Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 29 July 2012

ForaTV: Video: Frank Deford: "The NCAA Cartel Is On Its Last Legs": How The NCAA could be Saved or Go Out of Business

Sportswriter Frank Deford of Sports Illustrated is correct when he says that the NCAA is a cartel in the sence. That its way too big and has way too much control over College Athletics in the country, the NCAA is a monopoly, the National Collegiate Athletic Association that covers all College Athletics in the United States is a monopoly. Its set up like a Socialist or Communist State to use as examples, where all of the authority and control and administration for the NCAA. Is controlled by one Centralized Authority, with most of the authority going to the Administration, headed by the Executive Director and what amounts to be like a Board of Directors as well. With all of the surrounding Athletic Conferences that all play multiple sports, like the Southeast Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big Ten Conference and many others. Which are essentially Member States in this Communist Republic known as the NCAA. But where most of the power is centered around the NCAA Administration. The NCAA is a monopoly a school can't set up an Athletic Department and not be a member of the NCAA. And their Student Athletes bring in millions if not billions of dollars every year and don't make a dime off of it personally, while the coaches they play for make millions each year.

What the NCAA should be doing for the future, is to break up and decentralize. Instead of having one Central Authority that oversees everything from College Football to College Tennis. As well as each Division or Level, Division 1 to three or four, they should set up leagues for each sport and have like a Commissioner for football, baseball, basketball etc. As well as not have the NCAA oversee each Division in each sport but breakup the NCAA . So there would be a new National Athletic Association that would oversee the Division 1 Sports, an association to oversee all of the Division 2 sports and go down the line. Or have Regional Associations that would also have member conferences in them as well and breakup the NCAA Monopoly and bring in some competition. As well as find a way to at least compensate the athletes that come from Low Income families and need funds just to pay their everyday bills while in college.

Frank Deford is correct that the NCAA is an impossible organization because its a monopoly. Its like a Communist State where most of the the power is centralized in one organization. With what's left going to the conferences and schools and where the people who are most responsible for. Generating all of this wealth for the schools and NCAA, the athletes aren't financially compensated and organizations like this are generally designed to fail.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

STUDY: "Obesity Depleting Earth's Resources?": How Obesity Negatively Affects Our Healthcare System

I'm not going to use this post to bash obese people or make fun of them in anyway, other to make my point. But the fact is that obese people consume a lot more then what they need to survive in life when it comes to food to use as an example. And later on in Healthcare and in a lot of times Healthcare that they can't afford, so they consume extra food that they don't need, that could go to. People who don't get enough food, like people who are on Food Assistance and don't get enough food, so my point is that obesity just doesn't just hurt the people with the condition but also people who have to pick up the tabs of their obesity. As it relates to their Healthcare but it means that there are less resources for people who don't get enough of those resources. So obese people not only makes their own lives tougher and a lot of times they do it by choice. Sometimes its genetic or how they were raised, their parents served them a lot of unhealthy food and too much food in general growing up. As well as not stress exercising when they are kids and they take these bad habits with them as adults, as well as their obesity.

But a lot of times obesity is a preventable condition or disease, however you want to label it. People don't have to eat fast food everyday or on a regular basis, people don't have to choose not to exercise or take the elevator or when they could just climb on level of steps. To give you an example of that, during Memorial Day Weekend 2011, a good friend and I went to an airplane museum. We were going to the next floor, we had a choice of climbing one level of steps or taking the elevator. I'm a hiker and a biker and keep my legs in shape and bike ride everyday year round, it seemed foolish to me to wait for an elevator when I can get up those steps in roughly ten seconds. And I wasn't even running my normal walk, not trying to brag plenty of people do this everyday. My friend whose obese and probably only walks when he has to, waits for the elevator and I'm upstairs waiting for him.

My point to all of this of course some people are obese, because they are a victim of genetics and how they were raised. But life is about choices and consequences and the better the choices you make in life, the better the consequences that will come from the choices that you make. Obesity a lot of times is a choice that someone makes, they've chosen to live unhealthy and as a result they as well as the rest of society are paying for those bad choices.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

O.J. Simpson Is Innocent According To New Book: How to Make Money off of The OJ Simpson Case

If I were to come up with fastest and easiest way to make money off of the OJ Simpson case, if I was actually going to spend the time thinking about it. Meaning I actually had the time to do this and actually take the time to write a blog about it. As if there was nothing better for me to blog about at this given second, like take right now which is a perfect example of that. The easiest way would be to come up with an alternative theory to the OJ Simpson Case, something that may have not been considered before. Introduce new suspects to this case, like take OJ's son to use as a perfect example, introduce the fact that Jason Simpson was mentally unbalanced, ate too many Fruit Loops for breakfast or whatever. Introduce the fact that Jason owned a knife and no not the Jason from those horrible I mean horror movies. Introduce well not really introduce things but mention things that even the LAPD, which I'll admit is not monument in how to run a Law Enforcement Agency . But you would have to grant that even LAPD had looked into OJ's son Jason as a possible suspect. He was not a secret in Los Angeles, he clearly loved his father and OJ loved him. So why not suggest as a possibility that Jason was trying to protect his father.

The only thing I see thats interesting about this, is the fact that people are still trying to make money off of a tragic Murder Case. Of now eighteen years ago last month when two people were murdered in the prime of their lives, which I believe people tend to forget in all of this. The facts are that OJ's blood and DNA were all over the crime scene and just because of the fact that his son Jason has not only his father's blood, which of course he does but DNA. As well doesn't change those facts, there's no credible evidence that ties Jason to these murders. Its just another Conspiracy Theory with the motivation of making money off of a now eighteen year old Double Murder Case. And just because twelve jurors couldn't see that, doesn't change these facts. The prosecution had the facts on their side, even though they didn't present them as well as they could've been. Whereas the defense, the so called Dream Team of the Legal Profession, had Conspiracy Theories.

If you are going to write a book about as case like this, and making money is not the only goal but. To inform people and to get them to consider other evidence that hasn't been considered before. Then you need more then Conspiracy Theories, you should introduce actual evidence, because even bad books make money off these cases. So what you should do is actually introduce new evidence that people haven't seen before.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ted Williams on NBC Later with Bob Costas: Interviewing The Best Hitter of All Time

In the 1940s there was a great debate in the American League in Major League Baseball, about who was the best player in the game. As well as best all around hitter in MLB, Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox or Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees and it just so happens that the Red Sox and Yankees. Are Arch Rivals, the best rivalry in MLB and I believe in Pro Sports as well, both teams being real good every year, in contention for the AL Title. Both clubs being two of the biggest markets in America, Boston and New York, so of course both players and both teams bringing a lot of media attention to them. Ted Williams played about half of his career in the TV Era when TV Sports came into business and Joe DiMaggio retired in 1952 and maybe played a few years in the TV Era. So a lot of what Americans not living in the New York or New England Areas, what they knew about Ted and Joe, was what they read in the paper or perhaps heard on the radio. The Game of The Week on radio but if you lived in these areas and were a baseball fan, you knew all about Ted and Joe D as players. Because you went to the games and got to see them and knew exactly how great all around players both were.

To me at least Ted Williams is the best all around hitter who ever lived, right in front of Babe Ruth. Because he was a power hitter, that knew the Strike Zone better then most umpires and knew how great of a hitter he was, what he should try to hit, what should he try to foul off. Especially with two strikes, so he doesn't risk striking out and what pitches he should take. You are talking about a power hitter that hit 520 Home Runs or so, would've had 600 had it not been for his service in World War II, he lost 2-3 years because of that, that also had a 340 plus Career Batting Average, who almost never struck out. Joe DiMaggio was clearly a better outfielder and perhaps better all around player but Ted was the better hitter. Two of the best hitters and players of all time, with Ted Williams just being better. Not a knock on Joe D, but Ted was just a better hitter, more power, better average and so fourth.

The only thing that Ted Williams didn't accomplish in his career, was to win the World Series, had one opportunity to do that, in 1947 or 48 against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Red Sox of the 1940s were sorta like the Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1950s, wait until next year, we came close but we'll get them next year. Basically contenders every year but only coming through once in the American League but as an individual, Ted is the best hitter who ever lived.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mickey Mantle Interview by Bob Costas: A Man Who Lived a Great Life But Not to its Fullest

When you look at the career of former New York Yankees outfielder Mickey Mantle as a baseball fan. Its hard not to be impressed by what he accomplished on the field, 6-7 World Series Championships. 550 or so career Home Runs, 1500 or so Runs Batted In, a 298 career Batting Average, three Most Valuable Player Awards and many other accomplishments. A casual baseball fan, even a Boston Red Sox or Baltimore Oriole fan, could not help but be impressed from the accomplishments of Mickey Mantle. But for anyone who knows Mickey better then that, at least what he accomplished in his career. You might say and this is the camp where I fall in but Mickey could've accomplished even more then that. I personally consider Mickey Mantle to be the best all around Center Fielder of all time but a lot of that is based on his talent and the potential that he had. Actually thats first with me and then what he accomplished on the field second. I like most people at least consider San Francisco Giants Willy Mays to be the best defensive Center Fielder of all time. But part of that has to do with what Mickey Mantle could've accomplished but didn't because of lack of personal discipline that he had.

Mickey Mantle wasn't a five tool player, someone who can hit for average, hit for power, run throw and field. He was a player with five great tools, he didn't hit for average, he would hit 300 plus, fifty Home Runs and drive in 120 plus RBI, he won the Triple Crown at least once. Which is Batting Average, Home Runs and RBI, he didn't hit for power, his Home Runs would be hit out of Metropolitan Areas into other big cities. He didn't run, he could run like a horse, you see Mickey Mantle running, its like watching a blur and he didn't throw the ball, his arm was like a Rocket Launcher. Mickey Mantle did strike out 2000 plus times but part of that had to do with how hard he could swing the bat, because of his physical strength and his sick eye hand coordination. And the belief that he could hit any pitch thrown by anyone as far as he possibly could and generally he was right but not always.

But Mickey Mantle could've accomplished a hell of a lot more, there shouldn't be any question of whose the greatest Center Fielder of all time. Mickey should clearly have that title, because of everything that he accomplished in baseball, was done on basically one leg if that and sometimes with one arm. Because he didn't take care of himself as a person and picked up a lot of serous injuries as a young man, that he should've been able to of avoided. Had he just took care of himself and not of become an alcoholic.