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Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

NFL Network: NFL 2012: Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints Highlights: RG3 Makes a 4* Debut

I had a feeling that something like this would happen today, not that the Redskins would put up forty points. But that they would win even beating the New Orleans Saints at the Louisiana Superdome one of the hardest places for a road team to win. But with what the Saints are going through having to switch Head Coaches and Defensive Coordinators, as well as Offensive Coordinators. With Head Coach Sean Payton and Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams being suspended for the entire 2012 season and the Saints having less then an offseason to make all of these changes. That the Saints would need at least a few weeks in the season for everyone to be on the same page, for the players to get use to their new coaches and the new coaches putting in a new. System or at least having to get use to the system that Head Coach Sean Payton put in and trying to run that themselves, plus the fact that the Redskins have looked pretty good in the preseason and this is a team with a rookie starting QB and a team that won just five games last year. Not trying to take anything away from the Redskins, they are my number one team and they looked great today but this game at New Orleans was set up perfectly for them.

QB Robert Griffin which is how I prefer to refer to him when I'm being serious, good job Bob less serious there but. You couldn't of asked anything more from him, especially from a rookie, 16-23 last time I saw for over 300 hundred hards passing, the Redskins also ran for well over hundred yards and also did this by committee, with three Running Backs, Roy Helu, Morris, they didn't even need Tim Hightower, both WRs Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan stepped up and played well. The Redskins don't have a superstar WR but with Garcon, Morgan, Santana Moss and you can't forget TE Fred Davis, Griffin has plenty of targets to get the ball to and its only a question. Of whether the Redskins Offensive Line can get Griffin the time and if they run the ball this year, they should be able to do that but even with all of that, this game today starts. With the Redskins defense.

Drew Brees one of the top three QB's in all of Pro Football and headed to the Hall of Fame, was held to 46% completion and even though he threw for 339 yards and three TD passes. Most of that came in the 2nd half when the Redskins were well in control of the game, having thee sixteen point leads in the 2nd half. The Redskins defense was in Brees face the whole game, the Saints never had a running game today and the Redskins made the Saints one sided, they had to throw the football. Just to get back in the game and against a pressure defense like the Redskins. That can get to you with their Defensive Line or LB's, you are asking a lot out of any offense, including. The high powered Saints and Drew Brees ends up throwing three INT's as a result and being under pressure a lot of the game.