Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

TNT Dallas 2012 First Look: Its Never As Good As The Original

I saw a few episodes of TNT's Dallas and it looks like a good show and has the potential to be a better show. But without JR Ewing played by Larry Hagman, having the starring role instead of more of a part time supportive role. Its just not the same a
nd of course Larry Hagman is in his early eighties now and probably doesn't want to act full time anymore but you don't replace a Larry Hagman. On a show like this and only a few others of the former cast members are back, like Patrick Duffy whose very good and Linda Gray, who still looks great but Larry Hagman was the franchise player. Of this show and he only has a part time role and they don't have anyone who can fill his build. So the show is somewhat lacking and the new cast is simply not as good, much younger then when the original cast was on the show, perhaps most if not all of them looking for that breakout role. That leads to bigger roles, so the new Dallas still has some ways to go, to becoming a great show like the old one.