performers and perhaps a lot of other performers. All I Want For Christmas, is a great Christmas song which might not sound like much talking about holiday music. But coming from Mariah it sounds like great music because it actually is.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

GridIronByCinema88: NBC Sports: NFL 1978: Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers

If Bart Starr wasn't Bart Starr, the Packer would've fired him a long time pre 1978.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Eleanor Fan: ABC 20/20- Pierre Salinger's Interview With Princess Grace Kelly

Source: Eleanor Fan- The Amazing Princess Grace Kelly-
Source: Eleanor Fan: ABC 20/20- Pierre Salinger's Interview With Princess Grace Kelly

Princess Baby Face of Monaco was my first reaction to this video. Because that is the first that I saw and you add that incredible smile that Grace always had and that just adds to that. She doesn’t look like she aged much since her Hollywood star years of the 1950s. And if there’s one women who you would think looks like a European princess, it just might be Grace Kelly. The thing being that Europe is such a diverse place ethnically and Grace looks more like an Anglo princess, being of Irish descent, than a Mediterranean princess. Sophia Loren would be the Mediterranean princes, at least in my opinion. But Grace always did have the look and class of royalty from her time growing up Philadelphia, even though you would never guess Philadelphia by the way she talked, all the way up to being Princess of Monaco.

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS-SEC 1973: Florida vs. Georgia

The best border war in college football, at least in the South

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS-SEC 1973 : Florida vs. Auburn

Here's a very good SEC football rivalry

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Doors Absolute Live: The Doors Full Concert Live in London, 1968

Source: The Doors Absolute Live-
Source: The Doors Absolute Live: The Doors Full Concert Live in London, 1968

If only The Doors were big even in the early 1970s, but certainly the mid and late 1970s, we would really see how great of a band that they were and how great of a performer Jim Morrison was. But they were big in the late 1960s, but color TV and film was even important and and had a big presence then. But that is a different story of why so much footage of The Doors was in black and white. Even though color TV and film, was prevalent in the late 1960s and how a lot of Americans were able to see their TV and films, if they just had a color TV. Because the music in this concert and show, was very good, but the footage is somewhat blurry. And sort of looks like a card game in a card room with all the players smoking cigars making the footage somewhat smokey. If a colorized version of this concert ever became available like movies from the 1950s and 40s were colorized, I would be one of the first people to buy The Doors Live in London in concert, or record it on demand. Because this is a really good show from them.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

BreakingNews: Larry Hagman Dead at 81: I Dream of Genie Actor, J.R. Ewing Character

Even though Larry Hagman's career was more then Major Tony Nelson on I Dream of Jeanie and JR Ewing on Dallas. He did other TV and some movies, including playing a late entry Presidential candidate in the movie Primary Colors from 1998. When I think of Larry Hagman, I think of the clever and witty, I apologize for my language, prick who could make people laugh. While being a prick, including the people he was being prickish to, the JR Ewing character had this incredible. Ability to size up people he was dealing with and know exactly where they were most vulnerable and where. To hit them if he felt the need to do so, which is I guess is a great characteristic to have in business where JR Ewing. Was a very successful Dallas oilman, he could be a prick and make you laugh at the same time, because when he was critiquing someone. A lot of times he was accurate and not pulling things out of hot air or making things up but simply speaking the truth about. Who he was talking about, which is a great skill for anyone to have, to be able to size people up.

Celia Munoz: The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl, 1968- Spanish Caravan

Source: Celia Munoz-Jim Morrison-
Source: Celia Munoz: The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl, 1968- Spanish Caravan

Spanish Caravan is not one of my favorite songs, even from The Doors. But their 1968 performance at the Hollywood Bowl, is very memorable. And part of that being that Jim Morrison was little off his game and acting somewhat distracted. Perhaps because his girlfriend Pam Courson shows up at the concert with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, but you would have to ask them that. Morrison's voice and delivery was somewhat off, but he was still The Lizard King in this performance. Showing up in his favorite skin-tight brown leather jeans and concho belt and starting off the concert with an Indian vest. Rare you see The Lizard King in his brown leather jeans for a concert performance, a 90 minute performance in color. He generally wore his black leathers when performing in color. If you watch the PBS film When You're Strange about Jim Morrison, the narrator Johnny Depp, was talking about Morrison's wardrobe. And said that he put together his own wardrobe. Including the leather jeans and said that Morrison wore the the leathers and concho belt, to accentuate his crotch. You watch this concert and you'll see what that is exactly about with all the closeups upfront of The Lizard King. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Doors: No One Gets Out Here Alive- Gloria

Source: Flickr via Free Varela- Jim Morrison & The Doors, Live in London 1968-
Source: The Doors: No One Gets Out Here Alive- Gloria

No One Gets Out Here Alive, is biography of Jim Morrison and his involvement with the blues rock band The Doors in the late 1960s. I would argue at least the best rock band (except for perhaps Aerosmith) from the generation. People who came of age in the 1960s looking for a new life from which they had grew up in and also which their parents and grandparents grew up in. And Jim Morrison who was as anti-establishment as any vocalist and musician at least from Baby Boom Generation, was the vocalist and leader of The Doors. He was their star and The Doors were only as good and great as Jim Morrison was. The Lizard King was so good that he could be great on stage drunk, or sober. He could also be awful when he was drunk and just plain rude and obnoxious to the point where he was arrested onstage for foul language in 1967 in New Haven, but he could also give great performances while he was drunk. Like in London, Copenhagen and several other venues. And had he not have died early in 1970 and got his life on track and became more responsible, would probably still be performing today at the age of 73. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

BBallFanSite: ESPN: Looking Back: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NBA Career: The Big Man Who Stands Out Higher Then The Rest

On this Thanksgiving day and I want to wish anyone out there who may see this a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving. But on this Thanksgiving day, I want to give thanks to Karrem Abdul-Jabbar, who I'm thankful to of seen the last six years of his career. Some people might say, the last six years, well Kareem was in his his late thirties at that point and no longer as dominant. The key words being not as dominant, because at that point of his career, he was still the captain of the. Los Angeles Lakers, he was still their go to player and go to scorer, who still managed their defense. Who the Lakers looked to for the big score, big block or big rebound, big outlet pass, who was still. The best low post scorer and best passing big man in the game, because even though he wasn't as dominant. He was still dominant, there's this question of who was the best center in basketball in the mid and late 1980s. Was it Kareem or was it Moses Malone or perhaps Patrick Ewing, during the regular season by the late 1980s. You could make a case for Moses and Pat but when the game was on the line, especially in the playoffs. If you didn't have Kareem, you came up short.

I'm not going to make my full case for why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest center of all time in this blog. Other then to say he's the one player that stands out amongst the rest and not just because he's the tallest. Of the greatest group of big man the NBA has ever produced in the 1970s and 80s, I could end it right there but here's something else to think. No other center in this period and I would argue all time as well, was more complete, both offensively. Or defensively then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, you try to double or triple team him on defense, he would shoot over you. Or hook you with the sky hook, very difficult player because of his size, intelligence and vision to double or triple team. Or he would give the open teammate like a Mike Cooper or Byron Scott, and open layup or outside shot. Because he always knew who was open and who had the best shot of scoring, whether it was him or someone else.

Kareem loved to score, especially that shot he made against the Boston Celtics in game 6 of the 1985 NBA Finals. That clinched the championship for the Lakers but Kareem loved to win more, thats why he played twenty years. And why he worked so hard to be able to play so long, to win as many games and championships as possible. He was about team and winning first and last and everything else in between and maximize all of his skills to accomplish that. Which is why he stands out amongst every other big man whose ever played basketball.

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS-SEC 1968: Tennessee vs. Alabama

If you are a fan of scoring, you are not going to like this game very much

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

CBS: Early Show- Anthony Mason Interviewing Patti Smith on Jim Morrison

Source: CBS-Anthony Mason & Patti Smith-
Source: CBS: Early Show- Anthony Mason Interviewing Patti Smith on Jim Morrison

I'm guessing Jim Morrison inspired a lot of fellow baby boomers. Patti Smith saying that Jim Morrison was a great poet, I don't know about that not being a poetry fan, or someone who knows much if anything about poetry other than words in poems tend to rhyme. But I do believe The Lizard King was a great writer and a great performer. Roadhouse Blues, I believe is The Doors best song and I believe would give Eric Clapton a run for his money when it comes to blues and blues rock. The Doors were not a hippie band, but a 1960s baby boomer (except for Ray Manzarek, born in 1939) blues rock rock and roll band. And Jim Morrison was their star and leader and without him and you replace The Lizard King with a solid vocalist and entertainer, you still have a very good rock band. But they would be like Aerosmith without either Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Very solid, but unless the replacements were also great, nothing really exceptional about the band. Morrison was the franchise player for The Doors. 

GridIron By Cinema-ABC Sports: NFL 1976-MNF-Cincinnati Bengals @ Oakland Raiders

The Raiders wanted to beat the Bengals in 1976 on MNF to play the Steelers in the AFC Playoffs

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Raiders247Online: ABC Sports: NFL 1975: MNF: Raiders @ Dolphins

Howard Cosell at his best and the rematch of the 1974 Sea of Hands Game

NBC Sports: NFL 1973: AFC Championship Intro: Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Awesome 1970s theme music, perhaps as good as ABC's MNF

Monday, 19 November 2012

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS 1966: Florida vs. Tallahassee

The first or second best college football rivalry in Florida

Sunday, 18 November 2012

NBC Sports: NFL 1985: NFL on NBC: AFC Final: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

The Patriots simply had a better all around team then the Dolphins in 1985

Wet Leather Biker: Erbo Rocker Leather Jeans

Source: Wet Leather Biker-
Source: Wet Leather Biker: Erbo Rocker Leather Jeans

Rocker leather jeans? They look more like cowboy leather jeans that cowboys and other westerners wear, including cowgirls when they're are their horses, ranches, and involved in other western activities.

With the chain wallet that the man is wearing in the photo and video, those are very common with biker men and to some extent biker women. Who wear chain wallets both with their leather and denim jeans and they're out on their bikes. For obvious reasons and style is one of them, but to protect their wallets when they're on the road, as well as around other bikers and people involved in biker culture.

Leather jeans of course are very common in rock and roll culture. People in that community can thank Jim Morrison from The Doors for that. But leather jeans, leather jackets, leather boots, and other leather clothing, have been a big part of rock culture at least since the early 1980s with the heavy metal wave, if not the late 1970s. Jim Morrison from the late 1960s was really the first famous rocker to wear a leather suit that included black leather jeans, black leather jacket and black cowboy boots.

BaltimoreOrioles1954: 1966-1971: The Orioles Dynasty

Two World Series championships, four AL titles and three AL East titles from 1966-71

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Oscars: 1955 Oscars- Grace Kelly Receiving an Oscar For Contry Girl

Source: Oscars-
Source: Oscars: 1955 Oscars- Grace Kelly Wins Best Actress For Country Girl

Never seen The Country Girl, or have even ever heard of The Country Girl. I’ve seen country girls and of course have heard of country girls. And I love them generally, because they tend to be very healthy women physically, who take care of themselves and love how they look and present themselves. But as far as commenting on that movie, it would be like a blind man trying to land a 747 in someone’s driveway. Why bother risking that, with all the potential fallout that could come as a result. But I’m familiar with Grace Kelly, the Amazing Grace and It can easily see why she won an Oscar for a movie I’ve never heard of. She’s The Amazing Grace after all, who could making talking about the weather sound fascinating. Because that is how great of a voice she had and how great of an actress she was.

NBC Sports: NFL 1981: AFC Final: San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals: "The Freezer Bowl": Dick Enberg & Merlin Olson With The Call

You have to give anyone credit just for showing up and be willing to play in a game like this, where its. Like trying to play football in Antarctica or something and especially having to play the game on a frozen astroturf fie
ld. That must of been like trying to play football on concrete parking lot or something. They had to play at Riverfront Cincinnati in January, the Bengals were better equipped to play this game. Because they were a ball control power running offense, that got big pass plays with QB Ken Anderson off of play action. Whereas the Chargers had that vertical spread offense, where they were always looking for big pass plays and ran the ball. Well because of their deep passing game but when that passing game was taken away like in frigid weather. They became easier to defend and the Bengals were also in better position to win this game, because they had a better defense.

The Bengals didn't have to score thirty plus points to win, whereas the Chargers gave up almost as many points as they scored. If the weather was even decent, this wouldn't of been a blowout that it turned out to be but the Bengals. Were in better position to win in January because they more of a complete team that could play well in either good or bad weather as we saw in this game.

Friday, 16 November 2012

FootballVideoNetwork: NBC Sports: FBS 1977: 1978 Orange Bowl: Arkansas vs. Oklahoma: Jim Simpson & Merlin Olson With The Call

The coaching matchup alone make this game a classic matchup, with Barry Switzer at Oklahoma and Lou Holtz at Arkansas.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Matt Fulks: Tom Flores and Co-Author Matt Fulks

How former Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Flores is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is beyond me. Here's a guy who was not only a solid AFL QB and the Raiders first QB in 1960 but he was a great head coach. Who understood both sides of the ball and could motivate players on both sides of the ball and was respected by both sides. Who won more games then John Madden another great former Raiders head coach and won more Super Bowls then Madden as well. The only former NFL head coach whose won at least a hundred games and two Super Bowls whose not in the Hall of Fame yet.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

CurrentTV: The Young Turks: Are African Americans allowed to criticize President Obama?

Apparently so because Cornel West and other far Leftist African Americans are criticizing President Obama. All the time and accusing the President of not being "black enough", whatever the hell that means.

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Daily Beast: John Avlon, Meghan McCain & Mike Moynahan- Real Housewives of the CIA

Source: The Daily Review Plus- John Avlon, Meghan McCain & Mike Moynihan-
Source: The Daily Beast: John Avlon, Meghan McCain & Mike Moynihan- Real Housewives of The CIA

Sounds like a real reality TV show in the works, perhaps Meghan McCain will produce it. You heard that here first. As far as David Petraeus and his sex scandal, I guess this is the clincher that American politics and government is never boring and why we have a political junky industry. And for so-called Progressives today ( I'm being too nice with the word Progressives ) I guess who believe that America should be more like France, well we are when it comes to our public officials and how they live their personal lives.

 Political junky, is no longer just a hobby for unemployed politicians who can't seem to win another public office and keep losing. And spend all of their free time, which is really all of their time, especially if they have a Congressional pension, watching C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC and FNC. But a way for writers and pundits to make their living. To tell Americans how much they don't know about American politics and government.

As far as Benghazi, if it wasn't for that story, what would House Republicans do? At least some of them like Speaker John Boehner, are smart enough to know they can't repeal ObamaCare in this Congress with a Democratic Senate and Democratic President, that the law is named after. Most of them probably never have any attention of leaving Congress, at least the House of Representatives. So they don't want to work with Senate Democrats to pass anything constructive that President Obama might actually sign. And risk being primaried and having to go home and work for a living. Like washing cars, or hosting radio talk shows, teaching gym in high school, or whatever they were doing in 2009 before they decided to run for the House. So all they have left in their one page playbook that a five-year could read is a bogus (to be too nice) Benghazi investigation.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Elioblas: Janet Jackson Live- L'Olympia Paris- 2011

Source: Elioblas- Janet Jackson-
Source: Elioblas: Janet Jackson Live- L'Olympia Paris- 2011

One of the sexiest performers of all-time. To call Janet Jackson a club dancer who is someone who see at clubs going off with all sorts of moves to the music is playing, would be accurate and wouldn't be giving her enough credit. She's made club dancing her profession, but she does it in front of 20,000 fans generally, depending on the size of the arena that she's playing at. But is so much better than even the most beautiful and sexiest club dancer with the tightest body outfit and all of the sexiest moves. She's made sex appeal an honorable profession, because she's not some strip dancer on the stage at some strip joint wearing basically nothing and showing off her boobs. She's fully dress and so are her backup dancers, but in tight outfits. Showing off their moves and bodies and not doing this to someone else's music, which is what a club dancer would do, but doing it to her music and the music she created and to her own songs and the albums that she created and has her name all over it. 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Daily Beast: Howard Kurtz and Bill Hemmer- The Next Four Years at Fox News

The next four years at Fox News will hopefully start with a revaluation of how the report the news. Because how they’re doing it now, is not helping and informing the people who they speak for. Which are right-wing Tea Party Republicans and the Far-Right in America. Even if because Republicans actually believe a lot of the, lets call it spin that comes from FNC and take it seriously and many times it’s just half-truths if that, which leaves a lot of Republicans, especially the professionals who either are politicians themselves or work for politicians, with at best half of the news. As we saw with the polling of the Romney-Obama election.

Where in the last few days only FNC thought that Mitt Romney was going to win, or even had a good shot at winning. Where the rest of the mainstream media saw a clear bounce or bump in the favor of President Obama. Especially in states like Florida and Virginia, over the weekend with Ohio never moving towards Governor Romney either. It’s fine and I’m even for a news organization having their commentary that clearly leans in one direction or the other, I’m not getting on FNC for that, but what they need to do if they want to get taken seriously and be considered a credible source for news outside of the Republican Party, is separate news from commentary. Like The Wall Street Journal.

It’s fine a way to separate the news from the commentary. Take Sheppard Smith’s lead on this who actually has a real newscast, the FOX Report. Just report the news no matter who it hurts, or helps and then have your commentators explain what they think it means. As well as bringing in more inform commentators. Not relying so much on the Dick Morris’s and Karl Rove’s of the world. Who are really just there to speak for their side of the aisle, but bring in people who actually know what they are talking about. When you bring them in to talk about the issues. Which CNN does with Republicans consultant Alex Castollanos.

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS-SEC 1977: Louisiana vs. Mississippi

A battle of the Gulf Coast

Friday, 9 November 2012

My Horse: Cruel Girl Jeans- How to Wear Jeans and Boots

Source: Cruel Girl Jeans-
Source: My Horse: Cruel Girl Jeans

One of the reasons why I love cowgirls and country girls in general (that is women) has to do with their style. They tend to be very healthy looking women who eat real food and real amounts of food, but eat healthy. They tend to be tall and curvy and generally at least curvy and that is because of their diets. Which tend to involve a lot of meat and potatoes. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc. And of course their style, because country girls, Western girls, cowgirls, again because of their diets and lifestyles they tend to be very sexy and look great on the ranch and on their horses. And part of that has to do with their style. They love tight jeans both denim and leather. And they love Western boots including cowgirl boots, and cowboy hats, button-down shirts, western belts. If you're familiar with at least modern western movies, or Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits and River of No Return, in the 1950s, wears she's wearing Levis and boots for a lot of both movies and mostly in River of No Return, or you so-called reality TV shows based on Western culture and women at ranches, you see exactly what I mean. Or The Dukes of Hazard with Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke and of course the country boys. And men such as myself love women like this.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Party Central Videos: Janet Jackson Runaway- Sydney, Australia Opera House November, 2011

Source: Janet Jackson-
Source: Party Central Videos: Janet Jackson Runaway- Sydney, Australia Opera House November, 2011

Still a great album twenty years later. I remember Rhythm Nation very well, because I was in junior high at the time that it came out in 1989 and in high school in 1990-91 when the album was completed. Janet Jackson was all over MTV and VH1 (when they both played music videos) from 89-91, because her album was so popular and so were her videos. Black Cat was number one for several weeks and so was Love Will Never Do. And it was in junior high when I finally became a music fan and got into rhythm and blues and classic rock, got my first walkman (as they were called back then) and was always listening to it when I was in the car and would even take it to school and sometimes go to sleep with it on. (Don't try that at home, kids) Janet Jackson is simply a very adorable, sexy and intelligent performer and communicator. Even if you don't like her you can't help, but notice her and perhaps at least hear what she's saying. Which I believe is when you know a performer and commentator has their audience. When the people are listening even if they don't like what they're hearing. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

FootballVideoNetwork: CBS Sports: FBS 1967: 1968 Sugar Bowl: Wyoming vs Louisiana: Pat Summerall With The Call

Basically a home game for Louisiana being from Baton Rougue being about an hour from New Orleans

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Miss Housegirl: Janet Jackson, Nasty Boys Live At The Billy Graham Civic Auditorium- 4/19/2011

Source: Miss Housegirl-Janet Jackson-
Source: Miss Housegirl: Janet Jackson, Nasty Boys Live At The Billy Graham Civic Auditorium- 4/19/2011

Nasty baby live and in concert, with that tight-ass body and outfit. I know I'm being very direct here, but look at Janet Jackson in this video and you'll know why. About as adorable and sexy of a human being that you'll ever see. Rare you see a woman who is this cute to the point she could pass a a little girl when you look at that face, hear her voice and personality and yet is as sexy as any beautiful sexy woman in the prime of her life. And yet she's a hell of a singer and dancer as well. A truly special talent and performer that a person who is both blind and death, would have to notice if she's in their presence, especially if she's performing and it that person is a man would probably get the ride (in a sexual sense) of his lifetime that his sight and hearing would suddenly snap back. I just don't how else to describe who performer who is not only this good, but this attractive and sexy all at the same time. For a man performing with her, it's probably like being up close to his girlfriend and wife when they're with Janet and yet they're suppose to be working here. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Elle: Janet Jackson- All For You- Adelaide 2011

Source: Elle-
Source: Elle: Janet Jackson- All For You- Adelaide 2011

Forget Janet Jackson's music for a moment, (no offense) because I can just watch her perform by dancing and see her move around on stage. She's got both one of the sexiest and cutest bodies around. At least for a short American woman. She's got a very athletic body and looks like she's probably in the gym most of the time that she's not performing in public. Either on a talk show, being interviewed somewhere, or performing in concert. I could watch her dance and move without her music or any music, because she's so entertaining as a dancer. And I mean that both with her as a professional dancer and sexually speaking. Great body, great style, great moves, great outfit with the black Levis, the black t-shirt, the military boots. It's been said that most guys just want to see women wearing tight t-shirts and tight jeans and from my perspective that would be both denim and leather jeans. Janet Jackson is a great example of why American men at least love sexy women in t-shirts and tight jeans and I would add boots. Because that's the perfect outfit for a woman like Janet to show off her body and how hard she works to stay in shape and look great. And she's got this look down. 

ABC News: ABC Evening News- Senator Ted Kennedy's Potential Run For President in 1972

Senator Ted Kennedy was still way too controversial to run for president in 1972. He wasn’t ready to run for president and was happy in the Senate being a Senator and being one of the largest voices in Congress, at least in the Democratic Party. Gaining seniority and influence in what happens in the Senate and Congress as a whole. Where he had a lot of friends in both the Senate and House. I sort of see him as his generation’s Paul Ryan. As someone who could have done more things outside of Congress, but was happy in Congress. Paul Ryan, now Speaker of the House. Ted Kennedy, long time Chairman and Ranking Member of the Labor Committee. Plus he had personal issues he was still dealing with in his family, including his wife.

There was never much reason for Ted Kennedy to really ever run for president. He never actually wanted the job, again because of how successful and happy he was in Congress being such a powerful Senator who had so much to do with so much important legislation that came out of Congress. His 1979-80 presidential run showed that being president was not something he wanted. When he couldn’t even answered the point-blank question from NBC News’s Roger Mudd, ‘why do you want to be president?’ He wouldn’t have won in 72 even if he did run and win the nomination, because of how divided the Democratic Party was between their mainstream Progressives and their New-Left that George McGovern represented. Ted Kennedy, made the right decision not running in 72 and he shouldn’t have run in 1979-80 either.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Doors Alive: Roadhouse Blues

Source: The Doors Alive-
Source: The Doors Alive: Roadhouse Blues

The Doors Alive at least to me looks like the 1969 version of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Starting with the Miami concert scene where Jim Morrison shows up late and drunk, with a full-fledge beard. And that not concert never really takes off because The Lizard King is drunk and short-tempered, sounds awful and not even able to remember the lyrics of the song Five To One. And stops singing all together and stars yelling and cursing at the audience.

And Morrison goes as far as asking the people there if they want to see his dick and tells them that he he'll show them it. Makes it look like he's pulling down his leather pants, but never actually goes that far. At least from all the available evidence we've sees so far. Jim Morrison ends up being arrested at the concert arena and charged with foul language and indecent exposure. Both with could well-argued are unconstitutional in America.

But there are a couple differences between the Jim Morrison of 1969 and the guy playing Morrison in the band The Doors Alive. One, Morrison didn't wear his concho belt with his black leather jeans when he had that thick beard. He went to denim jeans and other non-leather pants after the Miami concert with the thick beard. He also stopped wearing his leathers both black and brown after the Miami concert.

This might just be a sign of the times with thick beards coming back into style with young men. And Morrison cover in Doors Alive not believing he has to look exactly like Jim Morrison. Just as long as he has the outfit and the sound down. But I don't believe you're going to find any images of Jim Morrison with a thick beard or any beard, with him wearing his leather jeans and concho belt. The Miami concert is really the only time you see Morrison wearing his leathers with a beard at any point. 

Football Video Network-HSE: FBS 1964- 1965 Cotton Bowl- Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Arkansas Razorbacks

A Cotton Bowl Classic between two of the best and historic Football Programs in the country

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Thursday, 1 November 2012

CBS Sports: College Football 360: Top 25 Preview: Arizona at Los Angeles

Its been a while since both Arizona and Los Angeles have been in the title picture in the Pac