Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, 5 October 2012

Barack Obama: Olivia Munn- Gotta Vote

Source: Barack Obama-
Source: Barack Obama: Olivia Munn- Gotta Vote

OMG! President Obama will like totally have the celebrity cool vote stumping for him in Ohio, which will be, awesome!!! For him and it may help get Democrats to the polls for the President but not do much else for him. The celebrity vote is more important for Democrats than Republicans. Sorry for the valley impression but it's appropriate for this story.

But seriously, for a minute anyway whatever it takes to get hipsters to the polls who view what technology and pop culture and how politicians dress and are up to date with current pop culture catch phrases, as more important than what a candidate or incumbent's view on these tiny non-important issues like foreign policy, national security, economic policy, taxes, national debt, law enforcement, civil rights, to vote for President Obama and other Democrats especially in Congress or running for Congress, instead of Tea Party Republicans and Mitt Romney, then I'm in favor of doing it.

It worked in 2008 when millions of young people voted for a man for President because they saw him as totally awesome. Even though they probably couldn't tell you to save their lives what then Senator Obama would do about Afghanistan, the economy or health care and perhaps didm't even know what state he's from or struggled remembering his first name. And hopefully it will work again in 2012 with the beautiful and adorable Olivia Munn and other like totally awesome celebrities campaigning for President Obama to reelection.