Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

NFL Films: Cleveland Browns Final Game in Municipal Stadium

Cleveland Municipal Stadium was properly nicknamed the "Mistake by The Lake" but it also had a lot of. Great moments, great fans, great players, great games and great teams who played there.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: Can Browns HC Pat Shurmur Save His Job?

You can't put all the blame on Pat Shurmur, because he simply doesn't have a very good team right now

Monday, 29 October 2012

FootballVideoNetwork: ABC Sports: FBS 1977: 1978 Sugar Bowl: Columbus vs Alabama

Great matchup between two of the best College Football Head Coaches of all time

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS 1965: 1966 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs Alabama

A classic matchup as far as the programs involved

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mike Gardner-NBC News: Lyndon Johnson's Last Day as President in 1969

Source: Mike Gardner & NBC News-
Source: Mike Gardner-NBC News: LBJ's Last Day as President

I'm guessing Lyndon Johnson was ready to leave the presidency and had enough. 1966, was  a really rough year for President Johnson and the Johnson Presidency. House Democrats, lose over forty seats in the House and three in the Senate. Because of the Vietnam War and how unpopular it was. Plus with the Republican Party and House Republicans, finally figuring out how to campaign and win in the South. Richard Nixon of course was a huge help there and he campaigned for a lot of House Republicans and House Republican candidates and did that in the South. Which helped him with his 1968 presidential campaign with all of these new Freshman Republican Representatives, who now owed him favors.

1967, the war gets even worst for the Johnson Administration in Vietnam. And now he's having a lot of problems with his own party in Congress. Starting with Senate Democrats holding Vietnam War hearings that started in 1965, but continued through the next Congress in 1967. Several Senate Democrats are now weighing presidential bids against their party leader in President Johnson. Like Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern. The anti-war movement and the New-Left emerges in the late 1960s. And they're against President Johnson and calling him a war criminal, and war monger and a few things that you can't say on network TV, even today.

1968, was the topper with LBJ now being the most unpopular elected politician in America. And now there's talk if he can even win the Democratic nomination for president, let alone with the presidency against Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, or George Romney, in the Republican Party. By March 1968, President Johnson decides that he's had enough and doesn't want to run for reelection and announces that to the country. But 1968 is just getting started with two great political leaders, Senator Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin King, both being assassinated. There racial riots in Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles. The Democratic Party, is now divided between their mainstream Progressives, which LBJ represents and their Far-Left. LBJ, was really smart not to run for reelection in 1968.

FootballVideoNetwork: ABC Sports: FBS 1969: 1970 Sugar Bowl: Arkansas: vs. Mississippi: Chris Shankle With The Call

Interesting to see Mississippi even playing in the Sugar Bowl

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Alba Gu Brath: Grace Kelly- The American Princess

Source: Alba Gu Brath-
Source: Alba Gu Brath: Grace Kelly- The American Princess

The United States has never really ever had official princess’s. The closest we get to that, is the First Lady of the United States, of course the wife of the President of the United States. And in many ways our First Lady, plays the role of a Princess. Someone without official power as it relates to government, but someone who represents the country wherever they go and does have the power to focus on causes she believes in. And push for things to advance whatever cause they believe in. Without the ability to officially require the President or Congress to draft legislation in behalf of their cause.

But the First Lady can bring attention and awareness to whatever cause or causes they believe in. With First Lady Michelle Obama its fighting against obesity in America. for First Lady Nancy Reagan it was fighting against illegal narcotics and drug abuse. But Grace Kelly is about the closest America has ever produced in coming up with a private Princess. Someone who possessed incredible beauty, hotness to be blunt or more accurate, baby-face adorable looks, incredible sex appeal. As well as the ability to act and sing and work with some of the best people who’ve ever worked in show business.

CBS Sports: Indiana on Top College Hoops AP Poll

When were the Indiana Hoosiers ranked number one in the preseason in basketball

Friday, 26 October 2012

FootballVideoNetwork: CBS Sports: FBS 1977: Sun Bowl: Stanford vs Louisiana: Pat Summerall With The Call

A classic Sun Bowl matchup

Karl Frisch: John Fugelsang- 'Mitt Romney's Meltdown Over Libya'

Source: Karl Frisch- John Fugelsang-
Source: Karl Frisch: John Fugelsang- 'Mitt Romney's Meltdown Over Libya'

A President Mitt Romney and I doubt this would ever happen, but if it did it would be better for comedians. Because he's a gaffe and flip-flopping machine, that would provide comedians and bloggers mountains of material to make fun of him. Every comedian in America should endorse Mitt Romney for president for their own careers. Because they would make all the material they had against George W. Bush look as original as the New York Yankees winning the World Series, or Lebron James playing in the NBA Finals and losing. Because when it comes to taking political positions for Mitt, it depends on which group he's talking to and which Mitt is speaking to that group. Businessman Mitt, religious fundamentalist Mitt, Neoconservative Mitt, or whoever Mitt is when he's not running for whatever political office he's interested in at the time.

The fact that someone like Mitt Romney who flips backs and forth more often than tennis balls at a tennis match, could win the Republican nomination for president, is like a quarterback winning the starting position for an expansion team.

"Since no one else seriously tried out and you haven't done any time in any mental institutions and don't see same-sex marriage as a threat national security, we'll give the job to you. And good luck to you as we're more interested in 2016 anyway. When we might have at least on candidate who can actually win." Mitt Romney won the GOP presidential nomination, because he seemed like the only person who was sane to the GOP establishment and would embarrass them the least and not cost them the House of Representatives. Which they can't afford to lose in 2012.

So yeah, a President Mitt Romney  (I'm shitting bricks just saying that ) would have been great for comedy and make blogging more interesting. Especially bloggers who write comedy and I'm one of them. But bad for the American people, because for them to have any idea what their President thinks about any issue, they would have to listen and read every single thing he says. Because his positions could change the next time he opens his mouth about anything depending on who he's talking to. And what the polls in the Republican Party are saying.

President Romney Senior Adviser- "Aw Mr. President, your current position on that issue is not popular.

President Romney- Okay, I'll change it.

Senior Adviser- But you just took that position yesterday.

Romney-  So what! I'm speaking to Americans. Their memories aren't that long anyway."

That is what a President Romney would be like. Who knows what the President thinks, because he doesn't even know! Great for comedy, but bad for the country.

CBS Sports: Tim Brando Show: Georgia Football HC Mark Richt Previews Florida Match-Up

The Georgia Bulldogs are in need of a big win

Thursday, 25 October 2012

CurrentTV: Joy Behar Show: Rosie Perez Expresses Disbelief at Latinos Voting For Mitt Romney

I'm with Rosie Perez, why would Latinos vote for people who consider them Un American and should've even live in America

ITN: Stevne Tyler and Joe Perry From Aerosmith on New Album and Johnny Depp

Still the best Classic Rock band in the World

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: True or False: Miami, Saban, and more

Miami Florida will always be in position to be a power in football, as long as they are located in South Florida. Way too much talent in that area, as well as resources for the Hurricanes to not be contending for conference and national championships.

SECNetwork: Countdown to Kickoff: South Carolina vs Florida

South Carolina has to bounce back and win this game, to have any hopes of getting to the SEC Championship

Thursday, 18 October 2012

JRSportBrief: Tigers Sweep the Yankees! A-Rod Trade to Miami? Is it Time For Him to Go?

Its time for the New York Yankees to move in a different direction and that means getting younger. Trading A-Rod and moving Derek Jeter to 3B and building a team thats no longer built around aging stars.

Thom Hartmann: Mike Papantonio- The Decline of Broadcast News in America

If as a country, we want to have strong broadcast news divisions, then Americans have to actually watch network news. Instead of just getting all of their info from cable or online. We live in a liberal democracy, meaning people get to see what they watch. Rather than programming being forced on them.You can’t force people to do what is in their best interest and make the best decisions for themselves in a free society. Which is what a liberal democracy is, instead of what right-wingers want to portray liberal democracy just as the majority always rules. Voting only covers part of liberal democracy. What also comes with it is Freedom of Speech, including Freedom of Press. And again the news media which broadcast, as well as cable news is certainly part of, are not in the business to lose money. They can’t run up annual debts and deficits, like gee I don’t know, of yeah! Uncle Sam!

And this is coming from a hard news junkie who loves C-SPAN, and news and history documentaries. Who even watches those programs on the weekends instead of football in the fall and baseball in the summer. I also love football and baseball, but that is a different subject. Again, you can’t force people to do what is right for them in a free society. Not sure you can do that in authoritarian state either, as much as some have tried. People have a right to know what is going on in the world and what is important. But they also have a right to be vegheads and apparently violate their favorite celebrities personal privacy and know who they sleep with when their spouse or partner is out-of-town. Or what their favorite shoes are and so-forth. Or who is going to get kicked off of Tropical Island, or whatever the hell the hot tabloid show is.

You want broadcast news to be dominant player in the media again and do real hard news newscasts and for Nightline to become a real late-night newscast again, then people have to watch those shows. And to know what Congress and government in general does, actually affects them personally and economically. That politics and government, despite all the corruption in both. Even if that means not knowing what their favorite celebrity wore to the latest awards show, or what horrible thing was said about them at a party, or whose screwing who and so-forth and so on. But that only happens with education and I’m not just talking about being up to date on the latest celebrity news and technology. But actually knowing how government works and why it and current affairs in general are so important. Because we all pay for them whether we want to, or know it or not

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Al Jazeera: The Stream: Redefining Happiness?

Let me guess, the Progressive answer to materialism, is raising taxes on everyone, so we would have less money to be materialistic. Progressives always have an excuse to raise taxes on everyone.

ITN: Argo Cast Spill The Beans on Ben Affleck as a Boss

The 1979 Iranian Hostage is something that I've very interested in and lived through as someone who was 3-4 years old at the time. So I would be very disappointed if this movie isn't very good.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Daily Beast: Sidney Blumenthal: Abraham Lincoln Lincoln: 'Professional Politician'

Abraham Lincoln was a great politician and I mean that in the best sense possible. That he knew exactly what he believed and what he wanted to do and how to communicate that to Americans, to get them behind him.

SCCNetwork: SEC Top 5 - Week 7

Looks like its another Alabama-Florida SEC Final, unless someone else steps up and beats one of those teams before.

Monday, 15 October 2012

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: What We Know About Pete Carroll

What we know about Pete Carroll, is that he got out of dodge at Southern California, before he took a big hit at the scandal there a few years ago.

The Daily Beast: Should You Be Facebook Friends with Your Mom?

Not unless there are aspects of your life, that you post on Facebook, that you don't mind having your mom or dad seeing.

Friday, 12 October 2012

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: Tim Kerwan: Vikings at Redskins preview

Should be an interesting game but its not looking good for the Redskins

Thursday, 11 October 2012

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: Pat Kirwan: Bengals at Browns preview

I believe the Battle of Ohio will actually be a good game this year, the Cincinnati Bengals have a good team. And the Cleveland Browns are improving.

Janet Jackson Vevo: Janet Jackson Black Cat Official Video

Source: Janet Jackson Vevo- Janet Jackson's Black Cat-
Source: Janet Jackson Vevo: Janet Jackson Black Cat Official Video

One of the best classic Rock songs I've ever heard, just listen to the guitar and it comes from a rhythm  and blues singer. Which might sound strange, but if you listen to lets say the rock band Aerosmith and how Joe Perry sounds on guitar and then listen to Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Jimmi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and then listen to a Janet Jackson, or a Aretha Franklin, the Blues Brothers, the sounds are very similar. The beat is similar, but different enough that you know that it's two styles of music and not one style with two different names. I think it would have been a stretch for Janet to play and sing to country or classical music, but rhythm and blues and classic rock and perhaps even hard rock, are very similar. Which is one reason I love both and are really the only two sounds of music that I listen to at all. I'll listen to Aerosmith just to hear Joe Perry on guitar. And Aerosmith is a great classic rock band and they're more than just Joe Perry, but Perry alone by himself I believe is all you need to hear to know that they're a great band. Janet sounds like a great rocker chick here and I believe at least part of that has to do from going to r and b to classic rock. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Current TV: The Joy Behar Show: Richard Prior's Daughter, "Hookers and Drugs Were Typical at Home"

Richard Prior la vida loca

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: Matchups to Watch: Week 6

The game of the week this week as far as I'm concern is the San Francisco Giants-New York Giants game. The rematch of the 2011 NFC Final and I believe still the two best all around teams in the NFC, when they are playing well.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Current TV: Joy Behar Show: John Walsh: "Jerry Sandusky's Statement is a Slap in The Face to The Victims"

Jerry Sandusky might be the only person who believes he's innocent right now

CBS Sports: Tim Brando Show: Tom O'Brien on Raleigh's Upset of Tallahassee

Just when you think the Seminoles are back and ready to be a national contender again, they lose to. A team they dominated most of the game and should've beaten.

Guns N' Roses: November Rain Music Video, 1992

The last great GNR song, with Axel on vocals and Slash perhaps the best guitarist in the business, doing his thing.

Monday, 8 October 2012

RT Sports: Alex Ovechkin Adds One Assist as Moscow Dynamo Secure 4th Straight Win

Good to see Alex Ovechkin playing Pro Hockey, just wish he was playing for the Capitals in the NHL

Chrissy Ozioma: Janet Jackson- Black Cat Remix

Source: Etyyy Qishunli- Janet Jackson's Black Cat live-
Source: Chrissy Ozioma: Janet Jackson- Black Cat Remix

A great version and you really get to see Janet Jackson's versatility in her music adding classic rock to her rhythm and blues sound. Black Cat really is a classic rock if not hard rock sound that is performed by a rhythm and blues band. But where you also get Janet's performance and dance team. You generally don't see classic rock and hard rock bands with dancers and with vocalist dancing around on the stage and doing rehearsed dances. It's generally a lead vocalist singing on stage and moving around to some extent and moving with their bandmates, but you generally don't see them dancing around together.

Blues rock is where you mix in classic rock like say something from Aerosmith and mix that in with rhythm and blues. Like something from Janet Jackson, to use as an example. The Dave Matthews band does that, Bruce Springsteen does this, Eric Clapton does this, Elvis Presley did that, Jim Morrison and The Doors did that combination. But with Black Cat you get a classic or hard rock song and sound played by r&b band with an r&B singer. And they did a great job with that.

Guns N' Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine Official HD Music video

The best GNR song of all time, pure and simple and it all started with Slash just ripping on guitar.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Doors: Jim Morrison and The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl 1968

Source: The Doors-Jim Morrison-
Source: The Doors: Live At The Hollywood Bowl, 1968

I’ve seen this concert several times and I’m no music expert, but I am a pretty big fan of The Doors especially Jim Morrison and I disagree with the critics about this concert at least to this degree. I don’t believe Morrison was as off as the critics believe he was. I think he did a great job with the vocals and how he entertained the audience in general especially the women. With how he danced and moved around and played around with his leather jeans.

If you watch the PBS film from 2010 about The Lizard King there is this line in it about how Morrison picked out his clothes. That his skin-tight leather pants which were leather jeans and concho belt were about showing off and showcasing his crotch. And you see him messing around with his pants all through the concert and the camera zooming in on his crotch, butt and legs in those skin-tight jeans throughout the concert.

Not the best Doors concert and not Morrison at his best. But it was classic Lizard King on the vocals dancing around and showing himself off. And a great chance to see Jim Morrison and The Doors live and in color and I just wish there were more opportunities for that. Especially since they were big in the late 1960s when color TV and movies were very common if not expected by then. It would’ve been nice had they filmed more of their concerts in color.

Geo Beats: Style Guide- Denim Faux Pas- Denim Jeans

Source: Geo Beats-
Source: Geo Beats: Style Guide- Denim Faux Pas- Denim Jeans

They picked the right if not perfect woman for this video. A tall curvy woman, who is very pretty, but the fact that she's tall and curvy for what they're talking about here is more important. If there's a group of women regardless of ethnicity or race that has the hardest time finding the right jeans for them it would be curvy women and probably especially tall curvy women. And I'm not talking about fat or obese women, but big-bone strong women who wear a larger size than the average woman obviously and because of that have a harder time finding clothes that look good on them, but also fit. And perhaps jeans whether they're denim like in this case, or leather jeans which are less common (at least in America) are the hardest pants for attractive women to find for themselves that again look good and highlight their curves. Which is perhaps the main reason for tight jeans. For women to showcase their legs and butts and if you're an attractive well-built curvy woman, you're going to want good jeans. Jeans that fit and showcase your curves.  

Janet Man: Janet Jackson- What Have You Done For Me Lately: Live

Source: Janet Jackson- Live in Japan, 1990-
Source: Janet Man: Janet Jackson- What Have You Done For Me Lately- Live

"What have you done for me lately?" Another way of saying what have you done for me, period. Where have you been. It's one of those things that people say when someone who isn't very close with them suddenly appears out of nowhere and asks for help. And someone might say, "why should I even care and help you, where were you when I needed you, what have you done for me lately?" Janet Jackson is a very good communicator and app at using her music to communicate a broader message. Her 1989-90 album Rhythm Nation was about race relations in America and is a perfect example of that. This is not one of my favorite songs, but it's a great song in the sense that the message is clear. And is about someone perhaps in Janet's life who perhaps hasn't been there for her lately and perhaps that person was once close with her and what's she saying in this song about that person is essentially where have you been. And "What Have You Done For Me Lately" I believe is her way of delivering that message.

CBS Sports: NFL Football: The Most Overrated Undefeated NFL Team

The most overrated undefeated NFL team right now, is either the Atlanta Falcons or Houston Texans but since the Falcons. Haven't won a playoff game yet under Mike Smith, who for the most part I like, they are 0-3 in the playoffs under him. I'll give the edge to the Falcons, they have to win in the playoffs for me to take them seriously as an NFC contender.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

SECNetwork: Gameday Central: Starkville vs Kentucky

The Bulldogs look like they are for real

Current TV: Gavin Newsom: Rosario Dawson, Working With Voto Latino

The Latino vote is just example of why President Obama is going to get reelected, because Mitt Romney will be lucky to get 30% of that vote. And that won't be enough for him to win the Presidential Election.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Barack Obama: Olivia Munn- Gotta Vote

Source: Barack Obama-
Source: Barack Obama: Olivia Munn- Gotta Vote

OMG! President Obama will like totally have the celebrity cool vote stumping for him in Ohio, which will be, awesome!!! For him and it may help get Democrats to the polls for the President but not do much else for him. The celebrity vote is more important for Democrats than Republicans. Sorry for the valley impression but it's appropriate for this story.

But seriously, for a minute anyway whatever it takes to get hipsters to the polls who view what technology and pop culture and how politicians dress and are up to date with current pop culture catch phrases, as more important than what a candidate or incumbent's view on these tiny non-important issues like foreign policy, national security, economic policy, taxes, national debt, law enforcement, civil rights, to vote for President Obama and other Democrats especially in Congress or running for Congress, instead of Tea Party Republicans and Mitt Romney, then I'm in favor of doing it.

It worked in 2008 when millions of young people voted for a man for President because they saw him as totally awesome. Even though they probably couldn't tell you to save their lives what then Senator Obama would do about Afghanistan, the economy or health care and perhaps didm't even know what state he's from or struggled remembering his first name. And hopefully it will work again in 2012 with the beautiful and adorable Olivia Munn and other like totally awesome celebrities campaigning for President Obama to reelection. 

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: Pat Kirwan: Broncos at Patriots preview

You gotta go with the New England Patriots on Sunday, with them having a better all around team and being at home

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Al Jazeera: Film Hopes to Revive Afghan Cinema

A film industry would help the Afghan economy

CBS Sports: Pro Football 360: Pat Kirwan: Falcons at Redskins Preview

I don't like the Redskins in this matchup, Matt Ryan is probably the hottest QB in the NFL right now. And he has plenty of people to throw the ball to and has a running game and the Redskins have one of the worst pass defenses in the league. The only shot the Redskins have in this game, is by winning in a shootout.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Public Resource: CBS News Longines Chronoscope- Former Progressive Presidential Candidate Henry Wallace: From 1952

Henry A. Wallace-
This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates

Henry Wallace, ran for President in 1948, when the United States essentially had four major presidential contenders. Democratic President Harry Truman, Republican Governor Tom Dewey, Dixiecrat Governor Strom Thurmond and Progressive Henry Wallace. And apparently President Truman a Democrat, even though he advocated what was called the Fair Deal, which was to build on the New Deal from the 1930s, wasn’t progressive enough for Henry Wallace. So Wallace, ran for the Progressive Party. Henry Wallace was a classical Progressive/Socialist, or Democratic Socialist, Social Democrat and I mean small d when it comes to Democrat. Someone who believed in democracy obviously, but a certain type of democracy.

Henry Wallace, believed in democratic socialism or social democracy. Thats common in Europe and wanted to expand on the New Deal and go even further in guaranteeing health insurance and health care. To use as examples, college as well and using the Federal Government heavily, to produce an economy that was as strong and as fair as possible. Investing heavily in public infrastructure, Federal aid to Education, that sort of thing. And combined his economic progressivism with social liberalism. Big believer in civil rights and equal rights for all. Way ahead of the Democratic Party in the 1940s and deserves a lot of credit for that.

I think what really separates Henry Wallace from mainstream Progressive Democrats like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Hubert Humphrey, has to do with foreign policy and national security. That would be the negative side, where I don’t believe Wallace took the threat of the Soviet Union and communism around the world seriously enough and perhaps even sided with them on some things. His positive aspect and I believe the best part of Wallace’s political legacy and what he had in common with Hubert Humphrey and where he separated from Roosevelt and Truman, had to do with civil rights and equal rights. Wallace and Humphrey, supported what became the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was finally passed by Congress and singed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. And Henry Wallace, deserves a lot of credit for that.