Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Strange Days: The Doors Tribute Band- Light My Fire Live

Source: FRS Daily Journal Plus
Source: Strange Days: The Doors Tribute Band- Light My Fire

The Lizard King cover looking like the Leather King in those leather jeans. But this cover is the best I've seen so far when it comes to The Doors. They have the look, sound and act, they've studied The Doors very well.

As far as the Jim Morrison cover, the hair is too long unless you look at Jim Morrison in 1969 when his music career was basically over. His alcoholism basically took over his life and he became very angry at almost everything he saw in life. And he grew a very long thick beard which you don't see on this Jim Morrison cover. And in early 69 Morrison was going downhill physically and emotionally and that lead to his horrible performance in Miami where he ends up in jail for his bad behavior. He was even accused of exposing himself at that Miami concert. Jim Morrison in his prime had a somewhat short but thick dark haircut. The guy you see in this video has a hairstyle has a long haircut that was common with headbangers in the 1980s. But not with a blues rocker like Jim Morrison from the 1960s.