Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 29 July 2012

ForaTV: Video: Frank Deford: "The NCAA Cartel Is On Its Last Legs": How The NCAA could be Saved or Go Out of Business

Sportswriter Frank Deford of Sports Illustrated is correct when he says that the NCAA is a cartel in the sence. That its way too big and has way too much control over College Athletics in the country, the NCAA is a monopoly, the National Collegiate Athletic Association that covers all College Athletics in the United States is a monopoly. Its set up like a Socialist or Communist State to use as examples, where all of the authority and control and administration for the NCAA. Is controlled by one Centralized Authority, with most of the authority going to the Administration, headed by the Executive Director and what amounts to be like a Board of Directors as well. With all of the surrounding Athletic Conferences that all play multiple sports, like the Southeast Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big Ten Conference and many others. Which are essentially Member States in this Communist Republic known as the NCAA. But where most of the power is centered around the NCAA Administration. The NCAA is a monopoly a school can't set up an Athletic Department and not be a member of the NCAA. And their Student Athletes bring in millions if not billions of dollars every year and don't make a dime off of it personally, while the coaches they play for make millions each year.

What the NCAA should be doing for the future, is to break up and decentralize. Instead of having one Central Authority that oversees everything from College Football to College Tennis. As well as each Division or Level, Division 1 to three or four, they should set up leagues for each sport and have like a Commissioner for football, baseball, basketball etc. As well as not have the NCAA oversee each Division in each sport but breakup the NCAA . So there would be a new National Athletic Association that would oversee the Division 1 Sports, an association to oversee all of the Division 2 sports and go down the line. Or have Regional Associations that would also have member conferences in them as well and breakup the NCAA Monopoly and bring in some competition. As well as find a way to at least compensate the athletes that come from Low Income families and need funds just to pay their everyday bills while in college.

Frank Deford is correct that the NCAA is an impossible organization because its a monopoly. Its like a Communist State where most of the the power is centralized in one organization. With what's left going to the conferences and schools and where the people who are most responsible for. Generating all of this wealth for the schools and NCAA, the athletes aren't financially compensated and organizations like this are generally designed to fail.