Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 21 July 2012

O.J. Simpson Is Innocent According To New Book: How to Make Money off of The OJ Simpson Case

If I were to come up with fastest and easiest way to make money off of the OJ Simpson case, if I was actually going to spend the time thinking about it. Meaning I actually had the time to do this and actually take the time to write a blog about it. As if there was nothing better for me to blog about at this given second, like take right now which is a perfect example of that. The easiest way would be to come up with an alternative theory to the OJ Simpson Case, something that may have not been considered before. Introduce new suspects to this case, like take OJ's son to use as a perfect example, introduce the fact that Jason Simpson was mentally unbalanced, ate too many Fruit Loops for breakfast or whatever. Introduce the fact that Jason owned a knife and no not the Jason from those horrible I mean horror movies. Introduce well not really introduce things but mention things that even the LAPD, which I'll admit is not monument in how to run a Law Enforcement Agency . But you would have to grant that even LAPD had looked into OJ's son Jason as a possible suspect. He was not a secret in Los Angeles, he clearly loved his father and OJ loved him. So why not suggest as a possibility that Jason was trying to protect his father.

The only thing I see thats interesting about this, is the fact that people are still trying to make money off of a tragic Murder Case. Of now eighteen years ago last month when two people were murdered in the prime of their lives, which I believe people tend to forget in all of this. The facts are that OJ's blood and DNA were all over the crime scene and just because of the fact that his son Jason has not only his father's blood, which of course he does but DNA. As well doesn't change those facts, there's no credible evidence that ties Jason to these murders. Its just another Conspiracy Theory with the motivation of making money off of a now eighteen year old Double Murder Case. And just because twelve jurors couldn't see that, doesn't change these facts. The prosecution had the facts on their side, even though they didn't present them as well as they could've been. Whereas the defense, the so called Dream Team of the Legal Profession, had Conspiracy Theories.

If you are going to write a book about as case like this, and making money is not the only goal but. To inform people and to get them to consider other evidence that hasn't been considered before. Then you need more then Conspiracy Theories, you should introduce actual evidence, because even bad books make money off these cases. So what you should do is actually introduce new evidence that people haven't seen before.