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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

CBS Sports: FBS Analyst Gary Danielson on Notre Dame: The Future of Notre Dame

The way to save Big East Football is through Notre Dame and if Notre Dame were to join the Big East. At least in Football, they would always have a clear path to getting to the BCS and being a player in the BCS National Championship picture, because all they would have to do is win the Big East. And you would be in the BCS picture with the possibility depending on their record, of playing for the National Championship and they would still have Michigan, Purdue, Southern California. And someone else on their non conference schedule, all BCS Conference teams and they would have Louisville, whose back in the BCS picture, as well as West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Syracuse in the Big Est. This would be win win for the Big East and Notre Dame, the Big East should be doing that, while also keeping West Virginia in the conference and bringing back Pittsburgh and Boston. And this would keep the Big East as a legitimate BCS Conference, instead of them taking a step back and becoming like Conference USA that doesn't have an automatic BCS Bid, because the conference isn't strong enough.