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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Exposed Atheists: Video: Socialism vs. Conservatism: Norman Thomas Debates U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater in 1961

It sounds like Norman Thomas who I'm familiar with the name and know he was a Socialist, but not very familiar with. But what I gather from this debate with Senator Barry Goldwater, was that Norman Thomas was arguing for democratic socialism. Not communism, or Marxism, but basically what's common in Sweden. Private enterprise, mixed in with a very generous welfare state funded by high taxes, to help deal with income inequality and providing services they don't trust the private sector to provide. Debating a real Conservative in Barry Goldwater, who argued for individual freedom pure and simple. That its not the business of government to try to control how people live. As long as they are not hurting anyone with what they are doing. And Socialists today, even though they prefer to be called Progressives, share a lot of the democratic socialist principles that Norman Thomas and other Socialists have been arguing for, for at least a hundred years now.

I think you would have a very hard time telling the differences between Norman Thomas back in the early 1960s when this debate was done and Senator Bernie Sanders today. That capitalism and private enterprise aren't bad things and that they are even necessary. But they would argue that the problems with capitalism and private enterprise is when it comes to the distribution on wealth in America. That the resources in the country, meaning the money in the country, tends to be aimed at the top. With people at the top doing very well. And leaving a lot of people at the bottom with not much if anything. So what you need is a central or federal government to step in and provide the resources for people who need it who weren't able to obtain it in the private economy.

So you need, well a big government, according to the the Democratic Socialist, big enough to see that everyone is taken care of. Let people make a lot of money, but then tax them fairly high so people at the bottom don't have to go without and live in poverty. Which is where the welfare state, or even superstate comes in. That you need a big government to make sure that everyone is taken care and doesn't have to go without. But also to provide services that shouldn't be for-profit and be trusted with the private sector. Things like education, health care, health insurance, child care, retirement, perhaps energy and banking as well. Plus and social insurance system for people who become unemployed, disabled, or are part of the working poor, or low-skilled and not working at all. This seems to me at least, what Gordon Thomas's politics was about.
Mr. Conservative 

CBS Sports: NFL Today: Matt Schaub on Violent Hit and Super Bowl or Bust Mentality

I like the attitude that Matt Schaub has but the Houston Texans are the third or fourth best team in. The AFC, if the Ravens or New England Patriots slip, then maybe the Texans slip in but the Texans aren't the team to beat in the AFC.

Salon: "The Right’s Pop-Culture Problem

The right’s pop-culture problem

Neoconservatives version of Pop Culture, is any Culture that portrays America as they see it, an America from. The 1950s or even an America that never really existed and that any other type of Culture, even its Popular, that doesn't portray America as Neoconservatives see it, is Un American and should be banned.

SECNetwork: Gameday Central: Mississippi @ Alabama: Tide Rises High

Alabama is clearly the team to beat and I'm not sure anyone in the country can even give them a game right now.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

HBO: The Newsroom Editorial- Jeff Daniels: Rinos Are The Real Republicans: The Tea Party Are Fundamentalists

Source: HBO-
Source: HBO: The Newsroom- Jeff Daniels: Rinos Are The Real Republicans

I'll be honest, I'm not a regular viewer of HBO's Newsroom, but I've seen a few scenes of it. And what I've gotten out of it, is the anchor of this Newscast, is an admitted Republican. A Conservative Republican even, but a Republican in how the Republican Party use to be. People that Neoconservatives meaning what the Tea Party has become, call these Republicans Rinos, Republicans in name only. People who they probably view as Moderate Republicans or in their minds (or lack of them) as even worse, than Moderate Democrats.

People like Richard, Lugar, John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Judd Gregg even, that haven't challenged Scott Brown in Massachusetts. And that could be viewed as, well "Massachusetts, is a purely leftist Democratic state, so it's better to have a Republican in name only up there", again in their minds only. But what the anchor of the Newsroom is saying, these so-called Rinos, are the real Republican Party. The party that produced Abraham Lincoln, Barry Goldwater, Gerry Ford, John Rhoades, Ron Reagan, Bob Dole, Howard Baker, Bob Michael and many other great Republican leaders. That this is how the GOP was strong and in power and didn't have an approval rating that was low as today's Congress.

I haven't heard an editorial from the Newsroom on what a "real Republican" is. But if we are actually going to label what "real Republicans" are and yes the Tea Party started this discussion and again I'm an unapologetic Liberal as well as Democrat and proud of, but I believe in having two strong political parties, at least two strong, but that's a different discussion, but as someone whose viewed the GOP past and present, this is what a "real Republican" is to me. Someone whose both an economic and fiscal Conservative, who believes in limited government, but not just limited government as it relates to the economy, but limited government period.

And limited government includes social policy. For example a real Republican seems to me wouldn't try to arrest someone for watching an adult movie or playing a role in one. Or trying to ban adult language in movies and music or wouldn't care if two men or two women involved in same-sex romances and are involved with each other or living together, adopting kids or even marrying each other. That this is not the business of the Federal Government, but that government is there to protect innocent people from the harm of others, not protect people from themselves.

Real Republicans believe in limited government, that government should only do for the people what the people can't do for themselves, or can't do for themselves as well. And that the best government, is the government thats closest to the people. Real Republicans aren't Progressives, to put it mildly ,but they are Conservatives in the classical form. And when you have limited government, you keep taxes down only have regulations that are there to protect the innocent from the abuse of others.

And that states rights is about allowing the states to govern themselves and dealing with the issues that are close to home, as they see fit, as long as they are within the U.S. Constitution. And that the Federal Government's role is supportive. Rather than directive, but that limited government also applies to national security. That America has to be strong at home and abroad, but we also have to mind our own business.

The Republican Party that I just laid out, a conservative party, people who I would describe as real Republicans, is a party that use to exist, just as short as 20-30 years. But that party has died off and that started when the Religious-Right came in about the mid and late 1970s and into power in the 1990s. And then combined themselves with Neoconservatives in the late 90s. And last decade and that's how the GOP went from being a conservative tarty to a Far-Right populist religious. At least at the grassroots level.

Baltimore Sun Sports: Orioles Beat Boston Red Sox, Move Into Tie With NY Yankees For First in AL East

Orioles beat Red Sox, move into tie with Yankees for first in AL East

Big time win for a big time team

Current TV: The War Room With Jennifer Granholm: Sarah Silverman is Cracking Granholm Up

Progressives are cracked up over Sarah Silverman right now

SECNetwork: FBS SEC: Gameday Central: Tennessee @ Georgia

An absolute shootout that looked more like an arenaball game, rather then a football game

Alex Dos Santos: State of The World- Janet Jackson

Source: Alex Dos Santos-Janet Jackson-
Source: Alex Dos Santos: State of The World- Janet Jackson

A great sexy performer, who can sing and dance and an absolute pleasure to watch perform. Whether you're a fan of Janet Jackson or not and I like some of her songs and not a fan of others, she always gives you more than your moneys worth in concert and when she performs. I could watch her dance and perform with the sound down or being there live but death and still enjoy her performance. She's a great dancer and always has great energy and I believe is perhaps at least the best performer when it comes to both dancing and singing at the same time. She has a great ability to sing while in rhythm and what I mean by that is she sings while she's in motion and I believe brings more to what she's saying with her movement. You can't hope but to check her out when she's singing because she moves so well and is so great to look at. A beautiful baby-face woman with a great body and great style and you can't help but check her out when she's performing. Assuming you're attracted to women anyway. And to sing her sing a song that I really like, like Black Cat or Love Will Never Do, just makes her that much better for me. 

Strange Days: The Doors Tribute Band- Light My Fire Live

Source: Strange Days-
Source: Strange Days: The Doors Tribute Band- Light My Fire

The Lizard King cover looking like the Leather King in those leather jeans. But this cover is the best I've seen so far when it comes to The Doors. They have the look, sound and act, they've studied The Doors very well.

As far as the Jim Morrison cover, the hair is too long unless you look at Jim Morrison in 1969 when his music career was basically over. His alcoholism basically took over his life and he became very angry at almost everything he saw in life. And he grew a very long thick beard which you don't see on this Jim Morrison cover. And in early 69 Morrison was going downhill physically and emotionally and that lead to his horrible performance in Miami where he ends up in jail for his bad behavior. He was even accused of exposing himself at that Miami concert. Jim Morrison in his prime had a somewhat short but thick dark haircut. The guy you see in this video has a hairstyle has a long haircut that was common with headbangers in the 1980s. But not with a blues rocker like Jim Morrison from the 1960s. 

Mike Din NYC: Blue Sunday- Touch Me

Source: Mike Din NYC- 
Source: Mike Din NYC: Blue Sunday- Touch Me

In real-life Jim Morrison was maybe 5'10-5'11 and perhaps more like 5'9 and maybe weighed 160 pounds or so. Sort of an average height slightly built man. Most of the Jim Morrison covers I've seen have been at least 6'0 and generally taller than that and have been tall muscular men. The lead vocalist from the Strange Days band would be an exception if not the only exception to that. So most of the Jim Morrison covers haven't looked like Morrison other than the dark hair, the tight leather jeans, the cowboys boots, and concho built. They have his outfit down and some of them even have his moves and sound down very well as well. So if you're looking for a Morrison cover that looks a lot like Jim Morrison, this is not Saturday Night Live where they have people who who look a lot like the men they're playing like with Phil Hartmann playing Bill Clinton back in the day. The Morrison covers tend to be much taller and larger men, but a lot of them do a really good job playing The Lizard King as far as the wardrobe, sound and presence. 

Mike Din NYC: La Woman- The Doors

Source: Mike DIN NYC-
Source: Mike DIN NYC: LA Woman- The Doors

I guess this a Doors cover band that calls themselves LA Woman. Which of course is one of the most famous and popular songs that was created by Jim Morrison and The Doors. Which I believe came out in 1968, but you can fact-check me on that if you want.

That is common of Doors cover bands to do which is to use the name of one of The Doors songs as the name of their band. There's a band called Peace Frog. Another band called Strange Days. Have yet to see or hear of a band called Light My Fire or The End, or Roadhouse Blues, but they may exist as well.

I mean not every Doors cover band could call themselves The Doors, for obvious reasons. Or Jim Morrison and The Doors, again for obvious reasons. Because you would have a hard time extinguishing from one to another. Or even, "this is The Doors Cover Band" as someone is introducing them. The way to tell each of these bands apart is by their name of course, but also accuracy. Who looks, sounds, and plays the part the best, or even does a good job.

SECNetwork: Gameday Central: FBS: Missouri Tigers @ Central Florida

The Missouri Tiger in the Southeast Conference, just seem wrong to me for several reasons

TNT Dallas 2012 First Look: Its Never As Good As The Original

I saw a few episodes of TNT's Dallas and it looks like a good show and has the potential to be a better show. But without JR Ewing played by Larry Hagman, having the starring role instead of more of a part time supportive role. Its just not the same a
nd of course Larry Hagman is in his early eighties now and probably doesn't want to act full time anymore but you don't replace a Larry Hagman. On a show like this and only a few others of the former cast members are back, like Patrick Duffy whose very good and Linda Gray, who still looks great but Larry Hagman was the franchise player. Of this show and he only has a part time role and they don't have anyone who can fill his build. So the show is somewhat lacking and the new cast is simply not as good, much younger then when the original cast was on the show, perhaps most if not all of them looking for that breakout role. That leads to bigger roles, so the new Dallas still has some ways to go, to becoming a great show like the old one.

Friday, 28 September 2012

CBS Sports: Pat Kirwan: Redskins at Buccaneers Preview

The good news for the Redskins this week, is they are playing a team, that everyone is scoring against right now. But the Redskins defense isn't stopping anyone right now, so we might another shootout.

CBS Sports: Tim Brando Show: David Cutcliffe Talks Duke football

If you can win football games at Duke, you can win anywhere, which is what David Cutcliffe is doing

AlterNet: Brainwashed by Junk Food? New Study Reveals Fast-Food Logos "Imprinted" in Children’s Minds

Brainwashed by Junk Food? New Study Reveals Fast-Food Logos "Imprinted" in Children’s Minds | Alternet

Progressives- We need government to protect people from themselves, so they don't eat themselves to death!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

CBS Sports: Aron White on Georgia Football

The SEC East might be Georgia's to lose and if the go undefeated, headed into the SEC Championship . They'll be part of the BCS Championship picture.

SEC Network: Countdown to Kickoff: Towson vs Louisiana

Anyone think Towson can hold Louisiana under 100 points, this is a complete matchup, the Tigers have no business playing the Tigers, pun intended.

MASN Sports: School of Roch: It's getting crowded in here: Orioles Over 2M Mark in Home Attendance

School of Roch: It's getting crowded in here

Give Orioles fans a reason to show and they will

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

CBS: Dallas- The Complete Opening

Source: CBS-
Source: CBS: Dallas- The Complete Opening

Perhaps the best non-sports intro theme song in television history and there have been plenty of great ones. Like Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, A-Team, General Hospital, Mannix, Hunter, The Fall Guy, and many others. But this is my favorite one, because of the great song and so much of the show you get to see from it. Including the great cast and of course so much of the great city of Dallas, where the show gets it's name, also known as Big D. (This coming from a Redskins fan) The best theme song to the best soap opera ever (at least in prime time) if not the best show of the 1980s.

The classic dramatic comedy with a lot of very interesting, funny, complicated people. A show with no saints but with very human people where no one is really the bad guy or bad girl. No one is really the good guy or good girl. With some exceptions, but the classic soap opera where you have a lot of very talented and determined characters who all know what they want, how of much of it that they want, who the competition is, and have a plan to hurt if not destroy the competition (if they have to) in order to get where and what they want when they want it.

The classic funny soap opera where no one is ever completely safe and no one ever can be completely trusted, where you have great clever putdowns and even constructive putdowns and yet you have people who as much as they might try to destroy each other, don't want to completely lose the people that they've hurt and have even tried to destroy. Very similar to great soaps like Melrose Place, General Hospital, a few others.

AlterNet: Opinion- Valerie Tarico-Why Do the Craziest Religious People Get the Most Attention?

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates

Probably the same reason why the craziest Atheists who want to outlaw religion, because they are crazy and don't understand the U.S. Constitution. If you don't want to hear about someone, stop talking about them and you'll hear less. I like this article in the AlterNet, (perhaps the only article I've ever liked by the AlterNet) because Valerie Tarico takes on fundamentalists from all religions. Not just Evangelical Christians, which is what today's so-called Progressives (the Far-Left really) only focus on. "Christian-Conservatives, are evil bigots, because they put down women and gays. Conservative-Muslims, are good decent people, who are simply misunderstood. And when they do and say bad things, it's America's fault." Which is generally the attitude that you get from the Far-Left. Which is what the AlterNet is, a social democratic if not socialist publication on the Far-Left. But with what you get with Valerie Tarico, is religious fundamentalism is bad. Even it comes from non-Anglo-Saxon Protestant males.

If religious fundamentalism and bigotry that comes from religious fundamentalism, is a bad thing like gays aren't real humans, or are mentally handicapped, or women's place is in the home, etc, then religious fundamentalism is bad period. Doesn't matter the religion, the race, ethnicity, or color of the people. If you're going to put down the Christian-Right when one of their members murders a man simply because he thought that guy was gay, because he had a feminine voice and demeanor, then you can't defend that sam behavior when it happens in Saudi Arabia. Where gays are put to death by their own Islamic government. This shouldn't be about race, ethnicity, color, or a specific religion. Unless you're simply bigoted about one race, ethnic, or religious group. To coin a phrase from the great movie about Watergate All The President's Men, "follow the money." Or in this case follow the bigotry. When the Christian-Right behaves badly, sure! Go after them, but when Islamists behave badly, don't call people who criticize that behavior bigots simply for criticizing bad behavior.

Stupid people, unfortunately come in all shapes, sizes, colors, races, ethnicities, religions and genders. Which makes them harder to deal with, because they can hit you at anytime from anyone. No race, ethnicity, religion or gender, has a monopoly on stupidity and bigotry. Which is too bad, because it would be easier to deal with and eliminate. "Hey, now that we know what all stupid look like, lets just focus on them and put the bigoted morons away." You can't do that with a mental disease like stupidity, simply because we don't have enough prison and hospital space to house all of those morons. And given these facts when you just concentrate on the bigots from one religion and race of people, while you ignore the bigots from another religion which just happens to be the largest religion in the world, being Islam, you give away get out of jail free cards to a lot of people. Who are just as bigoted as the Christian-Conservatives you don't like. Which is stupid in itself.

Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday: My Older Brother's Birthday Present

Hey Bro, I just wanted to wish you a great and Happy 40th Birthday and just say that I'm glad its you before me. If you know what I'm saying but don't get too down, I'll be there with you in a few years. I don't know if you are a Stevie Wonder fan but I believe he sings this song about as well as it can be done, so I hope you enjoy it or at least get a kick out of it.

Love Erik

HLN: Showbiz Tonight Countdown- Best Burnett Ever!

Source: HLN-
Source: HLN: Showbiz Tonight Countdown- Best Burnett Ever!

One of the best variety comedy shows of all-time, sort of like a half-hour Saturday Night Live. Speaking of SNL, SNL gets a lot of credit for being such an original variety skit-comedy show that other shows have tried to follow and make their own versions of it. And all of that is true, but Carol Burnett, was essentially the same thing, but came out 6-7 years earlier in the late 1960s, instead of 1975 with SNL and was on CBS instead of NBC. And you could make a case that Carol Burnett herself and her show with his her great cast and writers, inspired shows like Saturday Night Live and later In Living Color, MADD-TV and other skit comedy shows. Because of how good it was, how original it was, the topics it covered. That it wasn't about sending a political, or cultural message, but about making fun of everyday American life.

The Carol Burnett Show, covered and had everything and they weren't about politics at least in the sense they were trying to push some political message. It was simply about entertainment and what was going on in America at the time especially as it related to pop culture. And always looking for the funny side of everything they covered. They mad fun of politicians, movies, TV shows, actors, musicians, weren't worried about political correctness and pleasing everybody. But great comedians who all had similar sense of humors, great chemistry, who liked each other loved working with each other. And in that sense at least it reminds me of Seinfeld and was better than Saturday Night Live, that generally looks at politics from a political slant. Carol Burnett, was simply about making people laugh and doing it in a classy way and having a great time at it.

CBS Sports: Week 4 Matchups to Watch

This might sound crazy but this might be a good opportunity for the New Orleans Saints to a get a victory. Against the Green Bay Packers, because the Packers defense is still weak and the Saints might win a shootout.

FBS SEC 1981: Tennessee Volunteers @ Georgia Bulldogs

One of the best rivalries in SEC Football

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Current TV: Suzanne Somers on ABC The View: Her Three's Company Exit

Suzanne Somers blew a big opportunity by leaving or putting herself in position to get fired by ABC. Because her acting career would've probably taken off from there, being on such a hot show, that probably would've led to other opportunities, that would've made the money and then some. From what she was looking for from ABC.

Salon: Son of a Bigot: Nate Phelps The Son of Rev. Fred Phelps

Son of a bigot

Good to see that even Rev. Phelps own son Nate Phelps, is speaking out against hate and even his own father.

AlterNet: "6 Major Reasons You Should Care About the Labor Battles in Professional Sports

6 Major Reasons You Should Care About the Labor Battles in Professional Sports | Alternet

Professional Sports is one of the few areas where you see Progressives actually take the side of rich people

MASN Sports: School of Roch: Are the Orioles Set at The Infield Corners?

School of Roch: Are the Orioles set at the infield corners? - Part II

Yes the Orioles should resign Mark Reynolds a potential Gold Glover in 2013, plus with the HR's RBI's and walks. It would be nice if they would work with him to get the strike outs down and then you could do more with him at the plate but he would be a big loss for the Orioles.

Monday, 24 September 2012

CBS Sports: Leslie Frazier Talks Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings had the best win of the day Sunday by beating the best team in the NFL right now, the San Francisco 49ers.

Salon: The Return of The Civility Caucus

The return of the Civility Caucus

This is another pass the buck or blame story here, the reasons why there are so many partisan slanted Cable TV Shows. Is very simply, because there's a market for them and a solid market at that, if people don't like these shows, they should stop watching them and if they are looking for civility on Talk Shows, watch CNN. But if you look at the CNN Ratings right now, there isn't a very large market for that type of format right now. People get what they want and pay attention to and should take personal responsibility for their viewing pleasures.

AlterNet: Opinion: Lynn Stuart Parramore- 'Are You Ready For a Post Masculine World?'

AlterNet: Opinion: Lynn Stuart Parramore- Are You Ready For a Post-Masculine World?

Men who needs them? A Far-Left pipe dream where men are not even welcome, or where masculinity disappears, or where all men are essentially gay. I find it ironic that people on the Far-Left who are so anti-male man-haters, tend to be somewhat dykish even and have masculine characteristics themselves. Even though they claim to be anti-masculinity. They see football, boxing, interest in cars, tools, gambling, checking out attractive women and I could go on, but I have other things I would like to accomplish in my life, but they see all of these activities as somehow sexist. Even though a lot of American women, straight even, like football, boxing, cars, tools, gambling, etc and are some of the most feminine, beautiful and sexy women you’ll ever see.

It is not so much masculinity that the man-hating sexist Far-Left doesn’t like. Well they don’t like masculinity, but it’s male masculinity and male heterosexuality that they don’t like. But if women are a Dyke, no problem, because she’s just being who she was born as. According to Socialists on the Far-Left who don’t like masculinity when it comes from straight men. You’ll never see straight men, or women who are to the right of Socialists, democratic or otherwise, which is only most of the world, try to put down female femininity. Because we love women, especially straight women. At least coming from a straight man. We love who they are and how versatile that they are. That they’re cute, beautiful, well-built, funny, but they’ll also stand up for themselves and watch sports with the guys.

There straight women who like sports and there are straight men such as myself, who like soap operas. If they’re funny, well-written, well-done and seem to have some broader point other than, ‘who is Jake going to stab in the back now.’ Or whoever the character is. Without straight men and yes we tend to be masculine which is a common characteristic about straight men and something that straight women tend to like about us, we would have a country of gay men and overly adorable and feminine straight women who never grow up. We would be a national day care center and kindergarten class. With no one to fix the cars when they break down, police the streets, defend the country and so-forth. Because all the men would be makeup artists, or clothing designers. Well I guess the dykes could handle the male responsibilities. It would be a strange universe where everyone who enters who use to live on Planet Earth would think they drank too much, or got too high the night before.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

CBS Sports: The NFL Today: Week 3 Postgame Show

The Pittsburgh Steelers must be feeling awful after losing to a Oakland Raiders team thats looked awful on. Both offense and defense in the first two weeks, especially giving up 34 points to them. And the Redskins defense looks like they can't stop anybody right now but if the defense comes around, the Redskins could have a pretty good year.

Salon: Blame Fox News, not Mitt

Blame Fox News, not Mitt

Mitt Romney seems to feel the need to appease the viewers of Fox News, he seems to believe he can't win without appealing to ignorant Neoconservatives. With a very limited view of what America is and what it means to be an American and if you don't fit into this shoe, you are somehow Un American.

Friday, 21 September 2012

CBS Sports: Tim Brando, Solomon Wilcots: Solomon Wilcots talks Bengals-Redskins

The Redskins will be tested early and often on defense, especially with all of their injuries. And the Bengals also have a good offense, the Redskins might need to score thirty points this week to win. But the Redskins defense still has some debt and they may step up.

Salon: Pick of the week: "An All-Time Cop-Movie Classic"

Pick of the week: An all-time cop-movie classic

I love realistic cop movies that are real cop movies, instead of looking like soap operas. Where its more about the cops personal lives, rather then what they do on the job. The Dirty Harry movies are perfect examples of that.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

CBS Sports: Todd Ellis Talks South Carolina football

Alabama vs South Carolina for the SEC Championship, thats a realistic matchup

Salon: Dumb tweet: Great Leader Mitt

Dumb tweet: Great leader Mitt

The only person that Mitt Romney leads, is himself and he doesn't even do a very good job of that. Good Leaders don't get caught telling the truth or being honest, because they are proud of what they believe, because. They have the facts on their side, with Mitt you get someone saying something he believes is intelligent and to the point but then runs away from it, as soon as he discovers that its unpopular.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

CBS Sports: Tony Barnhart on Geno Smith, SEC, and More

The number one question in the SEC right now, is can anyone give Alabama a game right now

Brave New Foundation: Law & Disorder- How the System Really Works

Source: Brave New Foundation- RIP, Dennis Farina-
Source: Brave New Foundation: Law & Disorder- How The System Really Works

A lot of these law enforcement shows about the justice system, all though most of them are entertaining, only focus on a small percentage of the crimes. But again we are talking about entertainment here. Who would want to watch a show that’s about shoplifting, or traffic stops, drunk driving an so-forth. People need to be able to differentiate between reality and entertainment and many times they are not the same thing. But even if the law enforcement shows showed the criminal justice system for what it is that it a lot about drug crimes and drug offenders and that a lot of these supposed crimes happen in African-American communities in urban areas, these shows would be accused of racism. For always highlighting young African-American men as suspects and criminals.

If these law enforcement shows showed the criminal justice system for what it really is, that it is basically about low-level felonies like shoplifting and misdemeanors, who would watch? Again I get back to the entertainment factor here. A lot of these shows as far as the crimes and how the detectives and prosecutors do their jobs even though they aren’t completely accurate, are at least realistic. As professionals in the criminal justice system will tell you. And even though they do tend to concentrate on a low percentage of crimes that are committed in America, they tend to do a good and accurate job. And they are realistic in the sense that crimes in America are committed by all Americans as far as ethnicity and race. And they don’t focus on one racial, or ethnic group in America.

Again to go back to Hollywood and reality it’s not the job of Hollywood to show exactly what life if like and the subjects that they cover. There job is to be entertaining and hopefully realistic. Smart viewers want both, but unfortunately for lot of Americans they simply want to be entertained when they are watching TV. And even if these shows don’t show the criminal justice system for exactly what it is, again its Hollywood and if you’re a smart person you’re going to anyway how realistic the show is anyway by how informed you are about how the country works. And how much you know about current affairs in America including criminal justice, or whatever the issue is.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Football Video Network: FBS 1961: 1962 Orange Bowl: Colorado vs Louisiana

Thank God for Youtube and the Football Video Network for people who love College Football History!

Salon: Mitt Romney Insults Half The Country

Mitt Romney insults half the country

Mitt Romney on how to win the Presidential Election, piss off half of the country and compete for the other half. We'll see if it works but seriously I have serious doubts about this strategy and the effectiveness of it but we'll see how it plays out.

Masn Sports: Steve Melewski: Nate McClouth Has Been Red Hot Lately

Looks like the Orioles have found their Leadoff Hitter for 2013

Monday, 17 September 2012

CBS Sports: FBS 1983: 1984 Cotton Bowl: Georgia @ Texas: Lindsay Nelson With The Call

Two of the best Football Programs in the country historically, great matchup

Salon: "Rick Telander on Football’s Dark Side": Why Progressives Are Stereotyped As Soft

Rick Telander on football’s dark side

Here's just one example of why Progressives are stereotyped as soft and it just doesn't have to do with political but also for cultural reasons. Relating to things like football, perhaps even hockey, boxing any sport where violence is considered legal and even encouraged, as well as certain movies they have a tendency to take these things too seriously. And don't trust people to be able to make up their own minds as it relates to these activities.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hezakya Madison: CBS News The Homosexuals: Mike Wallace's 1967 Documentary About Gay Life

The 1960s especially the late 1960s, was a very good decade for homosexual Americans. Because the country was becoming freer and more liberal as a country. We were becoming more free to express ourselves as a country, unlike the 1950s where the country was very conservative culturally. And where homosexuality was considered a sin, or a disease. We were sort of a big government statist country back then. Especially for a country thats supposed to be a liberal democracy.

But the 1960s changed that with the Baby Boomers coming of age and Hippie Culture coming into our culture. Where people including gays were encouraged to be who they were and no longer hide who they were. That there was nothing wrong with being gay in public. That there was nothing wrong for men to be attracted to me and for women to be attracted to women. And for men to be feminine and for women to be masculine. That Americans gay, or Straight, should be who they are. Which of course pissed off religious and Neoconservatives in America who have this very narrow view of what it means to be an American. And that has nothing to do with being gay and today have to expanded that to being that Islam is Un-American as well.

Freedom for homosexuals just expanded in the 1970s and 80s, where it became more acceptable and where you would see men wearing pink shirts in public. And women dressing butch in public and to the 1990s where we saw Gay Pride Parades. And that discriminating against homosexuals because of their sexuality was considered wrong. Just look at where the country was ten years ago on same-sex Marriage. Where the whole notion was considered some fringe idea, to by 2004 states like Hawaii and Massachusetts were passing same-sex marriage laws.

Vermont passed civil union Law in 2003-04, to today where roughly half the country, little more, or less supports the idea of same-sex marriage. Where even now the President and Vice President of the United States now support marriage equality. We've come thousands of miles in just the last few years when it comes to tolerance for homosexuals. I say all of this as a straight Liberal man who believes that all people have a right to tolerance and respect under law in this country. Until they lose that right by hurting other people. But as long as we are all good people, we should be treated as such, rather than by who do we sleep with and are attracted to the opposite gender, or not. But instead we are treated by how we treat other people rather than what we do in our private lives.